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Meeting 2024 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Recent Advances in Electron Back-Scattered Diffraction and Related Techniques
Presentation Title Applications of 3D EBSD for Understanding Complex Microstructures
Author(s) Andrew Polonsky, Julia Deitz, Hojun Lim, Michael Melia, Kyle Johnson, Peter Renner, Kasandra Herrera, Luis Jauregui, Damion Cummings
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Andrew Polonsky
Abstract Scope The advancement of automation over the last decade has led to various novel techniques for materials characterization. The ability to serially-section samples within a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) using ion- or laser-beams has enabled the collection of three-dimensional (3D) electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) data at high-fidelity and at ever-increasing data volumes. In this work, we present applications of 3D EBSD for interrogation of complex microstructures collected via serial sectioning using the TriBeam system, providing unique insights to these materials that are unattainable via conventional characterization methods. Considerations of analysis for non-equilibrium microstructures, such as those generated via macroscopic plastic deformation or from additively manufactured parts, will be discussed. Workflows for automated handling of large multi-terabyte datasets will also be presented, as well as the utilization of these data for advanced modeling approaches to deepen fundamental understanding of materials processing.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned:


A Multi-generational Study of Detectors for Use in Cross-correlation-based EBSD: From Scintillators to Direct Detection
Accelerating Dictionary Indexing with Principal Component Analysis
Application of a Differential Evolution Optimization Algorithm on Deformation Extraction from EBSD Patterns
Applications of 3D EBSD for Understanding Complex Microstructures
Challenges and Prospects of TKD for Nanocrystalline Materials Characterization
Cross-sectional Electron Channeling Contrast Imaging
Enhanced SEM-based Electron Diffraction Analyses Using Intelligent Hybrid Pattern Matching
Exploring New Capabilities in Electron Backscattered Diffraction Using Direct Electron Detectors
Extraction of Defect Images by Post-processing of EBSD Patterns
Fast Forward Model Indexing: Theory and Application
Kikuchipy: An Open-Source Toolbox for Analysis of EBSD Patterns
Micro-analysis of δ-hydrides in Pure Zirconium by HR-EBSD and TKD
Microstructural Evolution Revealed by EBSD in Aluminum Alloys After Severe Plastic Deformation
Phase Differentiation in Half- and Full-Heusler Composites Using EBSD
Phase Distinction of Ordered Intermetallic Phases Using EBSD
Spherical Indexing Based on Dictionary Indexing Applied to Overlapping Pattern of Low-scattering Forsterite Due to Small Grain Sizes
The Use of NLPAR in the Analysis of Low Misorientation Gradients
Toward Correlative Grain Boundary Analysis in CIGS

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