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About this Symposium
Meeting 2022 Annual International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium (SFF Symp 2022)
Symposium 2022 Annual International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium (SFF Symp 2022)
Organizer(s) David L. Bourell, University of Texas
Scope The 33rd Annual International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium will be held July 25 to 27, 2022. The meeting is scheduled to run three full days, starting at approximately 8:00 a.m. CT on Monday and ending at approximately 5:30 p.m. CT on Wednesday.
Abstracts Due 04/15/2022
Proceedings Plan Definite: Post-meeting proceedings

3D Metal Printing of Pure Copper Antenna using Ultrafast Pulse Laser
3D Printed Bioactive Glass-Hydrogel Scaffolds for Craniofacial Bone Defects
3D Printing of Batteries from Lunar and Martian Regolith
A Calibration-Free Physics-based Framework to Predict Printability Maps in Additive Manufacturing Process
A Case Study in Component Redesign for Additive Manufacturing Process Workflows
A Comparison of Layer Deposition and Open Molding of PETG by Fused Pellet Fabrication in an Additive Manufacturing System
A Comparison of Thermal History and Porosity Formation for Different Laser Melting Toolpaths
A Comprehensive Review and Discussion of Knowledge Graph and Ontology for Rapid Qualification of Metal Additive Manufactured Parts
A Computational Study on Pore Networks in Binder Jet Additively Manufactured Components with Bimodal Powder Distribution
A Computational Study Summarizing the Effects of Composition on the Melt Pool Geometry in Additive Manufacturing
A Data-driven Approach for Multi-Topology Lattice Transitions
A Data-driven Reverse Shape Compensation Method to Reduce Large Deformation in Binder Jet Parts
A Data-driven Reverse Shape Compensation Method to Reduce Large Deformation in Binder Jet Parts
A Dislocation Mechanism Based Constitutive Model for Hierarchical Anisotropic Materials
A Finite Element Modelling of Densification and Distortion Behaviour of Laser Powder Bed Fusion Processed Inconel 718 Product
A Framework for Digital Materials Fabrication Using Directed Energy Deposition Process
A Framework for Interactive Structural Design for AM
A framework with examples for printing thermosetting polymers using laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing
A Hierarchical V-Network Framework for Part Qualification in Metal Additive Manufacturing
A Limited-scale Experimental Investigation of the Unit Cell Topology Effects of Interpenetrating Compound Cellular Structure Designs
A Literature Review of the Application of M300 Maraging Steel for Laser Powder Bed Fusion
A Low Cost, Flexible Sensor Architecture for Process Monitoring in Metal Casting with 3D Printed Sand Molds
A Model for Driving Signal Effects on Piezoelectric Inkjet Printing Speed
A Multiphysics Computational Framework for Interfacial Fluid - Particle Interaction in Binder Jet 3D Printing
A Multiphysics Modeling Approach to Assess the Powder Bed Characteristics of High Strength Steel in Selective Laser Melting
A Novel Test Artifact Design for Conformal Printing via Material Extrusion
A Preliminary Study of Composite-Based Additive Manufacturing (CBAM) Material Properties
A Preliminary Study of Microstructural Evolution Modeling for Liquid Metal Droplet Jetting
A Process - Structure - Property - Performance Study of Liquid Metal Jetted Parts
A Process Optimization Framework for Direct Energy Deposition: Densification, Microstructure, and Mechanical Properties of an Iron-chromium Alloy
A Review of Extrudate Shaping For Large-Scale Additive Manufacturing
A Review on Machine Learning Interpretation for Additive Manufacturing
A Study of the Electrical Resistivity of Sintered Copper Nanoparticles
A Study on the Effect of VED, Particle Size Distribution, Moisture Content, and Powder Reuse on the Densification and Mechanical Properties of L-PBFed Nickel Alloy 718 Using Design of Experiment and ANOVA
Accelerated Material Adoption in Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Active Control of Selective Laser Flash Sintering of Ceramics
Additive Manufacturing Development of an Aerospike Breadboard Engine
Additive Manufacturing of Compliant Mechanisms for Deployable Space Structures
Additive Manufacturing of Embedded Sensors with Laser Foil Printing Method
Additive Manufacturing of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites: A Technical Review and Status of Design Methodologies
Additive Manufacturing of Graphite Structures
Additive Manufacturing of LiNi1/3Mn1/3Co1/3O2 battery electrode material via vat photopolymerization precursor approach
Additive Manufacturing of Mixed Potential Sensors for Natural Gas Emissions Monitoring
Additive Manufacturing of Zirconium Carbide by Ceramic On-Demand Extrusion
Additive Manufacturing Process State Inference with Convolutional LSTM
Additively Manufactured 316L Stainless Steel: Effect of Heat Treatment on Microstructure and Tensile Properties
Additively Manufactured Conformal Fluidic Circuits as Non-destructive Pressure - Strain Transducers
Additively Manufactured Mesoscale Composites
Advanced Robotic Gantry Directed Energy Deposition (DED) System for Large Format Structures with Multi-Process Capabilities
Advances in the Modeling of Additive Manufacturing Process Simulation
Aerosol Jet Printing of Carbon Nanotubes for Electronic Interconnects
Aging Behavior of UV Curable PDMS Developed for Large-scale, High Viscosity Stereolithography
AI-powered Augmented Reality Training for Metal Additive Manufacturing
Alternative Stainless Tool Steels for Additive Manufacturing
An Efficient Surrogate-based Model Optimisation to Predict the Morphology of Inkjet-printed Dielectric Tracks
An Experimental Apparatus for High-speed Imaging and Analysis of Powder Primitive Formation in Binder Jet 3D Printing
An Experimental Study of Cellular Mechanical Interface in a Bi-material Structure Fabricated by Material Extrusion Additive Manufacturing
An Investigation of Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process-Structure Relationship of the High Temperature Thermoelectric Material Silicon Germanium
An Overview of Key Results in Wire-based DED in the WAAMMat Programme
An Ultrasonic Technique to Determine the Onset of Select Laser Flash Sintering
Analysis of Fiber Attrition and Mechanical Performance in Large-Format Additive Manufacturing of Long-Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites
Anticipating Build Risk of Complex Geometries Using Commercial Additive Manufacturing Simulation Tools
Application of Field-driven CAD System for Design for Additive Manufacturing
Application of Systems Engineering to Lattice Structure Design: A Framework for Requirements Flow Down
As-built Mechanical Property Estimation and Control of Laser Powder Bed Fusion SS-316L Parts
Assessing Aerosol-jet Printed Gold Inks for Printed Electronics Applications
Assessing the Feasibility of Process Window Estimation for L-PBF Ti-6Al-4V through Hardness Measurements
Assessment of In-situ Defect Mitigation Strategies in Metal Laser Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing
Automated Path Planning for Wire Feeding in Large Format Polymer Additive Manufacturing
Autonomous Error Detection and Correction Powered by Deep Neural Networks
Autonomous Manufacturing of Aerial Vehicles via Robotic Additive Manufacturing and Embedding
AutoPrint: An Affordable and Automated Fused Filament Fabrication Based Additive Manufacturing System
Beam Deletion in Square Honeycombs for Improved Energy Absorption Under Quasi-Static In-Plane Compression
Binder Jetting of 316L Process Simulation Tools Evaluation
Binder Jetting of Aluminum 6061 and Ti64: Highlights in Reactive Metal Sintering and Distortion Control using LiveSinter
Binder Jetting of Tungsten Carbide with Low Metallic Binder Contents: Challenges and Solutions
Biopolymer Composites with Dairy Protein for Use in Additive Manufacturing
Boosting Artificial Intelligence in Design Processes by the Use of Additive Manufacturing
Build Plate Design for Extrusion-Based Additive Manufacturing
Cad-To-Scan Planning For Hybrid Manufacturing
Calibration of the Johnson-Cook Material Model for Additively Manufactured 304LSS Parts: Modeling and Experiments
CalPhaD Method Contribution to Optimize Heat Treatments on a Ti-6Al-4V Additive Manufactured Alloy
Carbon Design Engine: Powerful Lattice Design Software for Precisely Tuned, High-Performance Products
Carbon Fiber Suspension Dynamics Analysis via Coupled CFD - DEM Simulations for Additive Manufacturing Polymer Melt Flows
Cellular Fluidics: Tuning Multiphase Interfaces in 3D Using Architected Porous Media
Cellular Subgrain Features in Directed Energy Deposited Stainless Steel 316L: The Influence of Morphology on Mechanical Properties
Ceramic On-Demand Extrusion of ZrB2-SiC Microchannels for Ultra High-Temperature Compact Heat Exchanger
Characterization and Validation Experiments for a Binder Jet 3D Printing Modeling Framework
Characterization of Defects within AM Fabricated Metal Components
Characterization of Material Jetting Processes to Develop Design Guidelines in Support of Model Based Definition for Additive Manufacturing
Characterization of Microscopic Deformation of Materials Using Deep Learning Methods
Characterization of the Fatigue Strength of Additively Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V Specimens with Residual Stress and Recoater Blade Interference Flaws
Characterization Techniques for Quantifying Effect of Interlayer Surface Peening on AlSi10Mg
Characterizing Hydrodynamic Shear Stress and Cell Viability of Algal Cells during Extrusion Bioprinting
Characterizing The Thermal-Induced Distortion of Large-scale Polymer Composite Printed Structures
Clamping Concept for 6-side Hybrid Manufacturing
Closed-loop Recycling of PETG in Fused Granule Fabrication Additive Manufacturing Processes
Closed Loop Control Utilizing in Situ Pattern Printing and Reading for Quality Level Determination in Additive Manufacturing
Coalescence behavior of polyamide 12 as function of zero-shear viscosity and influence on mechanical performance
Combination of Cladding Processes with Subsequent Hot Forming as a New Approach for the Production of Hybrid Components
Compaction-assisted Binder Jetting of Textured Ceramics
Comparative Life Cycle Environmental Assessment of aluminium, titanium and steel components manufactured by Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing
Comparative Study of Additively Manufactured Inconel 625 in the As-built and Heat-treated Condition
Comparative study of Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Alloy A356 (Al-12Si) Fabricated by Directed Energy Deposition Method and Pressure Die Casting
Comparing Additive Approaches: Manufacturing a Wind Turbine Structural Component
Comparison of Multiple Heat Treatments by Observing Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of LPBF Fabricated Aluminum F357
Comparison of Nanopowder and Granulated Powder in Compaction-assisted Binder Jetting
Comparison of Tensile Properties and Microstructure of Laser-Powder Bed Fusion 17-4PH Stainless Steel
Computational Fluid Dynamics Data-driven Heat Source Model for Finite Element Process Simulation in Laser Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing
Computational Fluid Dynamics Data-driven Heat Source Model for Finite Element Process Simulation in Laser Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing
Computational Modeling and Experimental Validation of Primitive Formation in Binder Jet 3D Printing
Computational Modeling and Experimental Validation of Primitive Formation in Binder Jet 3D Printing
Concrete Additive Manufacturing and Its Use in Energy Storage
Conformal Additive Manufacturing on A Curved Substrate Using Isothermal Surface Slicing
Construction of Open-Source Laboratory-Scale Binder Jetting System for High-Speed Synchrotron X-Ray Imaging
Continuous Sculpting as a Novel Method to Reduce the Staircase Effect in Solidfreeform Fabrication Processes that are Dependent on Phase Transformation
Controlling Grain Evolution of IN625 Parts Produced by LPBF-AM
Controlling Process Instability for Defect Lean Metal Additive Manufacturing
Convolution Long-short Term Memory Autoencoders Applied to Process Monitoring Across Multiple Camera Types for Laser Hot Wire Additive Manufacturing
Convolutional Autoencoder for Image Denoising AM Process Monitoring
Cooling Rate Measurement in Directed Energy Deposition using Photodiode-based Thermometry
Copper Tape Manipulation for Additive Manufacturing
Creating Large-scale Metal Parts with Multi-arm High Deposition Wire-arc System
Data-driven Surrogate Model for Laser Powder Bed Fusion Part - Process Design
Decoupling Control of Processing Conditions for Hybrid Manufacturing Systems with ROS
Defect-sensitive Fatigue Modeling for L-PBF Parts in Very High Cycle Regime
Defects Classification via Hierarchical Graph Convolutional Network in L-PBF Additive Manufacturing
Design and Additive Manufacturing of Bio-inspired Copper Heat Sinks for Microelectronics Cooling
Design and Analysis of a Topology Optimized Transtibial Prosthetic Socket Using Combined Static Gait Analysis
Design and Fabrication of Cost-Effective, Light-Weight Bipolar Plate for PEM Fuel Cells using FDM Process
Design for Additive Manufacturing – from Pure Complexity to Multi-functionality
Design of an In-situ Microscope for Selective Laser Sintering
Design of Intrinsically Balling-Resistant Alloys: A Physics-informed and Data-enabled Approach
Design Strategies for Stochastic Strut-based Lattices
Designing an Industrially Implementable Framework to Design Additive Recycling Invariant Powder LPBF Feedstocks via Alloy 718
Designing Calibration-Free Physics-Based Printability Maps for Additively Manufactured Cantor Alloys
Design, Fabrication, and Validation of a Laboratory-scale Binder Jet Additive Manufacturing Testbed
Detecting Layerwise Build Defects Using Low-Cost Imaging and Machine Learning
Developing a Roadmap to Manufacture Feedstocks for Selective Laser Sintering
Developing a Universal Additive Manufacturing Parameter Transference Model
Development of a Hybrid Carbon Fiber Composites Additive Manufacturing Machine
Development of Composite-like Parts using SLM
Development of Laser Cladding Procedure through Experiment and Analysis Using Powder-blown Directed-energy Deposition
Development of Processing Parameters for the Selective Laser Sintering of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polyphenylene Sulfide with a Tooling Application
Development of Standards Education Modules for Robotics and Additive Manufacturing
Digital Twin Research and Development for an Additive Manufacturing Cell
Digitally Twinned Additive Manufacturing: Real-time Detection of Flaws in Laser Powder Bed Fusion by Combining Thermal Simulations with In-Situ Meltpool Sensor Data
Direct-Writing SiC with Micro-Cold Spray: Effect of Particle Impact Velocity on Film Morphology
Direct Observation of Pore Formation Mechanisms During LPBF Additive Manufacturing Process
Direct Write of Zinc Oxide Films by Micro Cold Spray
Direct Writing of Thick, Patterned Films of Ag by Micro Cold Spray
Directed Energy Deposition Processing-Performance Relationship of AF9628
Discontinuity-free Additive Manufacturing Strategy for Axisymmetric Components
Droplet on Demand Printing of Al-6061 and Pure Aluminum
Effect of Additive and Subtractive Sequence on Distortion During Hybrid Directed Energy Deposition
Effect of Build Orientation on Residual Stress and Microstructure in Inconel 625 Fabricated via Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Effect of defects on the mechanical properties of laser powder bed fused Ti-6Al-4V
Effect of Laser Polishing on Fatigue Behavior of Additively Manufactured IN718
Effect of Powder Characteristics on Fatigue Performance of Additively Manufactured 17-4 PH Stainless Steel
Effect of Powder Reuse on Microstructural and Fatigue Properties of Ti-6Al-4V Fabricated via Directed Energy Deposition
Effect of Printing Orientation on Ceramic Binder Jetting Additive Manufacturing
Effect of Process Parameters on Voids within Short Carbon Fiber/ABS Beads Produced via Large Area Additive Manufacturing
Effect of Scanning Strategies on Defects Generated by Lack of Fusion during Laser Power Bed Fusion: A Part-Scale Finite Element Simulation Study
Effect of Surface Preparation on LPBF 17-4PH Mechanical Properties
Effect of Thermal Aging in the Fatigue Life of Hot Isostatic Pressed AlSi10Mg Alloy fabricated from Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Effect of thermal post-processing on microstructure and tensile behavior of additively manufactured aluminum alloys (AlSi10Mg and Scalmalloy) via L-PBF: A comparative study
Effects Due to Variations in Thermal Properties of Maraging Steel for Finite Element Modeling of the WAAM Process
Effects of Chemical Treatment of Additively Manufactured Tooling on Surface Quality in Investment Casting
Effects of Fast Neutron Irradiation on the Microhardness of Inconel 625 and Inconel 718 Materials Fabricated via Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Effects of HIP on the Quasi-static and High Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Thin-Walled Inconel 718 by Laser Bed Powder Fusion
Effects of Pores and Stress State on Fracture of Additively Manufactured Metals
Effects of Process Interruption During Laser Powder Bed Fusion on Microstructural and Mechanical Properties of Fabricated Parts
Effects of Recoating Velocity and Layer Thickness on the Powder-bed Surface Roughness in the Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) Process
Effects of Spherical Fillers on the Processability and Mechanical Properties of PA613 and PP-based LS Dry Blends
Effects of UV Overcuring in Multi-Material Jetting Additive Manufacturing
Electrodeposition of Metals onto 3D-Printed Lattices
Electrostatic Powder Spreading (ESPS) as a Method to Build Multi-Material Powder Bed Fusion Parts
Embedded Sensors to Experimental Evaluate Binder Curing in 3D Printed Sand Molds for Metal Casting
Embedding Information in Additively Manufactured Metals via Magnetic Property Grading for Traceability and Counterfeiting Prevention
Enabling Part-Scale Scanwise Process Simulation of Laser Powder Bed Fusion by Combining Matrix-free Finite Element Modeling, Adaptive Remeshing, and GPU Computing
Enhancement of Gas-Atomized 304L Stainless Steel Powder by Plasma Spheroidization for use in the Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) Process
Establishing a Machine-Agnostic Energy Density Model for Laser, Powder-blown Directed Energy Deposition
Evaluating Concepts for the Integration of Milled Components into the Additive Manufacturing Process
Evaluating the Mechanical Properties within the Transition Region of Multi-Material Large-Format Extrusion Additive Manufacturing
Evaluation of Direct Ink-write Additive Manufacturing
Evaluation of Functionally Graded Lattice Properties of Laser Powder Bed Fused Stainless Steel 316l
Evaluation of the Ecological Footprint for Parts from AlSi10Mg manufactured by Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Examining Repeatability in Polymer Material Extrusion Additive Manufacturing Systems
Examining Repeatability in Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing Systems
Examining the GPU Acceleration Speed-up for Finite Element Modeling of Additive Manufacturing
Expanding Laser Powder Bed Fusion Processing Space Using Alternative Scan Strategies
Experimental Analysis and Optimization of Gas Flow in an Open-Architecture Metal L-PBF System
Experimental Analysis of Functionally Graded Materials produced by Fused Filament Fabrication
Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Lattice Structures with Different Heterogeneities
Experimental Study for Improved Productivity of Laser-Foil-Printing Additive Manufacturing
Experimental Study of Wing Structure Geometry to Mitigate Process-Induced Deformation
Experimental Study on the Electropolishing of Additive Manufactured Copper Parts
Exploration and Evaluation of Offset Equation-Based Lattices
Fabricating Functionally Gradient Material with Hybrid Manufacturing: Directed Energy Deposition & Machining
Fabrication of Biomimetic Functional Materials and Structures via Multiscale Nanocomposite Printing
Fabrication of Liquid-Filled Voronoi Foams For Impact Absorption Using Material Jetting Technology
Fabrication of Refractory Alloys using Electron Beam Powder Bed Fusion
Factorial design data analytics for material parameters in multi-physics modeling of additive manufacturing
Fatigue Analysis of Short Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composite Components Manufactured using Fiber-Reinforced Additive Manufacturing
Feasibility Study of Large-sized Aluminum Facades by Using Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing
Feedback Control Development for Glass Additive Manufacturing
Feedforward Control of Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process
FFF Printing of Semi-crystalline PET: Exploring the Effects of Layer Specific Area and Build Rate on Crystallinity and Mechanical Properties
Finite Element Modeling of Material Deposition for 5-axis Additive Manufacturing
Four-Axis Coordinated Motion for Glass Additive Manufacturing
From Porous to Solid and Back: Densification of Binder Jet 3D Printed Materials
Functional Polyurethane Composites via Reactive Binder Jetting (RBJ) of a Dual-ink Binding System
Fundamental physics effects of background gas species and pressure on vapor plume structure and spatter entrainment in laser melting
Fused Filament Fabrication of a Multi-material Metamaterial for Tailored Compliance
Fused Filament Fabrication of highly Dense Copper Parts
Generation and Analysis of AlSi10Mg L-PBF Single Track Data Set Enabling Deeper Process Insights.
Generative Design and Additive Manufacturing of Three-dimensional Architected Metamaterials
Generative Design for Additive Manufacturing of Satellite Optical Tracker Mount
Geometric Challenges in Designing Parts for Machining using Wire-fed DED
GPU-accelerated WAAM Process Simulation using an Improved Modeling Workflow
Graph Neural Networks for 3D Defect Mapping in Laser Powder Bed Fusion
HDF5 Hierarchies for AM Digital Representations
Heat Treatment Effects on Mechanical Properties of Electron Beam Additive Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V
Heat Treatment Effects on Mechanical Properties of Wire Arc Additive Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V
High-power Microwave Irradiation for Localized Curing of Opaque Polymer Composites
High-Resolution Reactive Extrusion Additive Manufacturing
High Deposition Rate Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing
High Fidelity Additive Manufacturing of PMDA-ODA Polyimide via Supramolecular Salts
Holistic Development of the Electron Beam Melting Process for Ni-base Superalloys: Feedstock, Process Optimization, Data Analytics, to Component Evaluation
Hot Isostatic Pressing to Increase Isotropic Behavior of Wire DED Ti6Al4V
Hybrid Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing of Direct-Heated Tooling
Hybrid Curve Fitting For Reducing Motion Commands In Object Construction
Hybrid DED Process Parameter Development and Translation across Spot Size
Hybrid Laser Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing: Application to Microwave Radio Frequency Quarter Wave Cavity Resonators
Immersed Electrohydrodynamic Direct Writing: Fabrication of Nanofiber-reinforced Composites with Spatially Controlled Distribution
Impact of Composition and Solidification Pathway on Additively Manufactured 316L Printed via a Laser-wire Directed Energy Deposition Process
Impact of Moisture Absorption on 3D Printing Nylon Filament
Impact of Nozzle Condition on Powder Catchment Efficiency for Coaxial Powder Direct Energy Deposition
Impact of Zirconia Slurry Doping on 316L Stainless Steel prepared by Laser Powder Bed Fusion for biological/high corrosion applications
Impacts of Sharpened Corner Path Geometry on Layer Topology in Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing
Impingement and Solidification Morphology of Liquid Metal Droplets in Additive Manufacturing via Magnetohydrodynamic Liquid Metal Jetting
Improved Interfacial Bonding of Multimaterial-fused Filament Fabrication Parts
Improving the Copper Powder through Plasma Spheroidization for use in the Additive Manufacturing
In- and Ex-situ Optical Signal Correlation in LPBF
In-process Multi-physical Melt Pool Characteristics Sensing and Data Correlation in Laser Powder Bed Fusion
In-Process Quality Monitoring of Biological Additive Manufacturing Using Machine Learning
In-Situ Infrared Thermographic Measurement of Powder Properties in Laser Powder Bed Fusion
In-situ Integration of Weldable Strain Gauges in Components Manufactured by Laser-based Powder Bed Fusion
In-situ Interferometry for Vat Photopolymerization Additive Manufacturing
In-situ Measurement of Melt Pool Emissions via Coaxial Spectrometry in Powder-blown Directed-energy Deposition
In-situ Microwave Tomography for Temperature Monitoring during Powder Bed Fusion of Polymers
In-situ Modification of a High Entropy Alloy With 2.4% Molybdenum Using LPBF, and its Effect on Microstructure and Corrosion Resistance
In-situ Monitoring and Prediction of Porosity in Laser Powder Bed Fusion using Physics-informed Meltpool Signature and Machine Learning
In-situ Monitoring and Prediction of Porosity in Laser Powder Bed Fusion using Physics-informed Meltpool Signature and Machine Learning
In-situ Monitoring of Laser Powder Bed Fusion using IR and NIR Emissions to Detect Thermal Anomalies
In-Situ Monitoring of Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing for Defect Prediction
In Situ High-speed X-ray Imaging of the Alloying Process via Laser-based Directed Energy Deposition with Dissimilar Powders
Incorporating Physical Property Measurements in DEM for Modeling AM Powders
Increasing Part Strength and Density in Binder Jetting with Lattice Infill Patterning
Induction Initiated Curing of Additively Manufactured Thermoset Composites
Influence of Annealing on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Additively Manufactured 316L
Influence of Binder-powder Interaction on Accuracy and Resolution of Binder Jetting Parts
Influence of Biodegradable Additives on the Surface Finish of Additively Manufactured Part: a Green Surface Manufacturing Approach
Influence of layer thickness and nozzle temperature on the interlocking adhesion strength of additive manufactured multi-material interface
Influence of Powder Properties and Process Parameters on the High Temperature PBF-LB/M Manufacturability of Filigree Tungsten Components
Influence of the Different Matrix Materials on the Thermal Properties of Short Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites Manufactured by Fused Filament Fabrication
Infrastructure Scale Additive Manufacturing: Contemporary Concepts and Challenges in Concrete 3D Printing
Insight into Compressive Behaviour of Schwarz-P Lattices Fabricated by Material Extrusion
Insights into the Droplets' Behaviour to Control the Quality Of 3D Parts: MetalJet
Intelligent Process Planning and Control of an Aerosol Jet Printing Process
Intelligent Scan Sequence Optimization for PBF Additive Manufacturing of Complex Geometries
Interlayer Mechanical Properties of Thermoset Components Produced by Material Extrusion Additive Manufacturing
Invention and Development of Contour Crafting, Selective Inhibition Sintering, and Selective Separation Shaping
Investigate the height dependency of the micro-/defect-structure and mechanical properties of additively manufactured AlF357 aluminum alloy
Investigating the Directed Energy Deposition Additive Manufacturing of Thermoplastic Composites
Investigating the effect of defects on the crack initiation of additively manufactured IN718 using crystal plasticity simulations
Investigating the Influence of Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Resin on the Sedimentation Rate of Components Produced by Volumetric Additive Manufacturing
Investigating the Relationship Between In-Process Quality Metrics and Mechanical Response in the L-PBF Process
Investigation into Effect of Beam Defocusing in Low Temperature Laser Sintering of PEEK
Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Structures fabricated by Continuous Volumetric Photopolymerization based 3D Printing
Investigation of the Process Parameters and Geometry Dependent Shrinkage Behavior of Raster Lines in the Fused Deposition Modeling Process
Investigation of Wear Behavior of Centrifugal Disc Finishing on Additively Manufactured Ti6Al4V Samples
Investigation on corner precision at different corner angles in material extrusion additive manufacturing: An experimental and computational fluid dynamics analysis
Investigations for the Optimization of Metal Freeforming using the ARBURG freeformer
Key Process Variable Drifts and their Impact on Defect Structure and Tensile Behavior of L-PBF Ti-6Al-4V
Key Variables in Toolpath Generation for Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing
Key Wavelength Selection for Optical Emission Spectroscopy Metrology of Direct Metal Laser Sintering
Knowledge Base Development for Mechanical Properties and Energy Consumption of Iron-PLA Composite Filaments in Additive Manufacturing
Large-scale Hybrid Manufacturing of Freeform Metal Components
Large-volume, High-viscosity Masked Stereolithography
Laser-material Interactions in LPBF, Visualised through Simultaneous X-ray and Schlieren High-speed Imaging
Laser Additive Manufacturing of Thermoelectric Bismuth Telluride (Bi2Te3), Earth-Abundant Copper Sulfide (Cu2S) and Silver Selenide (Ag2Se)
Laser Calibration for Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing Process
Laser Line Profile Scanning for Powder Bed Topography Measurement
Laser Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing of Zirconium Carbide
Laser Powder Bed Fusion of Defect-Free NiTi Shape Memory Alloy Parts with Superior Mechanical Response
Laser Powder Bed Fusion of Highly-Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composites
Layerwise Modification of Material Chemistry via UV and Reactive Gas Exposure during Fused Filament Fabrication Additive Manufacturing
Layerwise Thermal Process Simulation for Laser Powder Bed Fusion: Calibration and Validation with Infrared Camera
Lightweight Additively Manufactured Bell Crank
Lightweight, Electrically Conductive, and Thermally Insulating porous ceramics through Stereolithography 3D Printing
Liquid Metal Droplet Jetting of 4008 Aluminum Alloy
Load Alignment Ratio – A Novel Lattice Evaluation and Optimization Metric
Localized Curing of Thermoset Composites via Microwave Irradiation
Logistic regression classification to predict regional anomalies in nominally printed volume of separate test pieces
Machine Learning-assisted Additive Manufactured Sandwich Structure Design
Machine Learning-Assisted Prediction of Thermophysical Properties of Nickel-Base Alloys over a Temperature Range
Manufacturability Thresholds for Powder Bed Fusion of Ti-6Al-4V Lattices: A Study of Defects and Dimensional Accuracy
Material-independent Flowrate Control in Extrusion-based Additive Manufacturing
Material Jetting Developing Platforms for R&D
Material Modelling of the Photopolymers for Additive Manufacturing Processes
Material Selection & Design for Lattice-based Biodegradable Metal Implants for Bone Regeneration in Load-Bearing Bone Defects
Maxel Framework for Representing and Process Planning of Functionally Graded Materials
Mechanical Evaluation of Topology- and Toolpath-Optimized Composite Structures Manufactured via Multi-Axis Material Extrusion
Mechanical Properties Characterization for Polyamide Matrix Dairy Protein Composites Fabricated Using Selective Laser Sintering Process
Mechanisms of Pore Elimination During 3D Printing of Metals
Mechanized Spreading of Ceramic Powder Layers for Additive Manufacturing Characterized by Transmission X-ray Imaging
Melt Pool Feature Extraction, Spatial Registration and Layer-to-Layer Control in Powder Bed Fusion
Melt Pool Size Control in LENS Direct Metal Deposition
Metal Additive Manufacturing for Advanced Materials by Laser Foil Printing
Microstructural Characterization of Laser Powder Bed Fusion (L-PBF) Additively Manufactured Inconel 718 for Aerospace Application
Microstructure and mechanical properties of additively manufactured Haynes 230: a comparative study of L-PBF vs. LP-DED
Microstructure and mechanical properties of additively manufactured Inconel 718: A comparative study between L-PBF and LP-DED
Mitigating Thermal Distortion in Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing thru Integrating Topology Optimization and Modified Inherent Strain Modeling
Modeling of IN718 precipitates' growth in powder-bed fusion (in-situ and post-build aging)
Modelling Fiber Orientation during Additive Manufacturing Compression Molding Processes
Modelling of Microstructure Evolution in Wire-Based Laser Direct Energy Deposition with Ti-6Al-4V
Modified Inherent Strain Method
Monitoring and Flaw Detection during Wire-based Directed Energy Deposition using In-situ Acoustic Sensing and Wavelet Graph Signal Analysis
Monitoring and Flaw Detection during Wire-based Directed Energy Deposition using In-situ Acoustic Sensing and Wavelet Graph Signal Analysis
Multi-Phenomena Data Fusion for Enhanced Process Monitoring in Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF)
Multi-scale Shape Agnostic Flaw Detection and Monitoring in Laser Powder Bed Fusion using Heterogeneous In-process Sensor Data
Multi-Stage Additive Manufacturing Process for Multi-Scale Porous Structures
Multifunctional Design in Additive Manufacturing: Process Intensification for Enhanced CO2 Capture
NEW POSTER: Texture Control in LBPF Haynes 282 for Maximizing Creep Performance
NEW POSTER: The Third Eye: A Modified Schlieren System for In-Situ Voxel Growth Observation in Projection Based Stereolithography 3D Printing
NEW SPEAKER: Laser Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing of Wicking Structures for Heat Pipes: Design, Fabrication, and Application
NEW TIME (was 10:10 am) Effect of Z-Pin Geometric Parameters on Mechanical Properties of Z-Pinned Additively Manufacturing Composites
NEW TIME (was 10:25 am) Bioinspired Smart Nanocomposite Fabrication via Liquid Crystal Templating-assisted 3D Printing
NEW TIME (was 10:25 am) Nondestructive Ultrasound Evaluation of Additively Manufactured Wear Coatings
NEW TIME (was 10:45 am) Spatial Variations in Horizontal and Vertical Composition Grading using Laser Powder Bed Fusion
NEW TIME (was 11:30 am) Swarm Manufacturing of a Robotic Vehicle
NEW TIME (was 1:30 pm) A Data-driven Model for Reconstructing 3D Melt Pool Geometries in Additive Manufacturing
NEW TIME (was 1:30 pm) Digital Image Correlation of Architected Materials: Challenges, Lessons Learned and Opportunities
NEW TIME (was 2:10 pm) High-fidelity Modeling of Multi-material Additive Manufacturing: From Micro-/Nano-particle Reinforced Composites to In-situ Alloying
NEW TIME (was 2:30 pm) Data-driven Approach for Printability Evaluation for Additively Manufactured Metal Alloys
NEW TIME (was 2:50 pm) Evaluating the Effects of Geometry and Process Parameters in L-PBF using a High-Throughput CT Scanning Approach Within a Connected Machine, Monitoring, Geometry Data Framework
NEW TIME (was 3:40 pm) Investigating the Effects of Infiltration Conditions on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Binder Jet Fabricated Stainless Steel/Bronze through Ultrasonic Testing
NEW TIME (was 4:40 pm) Layerwise Thermal Process Simulation for Laser Powder Bed Fusion: Calibration and Validation with Infrared Camera
NEW TIME (was 8:15 am) From Neutron Diffraction to Tool Repair: How Fundamental Scientific Research Translates to Industrial Impact for Hybrid AM Processes
NEW TIME (was 8:20 am) Intelligent Scan Sequence Generation for Reduced Hot Spots, Residual Stress and Distortion in Multi-laser PBF
NEW TIME: 3D Printing of Nanoporous Metals via Fused Filament Fabrication: Rheological Considerations
NEW TIME: Fundamental Study of Aerosol JetŪ Printing by Means of Phase Doppler Anemometry
Nondestructive Evaluation of Porosity in Binder Jet SS316L Components using Ultrasound and X-ray Computed Tomography
Numerical and Experimental Characterization of the Dynamic Properties of As-built 316L Components Produced via Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Numerical Transient Thermal Development of Melting a Solid Filament in the Hot-end in Material Extrusion Additive Manufacturing
Observations of Binder Jetting Defect Formation Using High-Speed Synchrotron X-Ray Imaging
Opacity Modulation in Additive Manufacturing
Operando Imaging of Directed Energy Deposition Additive Manufacturing
Optimal Truss-Type Supports for Minimal Part Deformation in LPBF
Optimization of Laser Process Parameters using Machine Learning Algorithms and Performance Comparison
Optimization of Penetration Depth and Powder Layer Thickness for Proper Interlayer Adhesion in Polymer Laser Sintering
Optimization of Print Parameters for Ti-5553 Skinned Lattice
Optimization of SLA Photopolymers’ Thermal Expansion for Nickel Plating
Optimization of Vat Photopolymerization Parameters for LiCoO2 Battery Electrode Manufacturing
Optimized Dissolvable Support Design for 316L Stainless Steel Produced by Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Optimizing 3D Printed Tourniquets for Immediate Aid in Ukraine
Optimizing Build Plate Adhesion of Polymers in Fused Granule Fabrication Processes
Origami Expandable Printing using Fused Granular Fabrication and Fabric Substrates
ORNL Large-scale Metal Slicer: A Custom Software that Meets the Challenges brought by Growing Complexity of Parts in Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing
Phase-field modeling of microstructure evolution in additive manufacturing with a physics-informed graph network approach
Phase Transformation Dynamics-guided Alloy Design for Additive Manufacturing
Physics-based Feedforward Control of Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process
Physics-Informed Learning of Real-time Residual Stress in Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Porosity Prediction for Multiple Processing Regimes in Laser Powder Bed Fusion via Machine Learning of In-situ Multi-modal Monitoring Data
Post-processing Volumetric Additive Manufacturing Components
Potential of Dual Laser Array Powder Bed Fusion for the Processing of Nickel-base Alloy 625
Powder Bed Fusion of Polymers with Ultraviolet Light Emitting Diode Energy Sources
Powder Bed Fusion of Polypropylene Produced via Thermally Induced Phase Separation
Powder Spread Flaws in Polymer Laser Sintering and its Influences on Mechanical Performance
Predicting Geometric Accuracy via Image-to-image Machine Learning
Prediction of Microstructure in LPBF using Part-level Thermal Simulations, In-process Sensor Data, and Machine Learning
Prediction of Microstructure in LPBF using Part-level Thermal Simulations, In-process Sensor Data, and Machine Learning
Preventing Recoater Crash in Laser Powder Bed Fusion via Modified Inherent Strain Modeling
Preventing Recoater Crash in Laser Powder Bed Fusion via Modified Inherent Strain Modeling
Print Initiation and Termination in Glass Additive Manufacturing
Printability of Nickel Alloy 718 Using a Systematic Process Optimization Framework with Different Layer Thicknesses
Printability Studies of 316L Stainless Steel by Paste Deposition Modeling
Printed Photonics Using Single Mode Optical Fiber
Printing Multifunctional High Performance Polymer Parts via the Hybridization of Direct Ink Write and High Temperature Fused Filament Fabrication
Process-controlled Grading of the Young's Modulus of AlSi10Mg Components Using L-PBF
Process-specific Microstructure-sensitive Modeling of Fatigue in Additively Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V Alloys
Process Development and Thermomechanical Modeling of Laser Hot Wire Additive Manufacturing Process
Process Monitoring for Pore Detection using in situ X-ray Imaging and Pyrometry Signal
Process Monitoring of Laser Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing using Thermionic Emission Detection
Process optimisation of PA11 in fiber-laser powder-bed fusion through loading of an optical absorber
Process Response of Martensitic 250 Stainless Steel Alloy + Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing with Cold Metal Transfer
Processing Evaluation of Al-4008 (Al-Si-Mg) Alloy via Liquid Metal Jetting-based Additive Manufacturing
Processing of Cu-Al-Fe Bronze via Liquid Metal Jetting Based Additive Manufacturing
Rapid Qualification of Wire Feed Direct Energy Deposition Process Builds using ICME Approach
Rapid Three-dimensional Printing of Architected Piezoelectric Structures Using Micro-CLIP
Reactive Binder Jet Additive Manufacturing for Microstructural Control of Ceramic Components
Reactive Extrusion Additive Manufacturing of a Highly Loaded Carbon Fiber Reinforced Epoxy
Reactive Extrusion Additive Manufacturing (REAM) of Functionally Graded Field-Responsive Thermoset Composites
Real-time Process Monitoring and Closed-loop Laser Power Control in Powder Bed Fusion
Reconstructing 3D Melt Pool Geometry from Coaxial Melt Pool Image for Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing
Recycling of Polymer Powders in SLS: Consequences on Flowability and Electrostatic Properties
Recycling PET Bottles in a Fused Granule Fabrication Additive Manufacturing System
Reducing Part Distortion in Laser Powder Bed Fusion through Data-driven Topology Optimization
Reducing Part Distortion in Laser Powder Bed Fusion Through Data-driven Topology Optimization
Reducing Porosity of Extruded Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics with a Vacuum-Assisted Pellet Hopper
Regional Porosity Measurement in Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Relationship between Flow-controlled Fiber Orientation and Spring-in Deformation in Extrusion Deposition Additive Manufacturing
Reliable PEDOT:PSS inks using bio-renewable green co-solvents for Inkjet 3D-printed electronics
Repeatability and Sensitivity of a Rotating Drum Method for Rheological Characterization of Stainless Steel Powders Used for Additive Manufacturing
Resin Development for On-Orbit Fabrication of Spacecraft Structures by Direct Solar Polymerization
Revealing Melt Flow Instabilities in Laser Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing of Aluminum Alloy via In-situ High Speed X-ray Imaging
Revealing Texture-induced Abnormal Tensile Deformation Behavior in Additively Manufactured Haynes 282 using Crystal Plasticity Simulations
Rheological Characterization of Room Temperature Powder Metal Paste for Extruded Material Modeling
Robot-guided Electrophotographic Powder Application System for Powder Bed Fusion of Metals by means of Laser Beam
Robot-to-robot Collision Avoidance and Tool Path Recovery for A Multi-robot Wire-fed Ded System
Robotic Additive Manufacturing of Thermoplastic Composite Assistive Technology
Robotic Path Planning for the Automated Design of Compositionally Graded Alloys
Role of Pre-treatments in Printed Flexible and Stretchable (Bio-) Electronics
Sampling Internal Temperature Distributions Within Parts Being Manufactured by the Metal Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process
Shared Teleoperation Architecture for Endoscopic Additive Manufacturing
Shelf Life of Polyamide 12 (PA2200) Laser Sintering Powder
Simplified Unsupervised Statistical Anomaly Detection for In-situ Quality Control of Directed Energy Deposition (DED) Additive Manufacturing
Simulation of Curing Behavior with Temperature Dependent Kinetic Constants in Vat Photopolymerization
Single-part Tracking Enabled by Fluorescent Polysecure Tracing Particles in AM Parts
Single Particle Impacts in Micro Cold Spray
Size and Processing Parameter Effects in Laser Powder Bed Fusion of Inconel 718
Size Effects on Elastic Moduli of Polymers 3D Printed by Fused Deposition Modeling
Soybean-Derived Printed Graphene Structures via Aerosol Jet Printing Process
Spatiotemporal Modeling of the L-PBF Thermal Field History
Stent Design Investigation for Polymeric and Metallic Materials using Finite Element Modeling of the Crimping Process
Strength Comparison of a Topology Optimized Truss Structure from Printed SLA Resin, Electroplated Resin and DMLS Aluminum
Structure-Property Relationships in Copper Made via Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Studies on Thin and Thick-walled SS316L Overhanging Specimens Manufactured Using Powder-fed Laser-based Directed Energy Deposition
Study of Different Aging Conditions for Analysis of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of F357 Alloy Fabricatd in LPBF printer
Study of Proximity Effect in Projection-based Micro Stereolithography Process
Study on Development of DLP Printed Metal - Ceramic Structures
Support-free Sintering of 3D Printed Binder Jet Copper Parts and Stainless Steel Parts
Surface-based Lattice Structures as Candidates for Heat Exchangers
Surface Morphology and Hardness of Powder Bed Fused Ss316l as a Function of Process Parameters
Surface Nanotextured Powders for 3D Printing of High Reflectivity Metals
Surface Polishing for Additively Manufactured Titanium Bone Scaffolds to Improve Osseointegration
Tailoring Porosity in Laser Powder Bed Fusion by Spatial Manipulation of Feedstock Composition
The Case for an End-to-end Software-hardware Stack in Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing
The Case for Flipping the Manufacturing Classroom
The Effect of a Gas Stagnation Region on Nanoparticle Impact Velocity during Micro-Cold Spray
The Effect of Heat Treatment on Microstructural and Mechanical Performance of a Laser Powder Bed-fused Al-Cu-Mg-Ag-Ti-B Alloy: As-built Versus T7 Heat Treated
The Effect of Heat Treatment on the Microstructure and Tensile Properties of L-PBF Haynes 214
The effects of powder feedstock and process parameters on the material characteristics of Ti6Al4V thin strut features fabricated by laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing
The Failure of Wire-arc Additive Manufactured Aluminum Alloys With Porosities Under Loadings as Observed by In-situ X-ray Micro-computed Tomography
The Impact of as-built Surface Roughness on Vibration Bending Fatigue of Additively Manufactured Nickel Alloy 718
The Impact of Measurement Methodology on the Diameter Measurement of Simple Additively Manufactured Features
The Impact of the Printed Part Geometry on the Shrinkage and the Density of 316L Stainless Steel Parts Printed by FFF/FDM Technology.
The Measurement of Orientation and Elasticity by Spatially Resolved Acoustic Spectroscopy (SRAS)
The Resilience of Laser Powder Bed Fusion to Power Perturbations
Thermal-Imaging Feedback Control of Glass Additive Manufacturing Deposition Products
Thermal History Validation of Directed Energy Deposition Process
Thermal Modeling of Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing using Spectral Graph Theory
Thermally Switchable Build Table by Mechanical Interlocking for Additive Manufacturing
Thin-walled Part Properties in PBF-LB/P — Experimental Understanding and Nonlocal Material Model
Three-dimensional (3D) Simulation of Micro-Void Development within Large Scale Polymer Composite Deposition Beads
Toolpath Planning for Multiple Build Points using K-Means Clustering
Towards an Automated Methodology for Optically Cured, High Thickness Composite Polymer Pastes: an ISO-based Approach for Large Area Additive Manufacturing
Towards directed energy deposition of metals using polymer-based supports: porosity of 316L stainless steel deposited on carbon-fiber-reinforced ABS
Towards Inline Material Microstructure Imaging using Spatially Resolved Acoustic Spectroscopy (SRAS)
Towards Non-Planar Woven Carbon Fiber Composite Surfaces
Towards Online Monitoring and Data-driven Control: A Study of Segmentation Algorithms for Laser Powder Bed Fusion Processes
Towards Regulating Internal Temperature Distributions during Powder Bed Fusion Builds using Model Predictive Control
Towards Tractable, Fully Time-resolved Simulations of Engineering Scale Parts Built using the Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process
Transferring Printability Knowledge Across SS316L and IN718 in Laser Directed Energy Deposition using Machine Learning
Ultrasonic Characterization of Sound Speeds in 3D-printed Polymers
Uncertainty Quantification of Response Surface Methodology to Establish an Efficient Printability Assessment Framework in Directed Energy Deposition
Understand Powder Deposition Behaviors of a Novel Electrostatic Powder Spreading Technique using Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Understanding Correlations between Processing Parameters and Part Geometry in Robotic Reactive Extrusion Additive Manufacturing (REAM)
Usability and Limitations for Predicting Melt Pool Dimensions via Dimensionless Numbers in Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF)
Use of a Fluid Interface to Reduce Support Structures in Top-down Stereolithography
Use of a Penetrating Deposition Nozzle for Z-Pinning Additive Manufacturing
Use of Extreme Value Statistics for Establishing Process-Porosity-Fatigue Relationships in Laser Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing
Using Mean Curvature of Implicitly Defined Minimal Surface Approximations to Generate New Unit Cells for Lattice Design
Using Process Monitoring Signals to Identify Defects during Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Using Recycled Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polycarbonate as a Feedstock Material for Large Format Additive Manufacturing
Using Solid Freeform Fabrication to develop a low cost Robotics experiment platform to complement classroom learning and exploring topics in STEM Education
Utilizing Lattice Infill Structures to Optimize Weight with Structural Integrity Investigation for Commonly Used 3D Printing Technologies
Validation and Comparison of FEM-Simulation Results of the Fused Deposition Modeling Process under Consideration of Different Mesh Resolutions
Verification Process for Laser Powder Bed Fusion Machine Health
Vibration Reduction using Material Jetted Parts for Sander Grips
Visualization of Melt Pool Stability for Wire- and Powder-based Directed Energy Deposition Repair of Gray Cast Iron
Volumetric Sintering of Polymers via Radio Frequency Additive Manufacturing
WAAM GPU-accelerated Process Simulation Using an Improved Modeling Workflow
Wire-arc Fabrication of Topology Optimized Aviation Components
Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing of Reduced Activation Ferritic Martensitic (RAFM) Steel
X-ray Analysis of Magnetically Induced Additive Manufacturing
X-ray Tomography as a 3D Metrology Technique for AM Materials
Z-Chunking for Cooperative 3D Printing of Large and Tall Objects

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