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Meeting 2024 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Advanced Functional and Structural Thin Films and Coatings
Presentation Title Multiphysics Modelling of AlScN Film Growth for Mems and Memory Applications
Author(s) Trans Si Bui Quang, Lau Yang Hao, Zicong Marvin Wong, Gang Wu, Srinivasan Bharathi Madurai, Joshi Kartikey, Le Duc Vinh, Leong Fong Yew, Ramanarayan Hariharaputran
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Ramanarayan Hariharaputran
Abstract Scope We present a multiphysics simulation study of the AlScN system, a material gaining considerable attention due to its enhanced piezoelectric, ferroelectric responses and CMOS fabrication compatibility. These properties vary with the Scandium content making AlScN a promising material for next-generation microelectronics in communication and edge computing applications. Our project focuses on the optimization of AlScN microstructure when scaled down to sub-100 nm thin films—a requirement for efficient microelectronics. The microstructure quality post-thin-film growth significantly affects device performance. Microstructural features including defect density, film stress state, interface stability, defective grains, and film polarity, are largely influenced by processing conditions and the substrate choice. Using atomistic and continuum modelling approaches, we model the evolution of these microstructural features and correlate them with deposition conditions. This understanding will provide insights for optimizing the thin film growth process towards a desirable microstructure.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned:
Keywords Modeling and Simulation, Thin Films and Interfaces, Electronic Materials


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