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About this Symposium
Meeting 2022 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Advanced Functional and Structural Thin Films and Coatings
Sponsorship TMS: Thin Films and Interfaces Committee
Organizer(s) Ramana Chintalapalle, University of Texas at El Paso
Adele Carrado, IPCMS - CNRS Université de Strasbourg
Gerald Ferblantier, Icube Laboratory - Strasbourg University
Karine Mougin, Cnrs - Is2m
Heinz Palkowski, Clausthal University of Technology
Nuggehalli M. Ravindra, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Scope Functional thin films and coatings continue to be an innovative area in physics, materials science, chemistry and engineering.

This symposium encompasses all aspects of advanced thin films and nanomaterials for modern optical, photonic and electronic devices with applications in photovoltaics, sensing and display technologies.

Moreover, coatings & engineered surfaces for reducing corrosion and wear as well as making use of lubricant-free (green) production and coatings for biomedical and healthcare applications are of interest.

This symposium will include, but will not be limited to the following topics:
Scope 1: Thin films and nanostructures for optoelectronics
- Fundamental studies and modelling, photonics, plasmonics, sensors, flexible electronics
-Multifunctiona materials & devices

Scope 2: Coating technologies and surface structuring for tools
- Fundamentals & applications of lubricant-free (green) production
- Methods to improve wear resistance and reduce friction
- Functionalizing surfaces & interfaces

Scope 3: Multifunctional biomaterials, innovative approaches to new concepts and applications.
- Functionalities of coatings/surface modifications
- Methods to improve biocompatibility, cell proliferation and growth, antimicrobial behavior and metallic ion release, load-bearing prostheses, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, etc. under in vitro and in vivo conditions.

Abstracts Due 07/19/2021
Proceedings Plan Planned:

Application of Mg/Al2O3 and Mg/SiO2 nanolaminates for uniform and controlled corrosion of biodegradable implants
Bandgap Emission of Czochralski-Silicon Coated with Spin-coated Silica Using Various Catalysis
Challenges of TiN Thin Film Coating Development and Deposition onto Medical Grade Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Used in Biomedical Devices
Corrosion behaviour of an aisi 4140 steel nitrided by plasma in a seawater medium solution
Doping of biomimetic calcium-deficient hydroxyapatite deposited on activated carbon fiber cloth to improve bone regeneration
Effect of oxygen partial pressure and pulse frequency on the structure and properties of tungsten incorporated Ga2O3 films made by pulsed laser deposition
Effect of post-deposition annealing on the structure and optical properties of GeO2 thin films
Effects of Femtosecond Laser Shock Peening on the Tribocorrosion Resistance of Biodegrade WE43 Magnesium Alloys
Ellipsometry characterization of plasmonic responses of nanoparticles
Enhancing light emission properties of c-Si by developing Stresses on silicon surface via Sol-gel Ceramic Coatings
Fabrication and Characterization of High-Temperature Niobium Alloy Coatings
Fabrication of carbon encapsulated Si nano-particles for high performance Li-ion batteries
Fifty shades of TiN: How deposition conditions influence the growth morphology and thereby hardness and especially fracture toughness
Improvement of Corrosion Resistance of A36 steel using SiC and TiB2 Thermally Sprayed Coatings
Improvement of Hydrophilicity and Wetting Behavior on Patterned PLA substrates by AP Plasma Treatment and APTES Grafting
In-air Polymerization and Crosslinking of Monomers during Electrospray Deposition
In-situ Mapping of Local Orientation and Strain in a Fully Operable Infrared Sensor using Dark Field X-ray Microscopy
Incorporation of Metallic Nanoparticles into Alkyd Resin: A Review of their Coating Performance
Large scale growth of diamond on surface-terminated silicon-incorporated diamond-like carbon thin films
Materials for Antireflective Coatings in Photovoltaics- An Overview
Metal mesh reinforced polymers: an interesting alternative for biomedical applications
Microstructural Characterization and Vibration Damping Behavior of Al-NiTi Composites
Multimaterials for Advanced Structural Applications
Nanostructured Graphene Thin Films: A Brief Review of their Fabrication Techniques and Corrosion Protective Performance
Non-reactively sputtered ultra-high temperature Nb-C coatings
Numerical Study of Intrinsic Stresses in perovskite-on-Si Solar Cells with Intermetallic Bonding
Performance of nc-AlTiN/Si3N4 and ZrO2/Al2O3 coated carbide inserts in dry turning of AlSI304 stainless steel
Polymer grafting on metal surfaces using “grafting from” chemical method
Polymeric coatings embedded with green Anti-corrosive pigment for corrosion inhibition of Steel
Radiative Properties of Polymers
Silicone breast implants: grafting of a bioactive polymer to improve the bio-integration
Stress evolution and recovery in high-entropy metal sublattice diborides
Study on surface cracking and interfacial delamination of metallic coatings using a tension test
Surface chemistry and subsurface microstructure of Al 2024-T3 laser-interference structured
The Design of Coatings Developed Using Polyetherimide and Nanocomposites Thereof for Corrosion Protection of Base Metals
The Effect of Additives in Hybrid Zr-based Chemical Conversion Coating on the Surface Morphology Chemical Compositions and Corrosion Resistance
Tribocorrosion Performance of Polymer-Derived Ceramic Coatings on 304 Stainless Steel
(CrMoTaVNb)Si2: A Novel Single-phase High Entropy Silicide Material

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