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Meeting 5th International Congress on 3D Materials Science (3DMS 2021)
Symposium 5th International Congress on 3D Materials Science (3DMS 2021)
Presentation Title Gaining Insights into Complex Dynamics of Coarsening in Bicontinuous Structures
Author(s) W. Beck Andrews, Kate Elder, Markus Ziehmer, Erica Lilleoddenc,, Peter W. Voorhees, Katsuyo S. Thornton
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Katsuyo S. Thornton
Abstract Scope Bicontinuous structures form frequently in nature as a result of phase separation. These structures continue to evolve due to the excess surface energy toward structures with larger feature sizes. Currently, there is no theory that predicts the morphology resulting from such evolution. In this presentation, the findings from phase field simulations of coarsening in a variety of systems, ranging from those with bulk diffusion to surface diffusion, as well as different volume fractions and mobilities, are summarized. The morphologies of the structures are characterized via interfacial shape distributions and phase/curvature auto-correlations, and their topologies are also quantified. A comparison to nanoporous gold structure is presented, and implications of particle detachment and reattachment are discussed.
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3D Aspects of Ice Compressive Failure during Ice-structure Interaction
3D Characterization of Damage in Spalled Tantalum
3D Characterization of Inhalation Drug Formulations Using X-ray Microscopy
3D EBSD Investigation Methods for Microstructure Modeling of Steels
3D Imaging of Materials at Multiple Length Scales
3D Maps of Geometrically Necessary Dislocation Densities in Polycrystalline IN718
3D Microstructure Reconstruction from 2D Images via Deep Learning
3D Non-destructive Characterization of Texture Evolution in Electrical Steels with Laboratory Diffraction Contrast Tomography
3D Reconstruction of a HEDM Tensile Sample Using Serial Sectioning and Multi-modal Characterization
3D Strength Prediction of a Two-phase Material Using Two-point Statistics
3D Structure of Cellular Features in Additively Manufactured 316L
3D X-ray Diffraction Microscopy (3DXRD) of Inverse Opal Photonic Crystals (i-PhC) and Aluminum Using High Resolution X-ray Nanodiffraction
4D Characterization of Solidification in Al-based Droplets
4D Nanoscale Imaging of Powder Feedstock Processing for Additive Manufacturing
A 3D Study of Grain Orientation Induced Braze Alloy Wetting
A Data-constrained Modelling Approach for 3D Characterization of Compositional Microstructure with Quantitative X-ray CT
A New Generation of Synchrotron-based Design Tools at MSN-C (The Materials Solution Network at CHESS)
A Quantitative Morphological Comparison of Near Field HEDM to Serial Sectioned EBSD Data
Achieving Large Volume Grain Statistics with Laboratory Based Diffraction Contrast Tomography
Acoustic Emission Measurements of Damage Accumulation and Crack Initiation in Metals at the Micron-scale
Advanced Acquisition Strategies for Laboratory Diffraction Contrast Tomography (LabDCT)
Advanced In-situ Loading Environments for Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction Experiments
Advances in Machine and Deep Learning-based Segmentation of Synchrotron-based μ-CT
Analysis of Deformation Modes of AZ31 Magnesium Alloys Using EBSD and DCT
Analysis of Grain Structure and Voids within Additive Manufactured 316L by Serial Sectioning
Analysis of Structure-function Relationships in Turtle Shell Fossils Using Correlative Microscopy
Application of High Energy Imaging CT to Investigate Local 3D Short Fatigue Crack Closure Behavior in Ti-6Al-4V Alloy
Application of ICME towards Thin Wall Casting Technology Development
Application of Machine Learning to 3D Reconstruction of SOFC Electrodes
Assessment of Boundary Plane Reconstruction Methods for 3D-EBSD Data Sets
Atomic-resolution 3D Analysis of Pt-Ru Alloy Nanoparticles by Electron Tomography
Calcium Oxalate Cluster Crystals Investigation of Ginseng Using Quantitative X-ray Micro-tomography
Challenges in 3D Correlative Tomography and Microscopy for Materials Science
Characterization of 3-D Slip Fields in Deforming Polycrystals
Characterization of Free-growing Dendrites Using 4D X-ray Tomography and Machine Learning
Characterizing the Interaction of Dislocations and Twins in Magnesium with 3D EBSD
Combined Strain Measurements and 3D Tomography in Inconel 718
Comparative Assessment of Armstrong-Frederick and GND-based Backstress Models Using High-energy X-ray Diffraction Microscopy and Crystal Plasticity Finite Element Simulations
Comparison of Defect in Additively Manufactured Components Using X-ray CT and 3D Serial Sectioning Metallography
Comparison of PCA and MDS Methods for Microstructure-mechanical Property Evaluation
Comprehensive 3D Microstructural Characterization of Nuclear Fuel
Comprehensive Study of Grain Growth in Polycrystalline Nickel Using Three-dimensional X-ray Microscopy
Correlations among Chemistry, Microstructure, and Mechanical Response in Multi-principal Element Alloys
Correlative Microscopy and Microstructural Characterization of Porosity Induced by Contouring in a Selective Laser Melted AA6061 Alloy
Correlative Tomography Using Imaging CT and Pencil-beam XRD for Deformation-induced Transformation in Ferrite/Austenite Steel
Corrosion of Nb-1% Zr-0.1% C Alloy in Lead-bismuth Eutectic
Coupling Thermal and Cellular Automata (CA) Modeling to Predict and Control Microstructure in Additive Manufacturing
Dark Field X-ray Microscopy of Recovery Annealing of Cold Rolled Fe-Si and Fe-Si-Sn Alloys
Deducing the Criteria for Morphological Transitions in Ternary Phase Separating Films Using 3D Phase-field Simulations
Deep Learning-based 3D Damage Quantification for Natural Cellular Solids
Defect Interrogation in Additive Manufactured Inconel 738 Turbine Blades
Development of Comprehensive Evaluation Techniques for Extraterrestrial Materials
Development of Equilibrium Stress Field from Far-field Grain-average Lattice Strain
Dictionary and Spherical Indexing of EBSD Data Sets
Direct Estimation of Structure Parameters from 3D Image Data without Segmentation
Dual Energy XCT through Optimised Projection Fusion
Dynamic In-situ Imaging of Methane Hydrate Formation and Self-preservation in Porous Media
Effect of Internal Microstructure on Heat Transfer Properties in Alumina Based Thermal Insulator
Equations for Grain Boundary Motion in Finite-element Simulations
Examination of Dual Energy CT for Industrial X-ray
From 4D Images to Grain Boundary Properties
Full-field X-ray Nanoimaging Beamline at SSRF
Full Field Nanotomography: Towards Time Resolution and In-situ Applications
Gaining Insights into Complex Dynamics of Coarsening in Bicontinuous Structures
Generation of Synthetic Material Microstructures for Advanced Manufacturing Process Development
Generative Adversarial Networks for 3D Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Microstructure Generation
Geometric Reconstruction and Volumetric Meshing Procedures for Mesoscale Level Finite Element Simulations
Grain-scale Plastic Response of a Zr Alloy Using High Energy Diffraction Microscopy and Crystal Plasticity Simulations
Grain Boundary and Dislocation Structures in Metals Resolved by Transmission Electron Microscopy
Growing Single Crystals from the Solid State: Probing Microstructural Dynamics Using X-ray Diffraction Microscopy
Imaging Microplasticity Events by Combining High Energy Diffraction Microscopy and Bragg Coherent Diffraction Microscopy
Imposing Equilibrium on Measured 3-D Stress Fields Using Helmholtz Decomposition and FFT-based Optimization
In-situ 3D Imaging of Mechanical Failure in TRISO Particles
In-situ Mapping of Local Orientation and Strain in a Fully Operable IR Sensor
In Operando 3D Characterization of Materials with Sub-15 nm Spatial Resolution Nano-tomography with the Transmission X-ray Microscope at APS
Influence of Grain Boundary Energy Anisotropy on the Evolution of Grain Boundary Network Structure during 3D Anisotropic Grain Growth
Influence of Microtextured Regions on Early Plasticity in Ti64
Intragranular Stress Mapping Using Scanning 3DXRD
Investigation of Neutron-irradiated Microstructure of Fe-Cr System: A GPU Accelerated Phase-field Method
Investigation of Threshold Stress Level of Radially Reprecipitated Hydrides: A Phase-field Approach
Laboratory Diffraction Contrast Tomography (LabDCT) for Additive Manufacturing (AM) Applications
Laboratory X-ray Diffraction Contrast Tomography-improved Grain Mapping by Reconstruction with Magnified Diffraction Spots
Large-volume 3D EBSD System and Its Application to the Investigation of Grain Boundary Corrosion in 316L Stainless Steel
Laue µdiffraction as a Tool to Reconstruct Local Grain Boundaries Missing Angle in 2D Characterization
Linking Initial 3D Microstructure to Performance Degradation in SOFCs Using a Highly Parallel Integrated Model
Liquid MetalJet X-ray Sources for High Resolution Characterization
Looking Deeper: A Realization of 3DXRD Microscopy with Enhanced Spatial Resolution
Machine Learning Framework for Spiking Defect Detection in Electron Beam Welding
Machine Learning of Dislocations: 3D Analysis of In-situ TEM Data
Meaningful Learning in Materials Engineering: Learning through Virtual Reality Learning Environments
Mechanism for Microstructure Conversion in Additive Manufacturing for Obtaining Isotropic Properties
Methods for Characterizing 3D Grain Boundary Network Structures: Tools from Spectral Graph Theory
Microstructures and Properties of As-Cast Al2.7CrFeMnV, Al2.7CrFeTiV, and Al2.7CrMnTiV High Entropy Alloys
Multiple Modal X-ray Microtomography for Material Science
Nanoscale 4D Microstructural Characterization of Corrosion in Aluminum Alloys Using Transmission X-ray Microscopy (TXM)
Neural Network Supported 3D Grain Generator
New Dimensions in Laboratory X-ray Microscopy
Next Generation TriBeam Systems and 3D Data Workflows
Numerical Simulation for Prediction of Gas Porosity and Microstructure in Solidifying Aluminium Alloy Using LBM-CA (Cellular Automata) Model
Observation of Plastic Slip Localization in a Ti-7Al Alloy Using X-ray Topotomography
On the 3D Nature of Dislocation Lines and Core Structures in High Entropy Complex Alloys
OOF: Modular, Extensible Finite Element Analysis for Materials Science
Optimizing Laboratory X-ray Diffraction Contrast Tomography for Characterization of the Grain Structure in Pure Iron
Performance SLS Printed Nylon 11 Parts Post-processed via BLAST™
Possibilities and Limitations of Tomography Methods for the Detailed Analysis of Lithium-ion Battery Cathode Microstructures
Precipitation and Strengthening in AlCoCrFeNi High Entropy Alloys as Studied by Atom Probe Tomography
PRISMS-Plasticity: An Open-source Crystal Plasticity Finite Element
Properties Relied on Internal Structure of Ceramics from 3D View of X-ray Tomography
Pushing the Limits of HEDM / 3DXRD
Quantification of the Dislocation Activity in Individual Grains in a Polycrystalline Ti by In-situ 3DXRD
Quantifying Microscale Drivers for Fatigue Failure via Coupled Synchrotron X-ray Characterization and Simulations
Quantifying the Effects of Grain Size, Shape, and Crystallographic Orientation on Microstructure Mechanical Behavior
Quantitative Observation of Dendritic Growth in Metallic Alloys by Time-resolve and In-situ Tomography
Recent Progress in the Assessment of Hydrogen Embrittlement in Al-Zn-Mg Alloys via 3D/4D Image-based Analysis
Recrystallization Boundary Migration in 3D
Redefining ESRF's Tomography Ecosystem for the EBS Upgrade
Reliable Semiconductor Die Attach Process with Ag/Sn/Ag Sandwich Structure
Representative and Statistical Volume Elements for Grain Boundary Networks in 3D
Residual Distortion Prediction through Fast Data Driven Model Approach in Additive Manufactured Components
Reveal the Microstructure-property Relationships by Combining X-ray Tomography and Finite Element Analysis
Single Grain High Resolution Reciprocal Space Mapping
Study on Mechanical Properties of K4169 Alloy Based on 3D Characterization of Microporosity
Sub-grain-level Fatigue Crack Growth Insights via High Energy X-ray Diffraction Microscopy
Sub-second Three Dimensional Dynamic Imaging in Materials Application is Possible after the Relocation of X-ray Imaging Beamline at SSRF
Supervised Texture-based Classification for 3DEM
Surface Roughness and Stress Hot Spots
SV3D: From 3D Interrogation to 3D Collaboration
Tales of the Abnormal: Grain Growth in Particle-containing Systems
The Effect of 3D Microstructure on Deformation-induced Martensitic Transformation in Austenitic Fe-Cr-Ni Alloys
The Isothermal Evolution of Nanoporous Gold (npg) from the Ring Perspective
The Links Between Internal Flaws and Failure in Additive Manufactured AlSi10Mg
The PRISMS-PF Open-source High-performance Framework for Phase-field Modeling and Its Application to Simulating 3D Microstructure Dynamics
The PRISMS Framework: An Integrated Open-source Multi-scale 3D Capability for Accelerated Predictive Materials Science
The State of High Energy Diffraction Microscopy: Analysis Pipelines and Uncertainty Quantification
Thermal Expansion of Ti-7Al Using High Energy X-ray Diffraction Microscopy
Three-dimensional Characterization and Modelling of Cyclic Deformation in Magnesium Alloys by High-energy X-ray Diffraction Microscopy
Three-dimensional Electron Backscatter Diffraction Analysis of Fatigue Crack Propagation in Steel
Three-dimensional Mathematical Schemes for Modeling of Microstructure Fragments
Three-dimensional Study of Twin Boundaries in Conventional and Grain Boundary Engineered 316L Stainless Steels
Three-dimensional Sub-grain Mapping of Lattice Strains and Orientations in Polycrystals
Time Evolution of Dislocations and Defects with Dark-field X-ray Microscopy
Toward Dynamic 3D Visualization of Dislocations by Electron Tomography
Towards Quantitative Modeling of Precipitate Morphology Evolution in Co-based Superalloys
Tribeam Tomography of a Novel CoNi-superalloy for Laser Additive Processing
Understanding the Influence of Porosity and Defects on Mechanical Behavior in Additive Manufactured 316L Stainless Steel Using In-situ X-ray Computed Tomography
Uniting the Grain-scale Micromechanical and Intragranular Microstructural Response of a Titanium Alloy during Deformation Using High Energy X-ray Diffraction
Using 3D Characterization to Reveal Complex Microstructures in Additively Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V
Using Distance Metrics to Evaluate 3D RVE Size for Micromechanics and Texture
Using In-situ High Energy X-ray Diffraction Microscopy to Elucidate the Driving Force for Failure in Polycrystalline Materials
X-ray Tomography and 3D X-ray Diffraction for Quantifying Particle Rearrangements in Granular Materials
In situ 3D Observation of Crack Initiation and Propagation in CFRP with Transmission X-ray Microscopy
Operando and Insitu Synchrotron Experiments Following Microstructural Evolutions

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