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Meeting 2024 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium 2024 Technical Division Student Poster Contest
Presentation Title SPG-76: Stabilization of Dendritic Copper Wick Structure through a Two-step Electrodeposition Process
Author(s) Jie-Hau Liao, Chien-Neng Liao
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Jie-Hau Liao
Abstract Scope Dendritic copper wicks are frequently utilized in boiling heat transfer applications due to their micro- and nano-scaled bimodal porous structure. The structural stability of the copper wicks is crucial in determining boiling performance. This work introduces a two-step electrodeposition to enhance the structural stability and adhesion strength of the dendritic copper films. Both constant-current and pulsed-current electrodeposition methods were employed. A capillary rate-of-rise method was used to evaluate the capillary performance (K/Reff) of the dendritic copper wicks, while the adhesion of the film was evaluated by the ASTM D3330 tape peel test. The two-step electrodeposition was found to be advantageous in improving both the structural integrity and adhesion of the dendritic copper films. The prepared Cu films showed a significant 30% improvement in adhesion according to the tape peel test results.
Proceedings Inclusion? Undecided
Keywords Surface Modification and Coatings, Copper / Nickel / Cobalt, Mechanical Properties


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SPG-32: Design and Tailoring of a Novel High-entropy Alloy for Additive Manufacturing
SPG-33: Development of a Low-cost Open-source Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) Machine
SPG-34: Effect of Fastener Hole Repair on High-strength Aluminum Alloy Plates via Additive Friction Stir Deposition
SPG-35: Effects of Liquid Nitrogen Cryogenic Cooling on Nickel Aluminum Bronze Weld Metal Microstructure Manufactured with Directed Energy Deposition Process
SPG-36: Electroplating Metal Powder for Cold Spray Application
SPG-38: Grain Interface Functional Design to Create Damage Resistance in Polycrystalline Metallic Materials
SPG-39: Impact on Microstructure and Densification of High and Low Heating Rates Sintering for Copper Modern Advanced Manufacturing
SPG-3: Enhancing Thiosulfate Stability and pH Control in Ammonium Thiosulfate Gold Leaching with Mg(OH)2
SPG-40: In Situ Correlative Transmission Electron Microscopy for Experimental Study of Grain Growth in Thin Films
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SPG-44: Multi-material Hybrid Manufacturing for Desired Composition, Tailored Properties and Complex Geometries
SPG-45: Multiscale Microstructure and Mechanical Characterization of Cu-Ni Alloys Produced through Hydrogel Infusion-based Additive Manufacturing (HIAM)
SPG-46: Multi-stimuli Integration in Alloy Design: Friction-assisted Processing of Al-Mg Alloys for High-performance Nano-composite Materials
SPG-47: Ni/Ga Ratio Effect on Cu-Cu TLP Bonding Process
SPG-48: Predicting Microstructure of Gas Atomized Reaction Synthesis 14YWT ODS Steel: A Thermodynamic Simulation Approach for Laser Powder Bed Fusion
SPG-49: Properties of Additive Friction Stir Deposition Aluminum 7075
SPG-4: Expanding the Study of Non-contact Modulation Calorimetry through Magnetohydrodynamic Modeling
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SPG-51: Recycling Titanium Feedstock Powders for Re-use in Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing
SPG-52: Rheological Effects of Nanoparticles on Epoxy with Implications for DIW
SPG-53: SolidStir Extrusion: An Innovative Friction Stir Based Extrusion Process
SPG-54: Tuning the Microstructure in the Direct Energy Deposited Metastable Beta Ti-5Al-5Mo-5V-3Cr Alloy for Aerospace Applications
SPG-55: Voronoi Tessellation Validation for Analysis of Microstructural Data from Sintered Porous Metal Structures
SPG-56: Wire-Arc Directed Energy Deposition (DED) of High-strength Low-alloy (HSLA) Steels for Replacement of Conventionally Manufactured HY-80
SPG-57: Anomalous ParticleFormation in eGaIn Exposed to Zinc Metal
SPG-58: Assessment of Strength-ductility Balance, Strain Hardening, and Fracture of Massive Ferrite in Ti-stabilized Interstitial-free Steel
SPG-59: Bonding Mechanisms between Steels and Mg Alloys having Different Composition using Ultrasonic Spot Welding
SPG-5: Kinetic Study on Deoxidation of Molten Copper by the Carbon Monoxide Gas Bubbling
SPG-60: Characteristics of Laser and Electron Beam Welds of Borated Stainless Steel for Neutron Absorbers and Structural Materials for Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel
SPG-61: Characterization of Microstructure Periodicity in Additively Manufactured Components Fabricated through Laser Powder Bed Fusion: An Analysis Based on Orientation Segmentation Image Analysis
SPG-62: Compositional and Structural Non-uniformity in Refractory High Entropy Alloys
SPG-64: Design of Novel Alloys via CALPHAD-based High Throughput Calculations
SPG-65: Effect of Compositional Changes on the Microstructure and Creep Resistance of High Entropy Superalloys
SPG-66: Fracture Toughness of Additively Manufactured Tungsten
SPG-67: High-temperature and High-pressure Water Chemical Wear Characteristics of Cobalt-free Reduced Activation Hard-facing Material for Light Water Reactor Valves
SPG-68: High Entropy NiTiHfZrCu Shape Memory Alloys; Transformation temperatures, Microstructure, and Mechanical Performance
SPG-69: Investigation of Fuel Chemical Cladding Interactions with UO2 and UN using Diffusion Couples
SPG-6: Phytomining for Rare Earth Elements: A Comparative Life Cycle Assessment
SPG-70: Investigation of the Microstructural Analysis in Dwell Fatigue Tested Ti-6246 Alloy
SPG-71: Mechanical Behavior of LLZO Solid Electrolytes: In Situ SEM Micropillar Compression and Ab Initio Insights
SPG-72: Microstructural Aspects and Mechanical Characterization of Laser Powder Bed Fusion Processed C103
SPG-74: Probing Structural and Compositional Heterogeneity in High Entropy Carbides: Impact of Cr Addition and Mechanical Stress
SPG-75: Simulations of the Effect of Temperature on Deformation Behavior of Small Metal Nanoparticles
SPG-76: Stabilization of Dendritic Copper Wick Structure through a Two-step Electrodeposition Process
SPG-77: Stress Fluctuations due to Random Interstitials in HCP Ti
SPG-78: Structure Evolution and Sn Redistribution Accompanying Zircaloy-4 Oxidation
SPG-79: Temperature Effects on Dealloying Behavior of Binary Ni-20Cr Alloy in Molten FLiNaK
SPG-7: Project Tethys: Extracting Water from the Martian Environment
SPG-80: Utilizing Machine Learning Techniques to Correlate Constituent Redistribution, Fission Gas Bubble Structures, and Thermal Conductivity Changes in Annular, Irradiated U-Zr Fuels
SPG-8: Recovery of Rhenium from Superalloy Swarf, Grindings, Turnings, and Scrap
SPG-9: Unraveling the Structural Dynamics of Cu6Sn5 Hexagonal Phase under Electrical Current Stressing
SPU-10: Entrapment of Volatile Organic Compounds in UiO-66 Metal-organic-framework: An Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Study
SPU-11: Exploring Biofiber Properties and their Influence on Critical Biocomposite Quality
SPU-13: Microstructure of Rapidly Solidified M2 High-Speed Steel by Multi-Beam Laser Melting
SPU-14: Open Cell Structure Volumetric Shrinkage in Additively Manufactured Alumina
SPU-15: Spark Plasma Sintering of Graphitic Matrix for TRISO Compact Fabrication
SPU-16: Synthesis of Spherical Uranium Dioxide Powder Feedstock for Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM)
SPU-17: The Internal Temperature Profile of a Pyrometallurgical Furnace from External Fiber Optic Measurements using Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS)
SPU-18: Studying the Effects of Aging on the Structure and Properties of Off-eutectic Pb-Sn Solder Joints for In-space Applications
SPU-19: The Novel Creation of Nanoporous Metal Oxides via the Oxidative Dealloying of Mo-alloys
SPU-20: Understanding and Protecting Refractory High Entropy Alloys from High Temperature Oxidation through Use of High Entropy Rare Earth Oxide Coatings
SPU-21: Using Bound Powder Extrusion for Multi-materials
SPU-2: Advanced Porous Scaffolding Design using Electrospun Nano/Microfibers for Tunable 2-dimensional Cell Culture Applications
SPU-4: Functionalization and Performance Evaluation of Lignin-derived Carbon Fibers as Supercapacitor Electrodes
SPU-5: Investigating the Correlation Between Tip-to-collector Distance and Electrical Current during Near-field Electrospinning Process
SPU-6: Optimization of VaspSol Solvation Free Energy Predictions
SPU-7: Effects of LPBF Parameters on Fatigue Life of AlSi10Mg Alloys
SPU-8: Additive Manufacturing of Carbon Steels via Direct Reduction of Oxide Precursor Inks and Gas Carburization

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