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Meeting MS&T23: Materials Science & Technology
Symposium Solid-state Optical Materials and Luminescence Properties
Presentation Title Fabrication and Optical Properties of Transparent Zinc Gallate Spinel Ceramics
Author(s) Sebastien Chenu
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Sebastien Chenu
Abstract Scope The development of transparent ceramic with new chemical compositions is very challenging for optical devices. AB2O4 spinel transparent ceramics have received much attention from academia and industry sectors and widespread concern from researchers in many different fields. Here, we report the elaboration of novel zinc gallate transparent spinel ceramics. The development of a suitable powder and appropriate conditions for powder densification are studied here. The transmittance in both visible and IR ranges is measured and discussed in light of the microstructure (crystals size, porosity, and grain boundaries thickness). By doping with metal transition ions such as Cr3+, these transparent ceramics can present both an intense red luminescence and a long-lasting luminescence arising from the entire sample volume during several minutes. With Ni2+, a broad IR emission centered at 1300nm is observed. The tunable emissions, excellent optical and thermomechanical properties make zinc gallate ceramics as promising candidates for laser emission sources.


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