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Meeting MS&T23: Materials Science & Technology
Symposium Solid-state Optical Materials and Luminescence Properties
Presentation Title Ultrafast Laser-induced Damage and Non-linear Optical Properties of Metal Thiophosphates
Author(s) Mohamed Yaseen Noor, Ryan Siebenallar, Aamir Mushtaq, Gulsum Kilic, Justin Twardowski, Conrad Kuz, Adam Fisher, Liam Clink, Michael A Susner, Enam Chowdhury
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Mohamed Yaseen Noor
Abstract Scope Recently, research in two-dimensional layered materials has rapidly expanded due to their potential applications in photonics and optoelectronics. Ultrafast laser-induced damage threshold and non-linear optical properties on a few metal thiophosphates (MTPs) families such as Cu0.33In1.3InP2S6, AgScP2S6, CuScP2S6 have been studied and reported here. The damage threshold of MTPs was studied using a 1Ám, 77fs laser pulse resulting in surface morphology change and damage. The damage threshold for 100,000 shots at one site is measured to be 0.8 Jcm-2 and 1.1 Jcm-2 for Cu0.33In1.3InP2S6 and AgScP2S6 respectively. The damage mechanism was found to be associated with localized non-thermal melting and ablation of the materials due to high-intensity laser pulse. The optical limiting performance of MTPs was also tested and they exhibited excellent limiting behavior at low fluence levels. Thus, MTPs can be used as potential candidates for optical limiting/switching materials, which can protect sensitive optical equipment from high-intensity laser pulses.


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