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Meeting MS&T23: Materials Science & Technology
Symposium Solid-state Optical Materials and Luminescence Properties
Presentation Title Study of Garnet Scintillating Single Crystal Fiber Grown by Laser Heated Pedestal Growth Method
Author(s) Xibin Wang, Anhua Wu, Junfeng Chen, Liangbi Su, Zhonghan Zhang, Huamin Kou, Xiang Li, Yun Dai, Zheng Zhang, Jiang Li
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Xibin Wang
Abstract Scope Own to its fine granularity and sub-millimeter position information, scintillating single crystal fibers (SSCFs) have great potential for various applications, such as electromagnetic calorimeters, positron emission tomography, and radiotherapy dosimetry. The garnet SSCFs has been prepared by laser heated pedestal growth method. And three methods were designed to investigate the light response uniformity of garnet SCCFs. The YAG:Ce SSCF has a high light yield of 26115 2000 photons/MeV, low energy resolution of 10% @662 keV. The scintillation light attenuation coefficient of the LuAG:Ce SSCF is 0.27 cm-1 induced by X-ray photons with single-end readout mode and about 0.29 cm-1 induced by gamma photons with dual-end readout mode. The Ce3+ ions self-absorption along the longitudinal light propagation process is one of main reasons for the scintillation light attenuation. Weakening the Ce3+ ions’ self-absorption effect is a possible way to improve the light response uniformity of the LuAG:Ce SSCF.


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