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Meeting 2023 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Beyond Apprenticeship: Navigating the Stages of Academia
Presentation Title Beyond Apprenticeship: Transforming Your Academic Jargon into Plain Language
Author(s) Marlit Hayslett, Phd
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Marlit Hayslett, Phd
Abstract Scope Additive manufacturing. Biomaterials. Rare metals. Thermodynamics. These terms may be part of your daily conversation, but many people have never heard them. Or if they have, they can’t tell you what they mean. While jargon has its merits (i.e. efficient communication with colleagues), it is a barrier to sharing research with audiences such as funding agencies, future students, or policymakers. You can manage jargon by using plain language. This relieves your reader or listener of the extra effort required to interpret unfamiliar terminology or process long sentences. This talk will reveal basic principles for converting your narrative (oral or written) into content that your audiences can easily process. Wondering whether this is a skill that could serve you? Yes! Plain language principles are key to successful grant proposals, executive summaries, policy memos, and other scholarly writing formats. Most of the principles will even make your academic writing stronger.
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