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Meeting 2023 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Beyond Apprenticeship: Navigating the Stages of Academia
Presentation Title Navigating Academia from Industry and a National Laboratory
Author(s) Bradley Howell Jared
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Bradley Howell Jared
Abstract Scope Arrival in a tenure track faculty position is frequently secured after graduate research and/or a post-doctoral appointment. My journey, however, is less conventional and spans positions within an industrial research center, a manufacturing development organization, and a DOE national laboratory. My experience provided numerous benefits including real-world problem solving, applied research with tangible impact, honing of project management skills, broad technical exposure, business development preparation, and a diverse network. Challenges in the “road less travelled”, however, include minor bumps, ex. neglected math skills, important adjustments, ex. performing research with an inexperienced workforce, and major changes, ex. “starting over” in securing technical and financial resources for research. The impact of this path will be discussed, highlighting the advantages of academic freedom and the transitions necessary in research, teaching and service. Finally, valuable successes and missteps will be shared in anticipation of their utility to provide guidance and encouragement for others.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned:


A Field Guide for Becoming an Assistant Professor
Additive Manufacturing across Organizations: A perspective on Academia, Companies, and Research Institutes
Beyond Apprenticeship: How to “Know” Your Audience
Beyond Apprenticeship: Transforming Your Academic Jargon into Plain Language
Comparing Leadership Perspectives at a National Laboratory and a University: Transition to Academia
Engagement with DoD Program Managers
Mental Health of a Diverse and Inclusive Academic Community
Navigating Academia from Industry and a National Laboratory
Navigating the Proposal Process at the National Science Foundation
Research Integrity Investigations at the NSF Office of Inspector General
The Early Days of Faculty Life: Balancing the Tripod

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