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About this Symposium
Meeting 2024 Annual International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium (SFF Symp 2024)
Symposium 2024 Annual International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium (SFF Symp 2024)
Organizer(s) Joseph J. Beaman, University of Texas at Austin
Scope The 35th Annual International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium will be held August 11-14, 2024. The meeting is scheduled to run three full days, starting at approximately 8:00 a.m. CT on Monday and ending at approximately 5 p.m. CT on Wednesday.

Abstract Submission Extended Deadline: May 6, 2024
Special Notice: (Portal will remain open until Monday, May 13, 2024)

Topic areas for this conference include:
Applications: Biomedical
Applications: General (Focus on end-use parts and function including surface finish and distortion)
Applications: Lattices and Cellular
Applications: Residual Stress
Applications: Topology Optimization
Materials: Ceramics, Glasses
Materials: Composites
Materials: Metals
Materials: Other
Materials: Polymers
Modeling (CAD, scan patterns, contouring, slicing, etc.)
Modeling: Physical (Thermal, materials, microstructure, etc.)
Process Development (Focus on the fabricator: hardware, monitoring, controls, novel processes)
Other (Education, economics, AM infrastructure, future of AM, etc.)
Special Session: Big Data Analytics
Special Session: Defense Manufacturing
Special Session: Feedforward and Feedback Control in AM
Special Session: Metal Jetting and Droplet Deposition Processes
Special Session: Multi-Axis and Robotic-Enabled Additive Manufacturing
Special Session: Wire-Fed AM

*(Additional Special Session(s) topics will also be entertained - please contact the organizers)

Abstracts Due 05/13/2024
Proceedings Plan Definite: Post-meeting proceedings

3D-printing Shapes Out of a Vertical Liquid-film Via Continuous Photo-polymerization
3D Printed Cellular Structures for Sound Absorption Applications
3D Printing Tris 2-Isocyanurate Triacrylate with Cyanate Ester Resins for Interpenetrating Networks to Enhance Thermo-mechanical Properties
4D Printed Actuation with Spatially-varying Lattices
A Data Analytics Approach to Fatigue Crack Initiation Site Prediction in Cellular Materials using Thermography
A Data Based Approach to Fault Detection and Part Qualification in Wire-arc Additive Manufacturing
A Design and Additive Manufacturing Framework for Voxel-based, Multi-material, Thick-folding Origami
A Design for Additive Manufacturing Framework for Compliant Constant Force Mechanisms
A Digital Exploration of the Mechanical Property Space of Self-stabilizing Dynamic Printable Foams
A Fast Data-driven Residual Stress Prediction for Laser Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing Based on the Modified Inherent Strain Method
A Fast Data-driven Residual Stress Prediction for Laser Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing Based on the Modified Inherent Strain Method
A Framework for Computer Aided Process Planning of Multi Axis Deposition During Repair of Mechanical Components Through Robotic Wire Based Directed Energy Deposition
A Hybrid Aerosol Jet, Ultrasonic Spray, and Electrodeposition Approach for Additively Manufacturing Multi-layer Transformers on Magnetic Substrates
A Mechanical Test Artifact for Determining Relative As-built Fracture Toughness in Laser Powder Bed Fusion
A Novel Metal Deposition Technique for Embedding Fiber Optic Sensors in Metal Components
A Novel Surrogate Model for Scanwise Detailed Process Simulations in Large-scale LPBF Processes
A Post Processing Technique to Achieve Nanofinishing and Biocompatibility Enhancement of Ti-6Al-4V Femoral Head Fabricated by Laser Powder Bed Fusion
A Print-planning Technique using Edge-weights to Align Toolpaths to Vector Fields
A Review of the Ceramic Reinforced Ni-based Superalloys
A Surrogate Model for Capturing the Relationship between Physics-based Process Model Parameters and Interpass Temperature History in Laser Powder Bed Fusion Parts
A Three-dimensional Semi-analytical Thermo-elastic-plastic Model for Real-time In-situ Prediction of Residual Stress in Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Accelerated Recyclability Assessment of 316L using Laser Powder Bed Fusion and Ultrasonic Atomisation in a Revert Loop
Accurate In-situ Detection of Localized Porosity in LPBF using Infrared Camera
Achieving Consistent Microstructure through Feedforward Temperature Control in Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Adapting Sheet Lamination for Automated Fabrication of Origami-inspired Deployable Mechanisms
Additive Manufacturing Beyond the Gaussian Beam: Insights from Microstructure-based Modeling Studies
Additive Manufacturing Can Help Answer Structure-function Questions in Biology
Additive Manufacturing in Industry – In-House or Outsource?
Additive Manufacturing of a Deployable Monolithic Camera Cover for Planetary Exploration
Additive Manufacturing of Carbon Nanotubes Infused Multi-materials and their Mechanical Characterization
Additive Manufacturing of Conformal Carbon Fiber Composite Skins On Non-planar Surfaces
Additive Manufacturing of Oxide and Non-oxide Ceramics for Functional and Structural Applications
Additive Manufacturing Thermoforming
Advanced Manufacturing of Structural Lithium-ion Batteries
Advanced Micro-fabrication for Radiative Property Characterization of Porous Packed Beds Using Two-photon Polymerization(TPP) Technique
Advancements in Modeling Techniques for High-rate Deposition in Metal Additive Manufacturing: A Review
Advancing Manufacturing Efficiency: Electroforming Nickel onto 3D-printed Die Plates for Rapid Injection Molding
Aerosol Jet Printing and Characterization of Mechanical Strain Gauges
Algorithm to Generate Toolpaths for Printing on Non-developable Surfaces
Aluminum Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing Weld Parameters and Path Improvement
America's Additive Foundry Consortium: Enabling High Deposition Rate Metal Additive Manufacturing to Secure U.S. Supply of Tactical Alloys
AMUI: A Data-driven Additive Manufacturing User Interface for Process Optimization
An Acoustic-based Witness Coupon Methodology
An Automated Vat Photopolymerization Process for Composite Parts with Multiple Spatially Steered Continuous Fibers
An Evaluation of Interpass Temperature Control in Arc-DED for Distortion Mitigation using Finite Element Thermomechanical Modeling
An In-situ Eddy Current Diagnostic for Monitoring Sub-surface Temperature during Metal Additive Manufacturing
An Interpolative Slicing Algorithm for Continuously Graded Stiffness in Viscous Thread Printed Foams
An Investigation of Plastic Deformation of Periodic Cellular Structures Based on Analytical Modeling
Analytical Prediction of Texture of Multi-phase Material in Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Application Driven: Process for Rapidly Fabricating Large 3D Printed Solid Parts
Application of Solid Freeform Fabrication for Manufacturing and Prototyping of a Reconfigurable CubeSat for Ease of Assembly, Testing and Experimentation
Application of Solid Freeform Fabrication for using Low-cost Reconfigurable Items to Develop Actively Steered Mobile Robot Platform to Experiment with Advanced Vision and ML Based Experiments
Applying Generative Deep Learning Models for Cost-Effective Monitoring and Simulation of LPBF Processes
Assessing Structural Performance of Uniform, Graded, and Multi-Lattice AM Components Under Compression
Automated Design of Optimal Plate Lattice Structures Enabled by Machine Learning
Ballistic Performance Predictions of As-built Additively Manufactured Stainless Steel
Bead-weaved Layered Prints for Improved Interlayer Adhesion in Additive Manufacturing
Benchmarking the Current State of Lattice Design Software for Additive Manufacturing
Bi-material 3D-printing to Realize Highly Efficient Negative-stiffness Compliant Lattices
Blue Laser Powder-blown Directed Energy Deposition of Niobium
Capturing 3D Temperature and Strain Fields using OBR Based Sensing in Additively Manufactured Parts
Carbon Fiber Composite Plate Lattice Structures With Unbound Infill
Cellular Fluidics: Directing Flow of Liquids and Gases using Lattices
Challenges in Additive Manufacturing and Characterization of DLP for Optical Applications
Characterization of 3D Printed and Wire Embedded Thermoplastic Composite Structures
Characterization of the Tensile Behavior of Single and Multi-strut Ti64 Fabricated via Laser Powder-bed Fusion
Characterizing the use of Low-cost Steelmaking Feedstocks for Refining ElectroSlag Additive Manufacturing (RESAM)
CIFEM: Elucidating the Role of Local Thermal Environment on Multi-Track Melt Pool Morphology Variation for Inconel 718 Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Co-bonded Continuous Carbon Fiber Thermoset Composite Coatings for Durable Additively Manufactured Thermoset-thermoplastic Composite Tooling
Comparative Analysis of Mechanical and Electrical Properties of 3D Printed Functionally Graded Carbon Nanotube-reinforced Materials
Component Level Comparison of On-machine Measurement to X-ray Computed Tomography of Octet Truss Lattices
Compression-twist Behavior of Additively Manufactured 3D Chiral Metamaterial
Compressive Strength of 3D Printed 17-4 PH Honeycomb Structure
Computational Fluid Dynamics and Experimental Study of Converging-diverging Nozzle in Aerosol Jet Printing
Conceptual Design for 4D Additive Manufacturing
Confined Direct Two-phase Jet Impingement Cooling with Topology Optimized Surface Engineering and Phase Separation Using Additive Manufacturing
Confined Direct Two-phase Jet Impingement Cooling with Topology Optimized Surface Engineering and Phase Separation Using Additive Manufacturing
Conformal Metal Additive Manufacturing Via Multi-axis Molten Metal Jetting
Connecting Defect Formation to Manufacturing Parameters and Process Emissions in DED-Arc
Continuous Wire Embedded 3D Printed Sorbent Structures
Control of Selective Laser Flash Sintering of Ceramics using an AC Electric Field
Controlled Distribution of Composition within Extrusions as Enabled by an Active-mixing Hotend
Controlling AM Microstructures through In-situ Laser Annealing and Rapid Post-processing Optimization
Controlling Multi-track Melt Pool Size Variation Based on Local Thermal Environment for Inconel 718 Laser Powder Bed Fusion via Data-driven Approaches
Cooperative Hybrid 3D Printing with Gel Molding and Resin Injection Infill
Correlating Layer-wise Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process Data
Correlation of Surface Topography with Fatigue Life and Failure Location in Additively Manufactured AlSi10Mg via Computed Tomography
Crack Growth and Fatigue-life Predictions for Ti-6Al-4V Fabricated via Laser Directed Energy Deposition
Criteria-based Evaluation of Multi-lattice Structure Design Methods
Crystallographic Analysis of Helicoidal Microstructure Under Compression in Additively Manufactured SS316L
Custom Cathode Optimization for Electropolishing Additively Manufactured 316L Stainless Steel
Data Driven and High Fidelity Modeling Approaches to Advance Understanding and TRL Level of 3D Printing
Decision-making Framework for Designing Lower-limb Prosthetics with Additive Manufacturing Constraints
Deep Learning Based Prediction of Thermal History During the Laser-based Powder Bed Fusion (PBF-LB) Additive Manufacturing Process
Defect-free Ceramic Hybrid-AM using Intelligent Layer Reworking
Demonstration of a Wire-arc DED Process Optimization Framework
Demonstration of Numerical Optimal Control for Multiple Fusion-based Additive Manufacturing Processes
Design and Additive Manufacturing Micro-lattice Structures for Mechanical Metamaterials
Design and Additive Manufacturing of Compliant Door-latch Mechanism Based on Reinforcement Learning
Design and Fabrication of a Multi-directional Aerial 3D Printer
Design and Fabrication of Multi-material Plate Lattice Structures Using Fused Filament Fabrication Technique
Design for Metal Powder Bed Fusion: Exploring Print Time and Cost Impacts of Lattice Structures
Design Guidelines for Material Extrusion Based Additive Manufacturing: Generation of Rules for Ceramics and Comparison to Polymer Standards
Design Inputs for Fused Filament Fabricated Non-pneumatic Tires
Design of 3D Printed Concrete Structures and Their Resilience to High Energy Blast Loading
Design of a Convergent Electroslag Additive Manufacturing (ESAM) System
Design of a Heated Build Plate for Printing Refractory Alloys using Powder Bed Fusion
Design of a Novel TZM Alloy Tool for use in the Additive Friction Stir Deposition of 7XXX Series Aluminum Alloys
Design of an Electromagnetic Tool Changer for use in Ceramic Hybrid Additive Manufacture
Design of Pneumatic Soft Actuators for Fabrication with High-viscosity Vat Photopolymerization
Design Strategies for a Wire Arc Additive Manufactured Hip Impeller Using a Multi-robot WAAM System
Design, 3D Printing and Application of Lattice-based Degradable Metal Implants for Bone Regeneration in Load-bearing Bone Defects
Design, Additive Manufacturing, and Evaluation of a Novel Flexible Pedicle Screw for Robotic Fixation of an Osteoporotic Vertebra
Detecting Residual Powder in Additively Manufactured Parts via Impedance Measurements
Detection of Humping and Porosity Flaws in Wire Arc Directed Energy Deposition using In-situ Meltpool Imaging
Determination of Optimal Beam Shapes in Laser Powder Based Fusion of Metals -Verification and Validation
Determining Grain Size and Hardness in Laser Powder Bed Fusion Materials from Simulated Cooling Rates via Thermal Process Simulation
Determining Grain Size and Hardness in Laser Powder Bed Fusion Materials from Simulated Cooling Rates via Thermal Process Simulation
Developing a Comprehensive Printability Window for Reliable Molten Metal Droplet-on-demand Manufacturing
Developing a Practical In-situ AM Process Monitoring Framework to Reduce Qualification Burdens
Developing User Input Error Tracking For Material Extrusion Additive Manufacturing
Development and Characterization of Rigid Polyester Blends for 4D Printing
Development and Optimization of Additively Manufactured Inconel 718 Thin Walls Printed via Laser Powder Bed Fusion with a Roller Recoater and Fine Powder
Development of a Contact Tip to Work Distance and Interpass Temperature Control System for Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing
Development of a Geometrically Based Methodology for Local Process Control in Powder Bed Fusion
Development of a Large-scale Hybrid Manufacturing Platform for Advanced Toolpath and Parametric Control
Development of a Low-viscosity, UV-curable PDMS Formulation for Vat Photopolymerization
Development of a Low Inertia Quick Dispenser for Delivery of Heterogeneous, Graded-biomaterial using Voice-coil
Development of a Powder Delivery Control Model for Precise Multimaterial Deposition via Laser Directed Energy Deposition
Development of a Testing Platform for High-viscosity Photopolymers
Development of an In-situ Laser Calibration Method for Multi-laser Powder Bed fusion Additive Manufacturing System
Development of an Open-source High-temperature FDM 3D Printer for High-performance Thermoplastic Materials
Development of Lithium-based Solid-state Electrolytes using Direct-ink Write Process
Development of Powder Density Control L-PBF Methods for Tungsten Powder
Development of Universal Gating System Tool for Sand Casting Industry
Differences in Post-processing Techniques
Digital Light Processing of Solid Polymer Electrolyte for Lithium-ion Batteries
Direct Writing of Cu Film on Flexible Substrate Under Ambient Environment
Directed Energy Deposition for Dispersion-strengthening of Alloys
Dissimilar Metal Bonding Using Molten Metal Jetting (MMJ)
Dual-laser L-PBF Microstructural Tuning via Physics-based Feedforward Control
Effect of Aging on the Mechanical Properties of Methacrylate 3D Printed Parts
Effect of Heat Treatment on the Micro-/Defect-structure and Mechanical Behavior of Additively Manufactured Alf357 Aluminum Alloy
Effect of Heat Treatment on the Micro-/Defect-structure and Tensile Behavior of Additively Manufactured A6061-RAM2 Aluminum Alloy
Effect of laser scanning speed and power on the underlying microstructure of SS316L manufactured using laser powder bed fusion
Effect of Part Thermal History on Microstructural Evolution and Mechanical Properties in Stainless Steel 316L Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Effect of Particle Morphology on Thixotropicity of SiC Colloidal Gel for Direct-Write Additive Manufacturing
Effect of Pre- and Post-Contouring Strategies on the Sloped Downskin Surfaces of Laser Powder-Bed Fusion Parts.
Effect of process parameters on the properties of IN718 prepared by laser powder-bed fusion
Effect of Processing Conditions on the Background Signal in Acoustic Monitoring in Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Effect of Thermal History on the Crack Propagation Rates in PA and PA/CF Samples prepared via Material Extusion Additive Manufacturing
Effect of two different point-based melt scanning strategies on the microstructure of as-built IN718 parts fabricated via EB-PBF System
Effects of Multi-laser Stitching Process Parameters in LPBF Manufactured Inconel 718
Effects of Powder Characteristics of Different Alloy Powders on Part Quality in Area Printing®
Effects of Process Parameters and Print Orientation on the Manufacturability and Fluid Wicking Performance of Additively Manufactured Inconel 718 Wicks For Heat Pipes
Effects of SiC Reinforced Particles on Melt Pool Dynamics and Porosity Formation in Directed Energy Deposition of SS 316L Metal Matrix Composites
EHLA: Introducing High-speed Directed Energy Deposition
Electroslag Additive Manufacturing (ESAM) of Inconel 625
Elucidating the Role of Local Thermal Environment on Multi-track Melt Pool Morphology Variation for Inconel 718 Laser Powder Bed Fusion via CIFEM
Embedding Sensor Components into Metal Parts via Additive Friction Stir Deposition
Emission Plume Dynamics During Laser Scanning of TiAl6V4
Enhanced Energy Absorption for Fiber Laser Powder Bed Fusion of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)
Enhancing Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of 7075 Aluminum Walls Using a Hybrid Wire-arc Directed Energy Deposition and Friction Stir Process
Enhancing Predictive Accuracy in Thermal Modeling of Refractory Alloys: A Bayesian Approach Integrating Analytical Models and Experimental Data
Enhancing Stability and Quality in Laser-wire Directed Energy Deposition Through Dual-control Algorithms
Enhancing Standards Education in Additive Manufacturing and Robotics: A Systematic Approach and Curriculum Integration
Enhancing Surface Quality in Powder Bed Fusion of 316SS via Shot Peening
Enhancing the Mechanical Properties of Additively Manufactured Carbon Nanotube Integrated Components: A Simulation-based Approach
Enhancing Thermal Management in Heat Sinks with Generative Design, Ferrofluids and Additive Manufacturing
Establishing a Crowdsourcing-based Data Collection Tool to Identify Sources of Build Failure in Novice AM Designs
Establishing a Pipeline for the Scanning, Editing, and Full-color Additive Manufacturing of Cadavers for Anatomy Training
Evaluating the Impact of Printing Technology and Parameters on the Accuracy of Canine Maxillectomy Cutting Guides Produced by Additive Manufacturing
Evaluation of In-situ Monitoring Data with Non-destructive Evaluation for Laser-wire DED Ti6Al4V
Evaluation of Sources and Effects of Process Dynamics in Directed Energy Deposition
Evaluation of the Effects of Machining Methods on Fatigue Life and Surface Quality of L-PBF Ti-6Al-4V Parts
Evolution of Porosity in Additively Manufactured Stainless Steel 316L Dog Bone Specimens Under Tension: An X-Ray Computed Tomography Study
Experimental and Computational Investigation in the Resonant Vibration of 3D-printed PLA Thin Rectangular Plates
Experimental Characterization of Additively Manufactured Topologically Interlocked Tessellations
Experimental Characterization of the Compression-compression Fatigue Performance in Flexible 3D Printed Honeycombs
Experimental Insights into Dynamic Behaviour Composite Lattice Structures
Exploring Convergent Manufacturing Pathways For 316L Hot Isostatically Pressed Parts
Exploring Desirable Futures in Additive Manufacturing through Psychological Needs and PESTEL Analysis
Exploring Effects of Part Geometry of PBF-LB Bismuth Telluride Parts with In-situ Process Monitoring
Exploring Machine Learning Classification of Porosity from Infrared Signatures During Laser-powder Bed Fusion
Exploring the Impact of Pre- and Post-heating on Residual Stresses in Laser-directed Energy Deposition: A Numerical Investigation
Exploring the Influence of Geometrical Features on Mechanical Property Variation in LPBF Parts Through Simulation
Exploring Toolpath Strategies in Wire-arc Directed Energy Deposition for Enhanced Material Properties in Inconel 625
Exploring Trace Geometry on Angular Surfaces with Drone-based 3D Printing
Extending Beyond Gantry Direct Ink Write Printing Using Robotics
Extrapolation of Upskin and Downskin Surface Roughness Using 3D Simulated Data for Laser Powder-bed Fabrication of Ti64
Fabrication of Elastomeric Shape-Stabilized Phase Change Materials through Vat Photopolymerization
Fabrication of Zr-Based Bulk Metallic Glass from Crystalline Foil using Laser Foil Printing Process
Fatigue Performance of Recyclable Additively Manufactured Fiber-Reinforced Composites Internal Shell Structures for Wind Blades
Feasibility Analyses of Distributed Digital Factories Integrating Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing: A Case Study
Feedforward Temperature Control in Laser Powder Bed Fusion to Reduce Build Failures and Achieve Consistent Microstructure
Finite Element Analysis for Sintering of Binder-Jetted SS316L Parts
Fluid Interface Supported Stereolithography
Four-Dimensional Printing of Reconfigurable and Programmable Polymer-Derived Ceramics
Front Assaulting an Impregnable Monge-Ampere Strong Explicit Solution for Non-Axially ‎Symmetrical Freeform Surfaces with Prescribed Bivariate Curvature Tensor Extending Over a ‎Aomplete R3 Riemann Sphere .‎ Patching Previously Thought “Unpatchibles” and Dissecting Defective “Smooth” Bezier Patches
Fully Registered Overhang X4 Data from Additive Manufacturing Metrology Testbed (AMMT): Multi-Sensor Datasets Integration
Functional Gradients in the Ti-Ta-Nb System
Functional Nanomaterial Inks for 3D-Printed Electronics via a Scalable Continuous-Flow Synthesis Method
Functionally Graded Refractory High Entropy Alloys Fabricated with Directed Energy Deposition for Alloy Development
Functionally Graded Toolpaths: Dynamic Process Parameter Control with OpenVCAD
Fundamental Path Optimization Strategies for Extrusion-Based Additive Manufacturing
Further Developments of a Novel Low Cost Material Jetting Platform for 3D Printing
GAN-Based High-Throughput Single Track Characterization to Reduce Variability and Experimental Costs in Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Generative AI for AM Materials Optimization and Design
Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) Prompt Engineering for Additive Manufacturing (AM)
GMP300 - Influence of Process Parameters on Material Properties
Gradient Segmentation of In-Situ Infrared Images for Porosity Detection in Electron Beam Powder Bed Fusion
Granulation of Fine Eggshell Powder into Granules for Binder Jetting Additive Manufacturing of Carbon-Capture Components
Graph Methods for Alloy Informatics and Multi-Material Design
GRATER: The Graph Theory Based Slicer
Greyscale DLP-Engineered Spatiotemporal Hydrogel Scaffolds
Harnessing the Synergy of Reverse Engineering and 3D Printing for Effective Reconstruction and Replacement of an Obsolete Damaged Spare Part: A Comparative Analysis of Dimensional Geometry
High-Fidelity Modeling of Multi-Component/Material Additive Manufacturing with Chemical Reactions
High-Speed Imaging Investigation and Process Mapping of the Plume Behavior in Laser Powder Bed Fusion
High Deposition Rate Process Development for Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing - 100lb/h
High Precision In-Situ Alignment Procedure in Dual Laser Powder Bed Fusion for Congruent Laser Operation
High Strength Magnesium Alloy Parts Fabricated by Laser-Foil-Printing Process
High Temperature 3D Printing of Polyamide Magnetic Composites
High Temperature Thermal Conductivity Measurement using Two-Color Thermal Imaging
Highly Productive Multi-Material Laser Wire DED
Hot Isostatic Pressure Study of Microstructure on Electron Beam Melting Tungsten
Hybrid Additive Manufacturing of Technical Ceramics
Hybrid Directed Energy Deposition of Geometrically-Complex Pressure Vessels for Advanced HIP Canning and Digitally-Driven Powder Metallurgy
Hybrid LP-DED for Thin Components
Hybrid Manufacturing of Glass using Femtosecond Machining and Digital Glass Forming
Hydrogen Embrittlement Relaxation of Stainless Steel via Powder Metallurgy Manufacturing Technology
Identification and Reduction of Disturbance Factors in the Acoustic Process Monitoring of the PBF-LB for Quality Assurance
Impact of Electron Beam Power and Scanning Speed on Microstructural Properties of Copper Alloy GRCop-42 for Extreme Environment Applications
Impact of Weld-Bead Profile Approximations on Thermal Finite Element Analysis for Wire-Arc Directed Energy Deposition
Implementation of Tool Shifts for 410 NiMo Overhang Structures in Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM)
Improve Frames´ Crash-Worthiness with AlSi10Mg Reinforcement Structures by DED-LB/P
Improved Design of Wings Built with Material Extrusion
Improvement of the Aging Resistance of a Polyamide 66 Material for use in the Laser-based Powder Bed Fusion Process
Improving Additive Manufacturing with AI-Powered Robots
Improving Binder Jetting Part Strength via a Binder Infill Strategy Guided by Topology Optimization
Improving Lattice-based Acoustic Liner Model Accuracy via Part Characterization and Experimental Validation
Improving the Mechanical Properties of Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D Printed Polypropylene/ Carbon Fiber Parts
In-Situ Beamline Characterization of LPBF using a Systems Engineering Approach
In-Situ Laser Powder Bed Fusion: Real-Time Assessment of Residual Stress through Thermal Gradient Analysis
In-Situ Layer-Wise Generation of 3D Thermal Point Clouds for AM via Embedded 3D Scanning and Thermal Data Fusion
In-Situ Layer Temperature Monitoring Enabled by Machine Vision
In-Situ Melt Pool Monitoring to Optimize Laser Powder Bed Fusion of Scalmalloy®
In-Situ Photodiode Collection and Trends Across Feed Forward Parts
In-Situ Powder Assessment by Frequency-Domain Thermal Response
In-Situ Powder Assessment by Frequency-Domain Thermal Response
In-Situ Sensor Monitoring for Defect Prediction during Metal 3D-Printing of Aluminum Alloy using Convolutional Neural Networks
In-Situ Ultra-Fast Laser Processing in LPBF for Surface Quality Improvement and Defect Removal
Industrial Targets for High Productivity AM, Progress and Next Steps
Influence of Interlayer Mechanical Work on Microstructure and Mechanical Performance of Super Duplex Stainless Steel Deposited using Wire Direct Energy Deposition Process
Influence of Layer Pitch Expansion for PBF-LB/P Efficiency Improvement on Part Strength
Influence of Light Intensity and Exposure Time on Cure Depth and Overpolymerization in Ceramic Vat Photopolymerization
Influence of Novel Space Filling PBF-LB Scan Strategies on Part Distortion and Density
Influence of Powder Particle Size Distributions on Surface Topography of Polymer Laser Powder Bed Fusion Parts
Influence of Scanning Strategy on the Microstructure and the Mechanical Properties of AlSi10Mg Parts Fabricated via LPBF
Influence of Testing Method on Fatigue Performance of PBF-LB 316L Stainless Steel with As-Built Surfaces
Influencing Residual Stress in PBF-LB/M Processes through In-Process Microstructure Assessment and Selective Laser Heat Treatment
Innovative Approaches to Fabricate Terahertz Optics with Additive Manufacturing: Manufacture and THz Characterisation of a Silica-Filled Photopolymer
Insights on Multi-Extrusion Filament Fabrication: Exploring the Impact of Seam Overlap and Ironing Process
Integrating Automated Assembly and 3D Printing for the Manufacture of Miniature Pipe Inspection Robots
Integrating In-Situ Sensing for Adaptive Control of Powder Deposition to Advance Remanufacturing Processes
Integrating Process Data in Motion for Additive Manufacturing Industrialization
Integrating Reverse Engineering and 3D Printing for Mechanical Component Reconstruction: A Flange Case Study in Overcoming Challenges
Interlayer Fracture of Large Area Additive Manufactured Short Fiber Composites
Inverse Generation of Metamaterial using Graph Neural Network
Investigating Deviations from NAVSEA LPBF Qual-Cert Requirements on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of 316L Stainless Steel Components
Investigating the Effect of Workpiece Shape on Thermal History and Coating Properties in High-Speed Coatings using Laser Directed Energy Deposition
Investigating the Impact of Decontamination on Recycled Polymer Viability in Additive Manufacturing
Investigating Wicking Structures for Haynes230-RAM Heat Pipes
Investigation of Material Interface Effect of Cellular Mechanical Interface in a Bi-Material Interlocking Structure for Additive Manufacturing
Investigation of Process Parameters to Fabricate TiWMo Refractory Medium Entropy Alloy via Selective Laser Melting on Different Substrate Materials
Investigation of the Effective Anisotropy for the Triply Periodic Minimal Surface Lattice and Sturt-based Lattice under Varying Orientation
Iterative Learning for Efficient Additive Mass Production
Large-Scale, Conveyor Belt-Assisted Robotic Additive Manufacturing: System Design and Toolpath Planning
Lase Directed Energy Deposition of Multi-Material: Inconel 625 - GRCop42
Laser-Powder Bed Fusion Processing Effects on Microstructural Texture in Nickel Superalloy
Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for Chemistry and Composition Monitoring of Laser Powder Bed Fusion Processing
Laser Powder Bed Fusion Copper: Post-Processing, Structure, Property Relationships
Laser Powder Bed Fusion of High-Strength Aluminum Matrix Composites
Laser Powder Bed Fusion of Nickel Aluminum Bronze in Nitrogen Environment
Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process Feedback Control based on In-Situ Powder Layer Thickness
Laser Powder Bed Fusion & Analytical Modeling; Boundary Heat Transfer & 3D Temperature Prediction; Texture & Multi-Phase Materials
Laser Speckle Photometry for Residual Stress Diagnosis of Laser Powder Bed Fusion Processing
Laser Tempering for Hybrid Additive Manufacturing
Lights-Out Hybrid Additive-Subtractive Manufacturing of Ti-6Al-4V using Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Local Porosity Detection in LPBF Manufactured Aluminum Parts by In-Situ Multi-Sensor Monitoring
Location-Specific Engineered Microstructure using Interpenetrating Lattices in Laser Powder-Bed Fusion
Low-Cost Calibration Plate for Enhanced In-Situ Monitoring in Laser-Powder Bed Fusion (L-PBF)
Low-Cost Melt Pool Monitoring in Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing
Lower Cost Tensile Specimen for Additively Manufactured Lattice Structures
Machine-Learning Assisted Prediction of Surface Roughness in Powder Bed Fusion Process with Inconel Super Alloy
Machine Design and Process Development of Volumetric Polymer Powder Bed Fusion by Radio Frequency Additive Manufacturing (RFAM)
Machining PBF-L SMAs to Improve Geometrical Accuracy and Surface Quality
Magnetic Properties of Binder-Jetted Soft Magnetic Toroidal Inductor
Manufacturability-Driven Inverse Design of Architected Soft Materials using Multi-Modulus Chemistry
Manuscript Test Abstract
Material Extrusion Additive Manufacturing Molds for Thermoset Composites
Measurement Apparatus for Determining the Reflected, Absorbed, and Transmitted Energy during a Low Strain Rate Impact Event
Measuring Temperature during AC Selective Laser Flash Sintering
Measuring Thermomechanical Response of Large-Format Printed Polymer Composite Structures via Digital Image Correlation
Mechanical Performance of Lattice Structures Fabricated via Burst-Mode Drop-on-Demand Molten Metal Jetting (DoD MMJ)
Melt Pool Depth Contour Prediction from Surface Thermal Images with Transformer Models
Melt Pool Temperature Measurement Across Multiple Metal AM Processes through Application of Two-Color Thermal Imaging
Melt Pool Thermal Imaging on Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing using the Two-Color Method with a Commercial Color Camera
Melt Track Formation Process with a Constant Linear Energy Density in Laser Powder Bed Fusion Revealed by In-situ X-Ray Imaging and Temperature Measurement
Microstructural and Mechanical Heterogeneity Observed in Additive Friction Stir Deposition Ti-6Al-4V
Microstructure-Informed Thermal-Mechanical Simulation of Multi-Bead Structures for Large Area Additive Manufacturing Polymer Composite Extrusion/Deposition
Microstructure and Crack Propagation in IN718 Samples Fabricated by Laser Powder-Bed Fusion
Microstructure Prediction in Laser Powder Bed Fusion using Heterogeneous Sensing, Process Modeling, and Machine Learning
Microstructure, Mechanical Properties, and Oxidation Resistance of NiCoCrAlFe High Entropy Alloy Manufactured via Laser Directed Energy Deposition
Minimizing Drying Defects for Large-Scale Parts Fabricated by Ceramic On-Demand Extrusion
Minimizing Large Distortions in Binder Jetted Parts via Accurate Modeling and Compensation
Mitigating Distortion Challenges in Additively Manufactured Metallic Parts
Mitigating Overspray in Aerosol Jet Printing: A Deep Learning Approach for Process Optimization
Mixed Polymer Blend Composites Reinforced with Graphene Oxide for 3D Printing
Model-based Production Control for Metal Additive Manufacturing
Model Based Control of Fused Powder 3D Printing
Modeling of Laser Stirring Scan Strategy in LPBF for High-Throughput Applications
Modeling the Effect of Thermal Contact Resistance on Mechanical Properties in Fused Filament Fabrication
Mold Design using Binder-Jetted Sand for Aluminum Casting
Molten Metal Jetting for Repairing Aluminum Components
Molten Metal Jetting of Copper and Silver Electronic Traces
Molten Metal Jetting (MMJ) A356 and 6061 Heat Treatment, Tensile Properties, and Fracture
Monolithic Glass Forming using Laser Heated Sculpting
More Efficient Lattice Testing using an Optimal Design of Experiments Approach
Multi-Axis Fused Deposition Modeling
Multi-Axis Routing of Syringe Deposited Conductive Traces over Topology-Optimized Multi-functional Structures
Multi-Axis Wire-Arc Directed Energy Deposition of a Topology Optimized Aircraft Component
Multi-Laser Powder Bed Fusion of Cu10Sn Using Low-Power 450 nm Diode Lasers
Multi-Layer Temperature History Prediction during DED Process with Physics-Informed Neural Network
Multi-Material Integration in Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Multi-Nozzle Cooperation for Micro-Cold Spray
Multi-Scale Defect Monitoring in Laser Powder Bed Fusion using Acoustic Emission Sensing
Multimodal Federated Product-of-Experts for Collaborative Fatigue Life Prediction in Additive Manufacturing
Networking and Cybersecurity Enabled Distributed Additive Manufacturing for Production of Critical Components at the Destination
New step-Wise Thermomechanical Response in Functionally Graded Metallic Shape Memory Alloys using Powder Bed Fusion
Non-Invasive Measurement of SS304L Powder Bed Density via Flash Thermography
Nondestructive Fatigue Life Prediction for Additively Manufactured Parts through a Multimodal Transfer Learning Framework
Nontraditional Electromagnetics: Fabricating RF Sensitive Sensors, Circuits, and Interconnects using Additive Materials and Techniques
Novel Approach to Manufacture Soft Magnetic Core with MIM (Metal-Insulation-metal) Structure via Dual-Nozzle Material Extrusion (MEX) Technology
Novel FFF Processes for Fiber-Enabled Designs
Novel High-Deposition AM Technology using Forming Jaws with the Laser-Assisted Double-Wire with Non-Transferred Arc Process
Novel Metal Additive Manufacturing using Innovative Polymer-Metal Composite: In-situ Monitoring, Microstructure and Mechanical Analyses
Numerical and Experimental Advances In Piston-Actuated Molten Metal Droplet Jetting
Numerical Modeling of Hydrodynamic Shear in Extrusion 3D Bioprinting
Numerical Simulations and Experimental Validation of Laser-Foil-Printing Additive Manufacturing
Numerical Simulations of Melt Pool Physics in Laser Powder Bed Fusion Processes
ODBP: Portable Post-Processing and Visualization of Abaqus FEA ODBs in Python 3
On the Nature of Recoater Damage Powder Spreading Mechanics
On the use of Event-based Change Detection Neuromorphic Imagers for In-Process Monitoring of Additive Manufacturing
Ontology-based Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) for GenAI-Supported Additive Manufacturing
Optical Expansion of Projection-based 3D Printing
Optical Tomography based on Near Infrared Imaging for Spatter and Distortion Detection in LPBF
Optimization of SiC Ink for Robocasting via Dual-Polyelectrolyte Ratio Method
Optimizing Molten Metal Deposition (MMD) for Aluminum Alloys: A Synergetic Approach of Finite Element and Experimental Study
Optimizing Parameters for Selective Laser Sintering of Composite Materials: A Case Study with Peanut Husk Powder/ Polyether Sulfone Composite
Optimizing the Laser Powder Bed Fusion Design Process through the Spatial Characterization of Porosity Defects
Overcoming the Resolution-Deposition Limit of Additive Manufacturing with Droplet-on-Demand Molten Metal Jetting
Overview of Key Technoeconomic Performance Metrics for Large-Format Directed Energy Deposition Metal Additive Manufacturing
Parametric Investigation of Single-Layer Stainless Steel 316L with Novel Laser Powder Bed Fusion Technology: Diode Area Melting with 450 nm Blue Lasers
Part-Level Heat Buildup Across Directed Energy Deposition Additive Manufacturing Processes
Performance Analysis of Selective Separation Shaping (SSS) Large-Scale Powder Bonding Technology
Phase-field Simulations of Solute Element Segregations at Various Interfaces in Additively Manufactured IN718 Ni-based Superalloy
Photocurable Resin Formulation for Reduced Thermal Expansion
Physics-based Machine Learning for In-Situ Infrared Detection of Micropores in LPBF
Physics-based Modeling of Polymer-Metal Composites in Fused Filament Fabrication
PLA-HA Scaffolds with Pore Size Gradient Printed by Digital Light Projection for Cranial Bone Regeneration
Planar and Non-planar Print Patterns in PEEK Flat Backup Rings to Increase Seal Performance Under High Pressure and Temperature
Powder Feed Mechanism for Convection of High-Cohesion, Sub-20-Micron Powders in Directed Energy Deposition
Powder Feedstock Conservation and Rejuvenation for Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF): An In-Depth View
Powder Flow Dynamics in Laser Metal Deposition
Powder Packing and Part Removal in Compressed Powder Beds
PowderJet: An Agile System for High Quality Metal Powder Production
Pre-training Vision Encoders with Thermal Images for In-situ Process Monitoring in Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Predicting Melt Pool Thermal Distribution in Ti-6Al-4V Directed Energy Deposition using Machine Learning
Predicting Microstructure Properties using Transfer Learning
Predicting Print Morphology in Aerosol Jet Printing using Deep Learning-based cGANs
Predicting Recoater Interference in Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process by Considering Both Global Thermal Deformation and Local Edge Deformation
Predicting Surface Roughness in Laser Powder Bed Fusion Parts after Laser Polishing: A Multi-Physics Simulation Approach
Predicting the Fatigue Life of a Multi-Jet Fusion Fabricated Polyamide 11 Ankle-foot Orthosis: Durability Insights from S-N Curve Analysis
Prediction of Fatigue Properties of Fiber-reinforced Composites Manufactured by Material Extrusion
Prediction of the Spreadability of Metal Powders: The Last Developements
Predictive Modeling of Clay Drying Process in Ceramic 3D Printing
Prewetting of Binder Jet Print Beds to Improve Line Quality and Expand Print Windows
Probing the Effect of Dislocation Cell on the Plasticity and Anisotropy of Additively Manufactured Copper via Crystal Plasticity Finite Element Modeling
Probing the Process Window Boundaries in Powder Bed Fusion-Laser Beam of Ti-6Al-4V
Process Development and Control for Sensor-informed Hybrid-Additive Manufacturing
Process Limitation for Powder Bed Fusion with Laser Beam Multiplication
Process Optimization of Diode Point Melting using Ti6Al4V in Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Process Parameter Development for SS316L on the Freemelt-ONE Open Architecture Electron Beam Powder Bed Fusion Machine
Process Parameter Effects on the Mechanical Behavior and Microstructure of Fused Filament Fabricated 17-4 PH
Process Planning Toolbox for Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing Iterative Build Plan Optimization
Processing Aluminum Alloys with Piezoelectric Driven Liquid Metal Printing
Processing of Recycled PEKK-CF in Powder Bed Fusion
Proposal for How to Treat L-PBF Like Any Other Plant: State Feedback Control Design and Computational Issues
Pros and Cons of Industrial Robotics in Additive Manufacturing
Prospects of Fusion Additively Manufactured Microstructures for Enhancing Hydrogen Embrittlement Resistance
Quantification of Recoating Forces in Sand Binder Jetting
Quantitative Analysis of In-situ Pore Removal in Porous L-PBF Substrates
Rapid 3D Printing of Electro-Active Hydrogels
Rapid Curing of Ceramic Binder Mixtures using Microwave Radiation
Rapid Qualification and Process Optimization of an LPBF Printer for Printing Complex Thermofluidic Units
Rapid Screening of Liquid Metal Wetting for a Materials Compatibility Library
Re-Defining Catheter Care with Multi-Material Additive Manufacturing
Re-Imagining Additive Manufacturing through Multi-Material Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Real-Time Monitoring and Closed-Loop Control of Cooperative 3D Printing
Real-Time Process Visualization in Thermoplastic Extrusion with Augmented Reality Monitoring
Reconfigurable Lattice of Auxetic Backlash Structures for Shape-Changing Surfaces
Region of Interest Analysis for Top Layer Quality Control in Thermoplastic Extrusion in Additive Manufacturing
Reinforcement Learning for Energy-Efficient Toolpath Generation in Additive Manufacturing
Repeatability Study for Robotic WAAM of Aluminum
Reproducibility of the Effectiveness of Particle Dampers Produced in the PBF-LB Process with Thin and Flat Cavities with Regard to Variances in Industrial AM Processes
Research on Influence of Scan Strategy on Part Shrinkage in Low Temperature Laser Sintering of Polymer
Residual Stress Evaluation of EB-PBF Produced High Strength Mo-7Re-1HfC Alloy via Neutron Diffraction
Robotic Convergent Manufacturing of Large Format Structures
Shape Memory Alloy Enabled Interlocking Metasurfaces by L-PBF
Simulation and Estimation of Mechanical Properties of Additively Manufactured Metal Components
Size and Shape Optimisation for High-Performance Battery Electrodes
Size Effect on Porosity of Thin Struts Fabricated by Laser Powder-Bed Fusion (L-PBF)
Smooth 3D Transition Cell Generation based on Latent Space Arithmetic
Sol-Gel Synthesis Integrated 3D Printing of Lithium Nickel Cobalt Manganese Oxide
Solar Harvesting and Photothermal Energy Generation via Multiple Transparent Plasmonic Fe3O4@Cu2-xS Thin Films
Soldering and Electroplating to AM Surfaces
Spatiotemporal Modulation of Light in Microscale Selective Laser Sintering for Enhanced Process Resolution using a Digital Micromirror Device
Spreadability of Raw Sand in Binder Jet Additive Manufacturing: Examining Feasibility using Numerical Methods
Statistical Process Control for WAAM for Productivity and Quality Improvements
STEAM Powered: An Argument for the Robust Integration of Artistic and Engineering Practices in Design for Additive Manufacturing
Stop Building Naked Lattices! A (More Than) Modest Mechanical Property Improvement Strategy
Strategizing Scan Technique Selection for Component Remanufacturing using 3D Printing: A combined Reverse Engineering and SWARA based Multi Criteria Decision Making Framework
Strengthening Polylactic Acid and Thermoplastic Elastomer Blends through Thermoforming to Reorient Extrusion Paths
Study of Additively Manufactured Tungsten and Tungsten alloys via Laser Based - Directed Energy Deposition Process for High Temperature Applications
Study of Sodium Ion based Battery Components based on a High Resolution 3D Printing DLP Technology
Study of using a Secondary Pulsed Laser for Process Control in Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Surface Roughness Measurements of Additively Manufactured Components via X-Ray Computed Tomography
Surface Roughness of the Micro Milled 3D Printed 316L Stainless Steel Parts Fabricated by FDM/ FFF Technology
Sustainable Waste Management in Additive Manufacturing: Strategies to Divert Industrial Waste from Landfills
Symmetric Build Plate Deposition: A Strategy to Mitigate Solidification-Induced Residual Stresses in DED-Arc Additive Manufacturing
Synergizing Machine Learning and Multiphysics Simulation for Spatter Process Map Generation in LPBF Processes
Temperature Control of Digital Glass Forming Processes
Tensile and Fatigue Analysis of Functionally Graded Materials with Varying Concentrations Manufactured using Material Extrusion
The Behaviour of First-Generation Bio-Composites in a Multi-Axis Material Extrusion Application
The Development of a Precise Quick Response Apparatus for Functional Grading in Reactive Extrusion Additive Manufacturing
The Effects of Laser Absorption and Shielding in Plasma Vapor Jets Induced by Continuous Wave Laser Irradiation of Tungsten
The Impact of Different HIP Treatment Cycles on Fatigue Behavior during 4-Point Bending of Additively Manufactured (AM) Ti-6Al-4V
The Impact of Silane Treatment in the Mechanical and Magnetic Properties of Polyamide 12 and Strontium Ferrite Composite
The Influence of Contour Offset in Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Thermal-Assisted Direct Ink Write 3D Printing of Stainless Steel 316L Colloidal Pastes
Thermal, Mechanical, and Microstructural Characterization of Lightweight PLA Filaments for Material Extrusion
Thermographic Porosity Estimation by Monitoring Non-Uniformity of Intra-Layer Cooling during Hybrid Directed Energy Deposition
Titanium Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing Inert Enclosure and Material Handling Safety Considerations
Toolpath Planning for Additively Manufactured Continuous-Fiber Reinforced Composties Designed by Topology Optimization
Topology-Driven Information Embedding in Structural Components
Topology Optimisation of Bespoke Lattice Orthopaedic Implants
Topology Optimised Multi-Material MBB Beam Fabricated via Powder Bed Fusion
Toward Fatigue Life Prediction of Multi-lattice Structures
Toward In-situ Sensing of Powder Packing Density In metal Binder Jetting using Recoating Force
Toward Parametric Heat Transfer Solvers in Additive Manufacturing
Toward Rapid Process Qualification of Laser Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing using Physics-based Model Predictive Control
Toward Real-Time Adaptive Material Control in Large-Scale Robotic Additive Manufacturing
Toward SmartScan 2.0 - An Intelligent Scanning Sequence Optimization Method for Reduced Part Deformation and Residual Stress in LPBF Based on Thermo-Mechanical Models
Towards Affordable Aluminum Additive Manufacturing: Considerations on the Manufacturing of Non-Explosible NExp-1 AlSi10Mg on Medium-Wattage Systems
Towards an Analytical Model for Multi-Objective Optimization of Cellular Materials
Towards Experimentally-Informed Modeling of Conduction for Improved Finite Element Thermal Prediction of Wire-Arc Directed Energy Deposition
Towards Freeform Additive Manufacturing: Recent Improvements Made on ORNL Large Scale Metal Slicer to Meet the Challenges brought by Growing Complexity of Parts in Wire-arc Additive Manufacturing
Towards Sustainable Fabrication of Electronics via Molten Metal Jetting
Towards Sustainable Rechargeable Batteries via Single Point Exposure Laser Powder Bed Fusion of Pure Zn Lattice Structures
Two-Color Thermal Imaging and Modeling of WC-Ni Cermet Melt Pools in Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Ultrasonic Vibration Augmented Fused Deposition Modeling through Step-wise Contour Scanning
Understanding Melt Pool Variation Due to Geometric Features and Scan Pathing
Understanding Melt Pool Variation Due to Geometric Features and Scan Pathing
Understanding Microstructure and Oxide Distribution in ODS Steels through Thermodynamic Simulations and Melt Pool Analysis in LPBF Processes
Understanding the Impact of Printing Strategies on Drop-on-Demand Molten Metal Jetting Technologies
Universal Differential Equations for Transient Thermal Modeling of Directed Energy Deposition Additive Manufacturing
Unsupervised Multi-Modal Machine Learning for In-Process Monitoring of Additive Manufacturing
Unveiling Gas–Liquid Metal Reactions in Metal Additive Manufacturing: High-Fidelity Modeling Validated with Experiments
Unveiling Spot Melting Strategies for Microstructure Control in Electron Beam Powder Bed Fusion
Upcycling Machining Chips for Additive Friction Stir Deposition Feedstock Production
Use of an Acousto-Optic Deflector Light Engine to Improve Resolution and Speed of the Stereolithography Process
Use of Cored Wire in the Optimisation of New Alloys for Laser Powder Bed Fusion with Tailored Mechanical and Corrosion Properties
Using Laser Ultrasonics to Measure Localized Changes in Young’s Modulus caused by Select Laser Flash Sintering
Using Trilinear Coordinate Measurements to Inform Prior Models for Minimally-Invasive Material Extrusion Path Planning
Variable Bead Width and Height Process Planning for In-situ Layer Height Correction of Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing
Variations Across Length Scales in Additively Manufactured Ti- 6Al-4V Parts: Challenges to Repeatability and Reproducibility
Vector-Level Feedforward Control of LPBF Melt Pool Area using a Physics-based Thermal Model
Weave or Not to Weave in Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing of 316 Stainless Steel
Wire-Arc DED of Porous Rafts for Self-Releasing Parts: Impact on Thermal History and Material Properties
Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing of Multi-material Parts using H-13 Tool Steel
Wire Feed Speed Based Layer Height Controller for Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing

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