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Meeting 2025 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Advances in Bcc-Superalloys
Organizer(s) Alexander J. Knowles, University of Birmingham
Christopher Zenk, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg
Howard Stone, University of Cambridge
Oleg Senkov, Air Force Research Laboratory
Eric Lass, The University of Tennessee
Thomas Hammerschmidt, Ruhr University Bochum
Scope Bcc-superalloys are a nascent class of material, with a microstructure comprising a body-centered-cubic matrix (eg refractory metal, Fe, Ti) reinforced by ordered-bcc superlattice precipitates (eg B2 NiAl), with analogy to the highly successful gamma gamma-prime in fcc nickel based superalloys. Bcc-superalloys offer a new design approach to achieving improved performance for a variety of high temperature applications, from gas turbines to fusion energy.

This symposium seeks to bring together this growing community, with topics including, but not limited to: refractory metal bcc-superalloys (e.g. for W), bcc refractory metal high entropy superalloys (RSAs and Naka+Khan type RHEAs), Beta-Ti superalloys, Cr bcc-superalloys, Ferritic superalloys, A2-B2 eutectics / composites.

We welcome papers across the topics of: bcc-metals, Refractory Metals, High Temperature Materials and High Entropy Alloys, with a focus on the bcc-superalloy microstructural template; including: design, production, characterisation and property demonstrations.

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