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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2020
Symposium Coatings to Protect Materials from Extreme Environments
Presentation Title Cathodic Arc Deposition of Silicon Aluminum Nitride Coating on SiC
Author(s) Emmanuel Ernest Boakye, Ming Ming Chen, Kristin Keller, Brian Sirn, Rabi Bhattacharya, A.K Rai
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Emmanuel Ernest Boakye
Abstract Scope A silicon aluminum nitride (SiAlN) based nanocomposite bond coat comprising 20:80 Si3N4:AlN volume ratio was deposited on Hexoloy SiC substrate using direct cathodic arc (DC) and filtered arc (FA) methods. The coatings were produced using a 20% Si - aluminum alloy in nitrogen. The coated substrates were characterized for uniformity of Si3N4/AlN nanocomposite mixture by SEM-EDX. SEM cross sectional examination showed continuous 20m well adhered coating on SiC. The coated substrates were thermally cycled at 1480C for up to 50 times in 50% H2O, 50% oxygen environment. The SiAlN phase transformed to mullite with a trace amount of silica. The SiAlN coating adhesion prior to and after thermal cycling was evaluated using scanning electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction.


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