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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2020
Symposium Coatings to Protect Materials from Extreme Environments
Presentation Title Aerosol Deposition Method: Influence of Particle Agglomeration on SiC Film Density
Author(s) Derek W. Davies, Michael G. Gammage, Michael F. Becker, John W. Keto, Desiderio Kovar
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Derek W. Davies
Abstract Scope The aerosol deposition method (ADM) process produces thick films by accelerating aerosolized nanoparticles through a nozzle from near atmospheric pressure (300-760 Torr) to medium vacuum (1-3 Torr). By impacting these particles on a substrate translated orthogonal to the aerosol jet, patterned films are deposited. Compared to other particle deposition processes using high velocity impaction such as cold spray, ADM has demonstrated the unique capability of depositing high quality ceramic films at room temperature. Particle agglomeration occurs ubiquitously for the sub-micron particles used in ADM and is believed to significantly affect the density and microstructure of the deposited film. We perform molecular dynamics simulations of multi-particle agglomerate impact, varying the size and shape of the agglomerate, to determine the effect of agglomeration on film density. These simulation results are compared to experimental results from SiC films with the aim of understanding how agglomerate size and morphology influences deformation and bonding mechanisms.


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