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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2020
Symposium Coatings to Protect Materials from Extreme Environments
Presentation Title Electrodeposited NiMo Coatings for Improved Molten Salt Reactor Performance
Author(s) Rajeswaran Radhakrishnan, Kamyar Ahmadi, Timothy Hall, Stephen Snyder, Stephen Raiman
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Rajeswaran Radhakrishnan
Abstract Scope The use of molten fluoride salts as a primary coolant within next generation nuclear reactors has the potential to improve efficiency and nuclear reactor safety by operating at low pressures and high temperatures without boiling. However, these coolants will require the development of new corrosion resistant material systems that will have to meet/supersede existing standard codes for these systems. Within this context, Faraday Technology Inc. will discuss their research work on electrodeposition of functionally graded NiMo alloys onto ASME certified substrates and subsequent high temperature corrosion evaluation in molten fluoride salt electrolytes. A wide array of electrolytes and processing parameters were evaluated in order to understand their effects on the deposit composition, structure, and corrosion resistance properties. In this talk we will demon the potential to compositionally graded the NiMo coating and potential to improve the durability and lifetime of materials within this system, while reducing the component cost.


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