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Meeting 2022 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Primary Aluminum Industry - Energy and Emission Reductions: An LMD Symposium in Honor of Halvor Kvande
Presentation Title Ready-to-Use Cathodes in High Amperage Technologies
Author(s) Markus Pfeffer, Oscar Vera Garcia, Frank Hiltmann, Seweryn Mielnik, Peter Wang, Louis Bugnion, Laure von Kaenel, Mao Jihong, Ban Yungang
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Oscar Vera Garcia
Abstract Scope The implementation of Ready-to-Use Cathodes(RuC®) using copper conductors in the cathodic system not only allowed to fully avoid rodding but also significantly decreased the specific energy consumption, reducing the carbon footprint of the Hall-Héroult process. The basic concepts, the cathode implementation and the operating figures in smelting technologies ranging from 300kA to 600kA for up to 2.5years of operation are highlighted. The robustness of the Ready-to-Use design is proven by stable low cathodic resistance allowing energy savings in the range from 0.15 kWh to 0.40kWh per kg aluminum. An autopsy performed after 1140days of operation revealed a fully intact copper bar system. Copper samples were taken from the bars at different locations and chemically analyzed, concluding that most of the copper value can be recovered after its useful life through recycling processes. Based on these positive results, further spread of the Ready-to-Use Cathode technology is expected.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: Light Metals
Keywords Aluminum,


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Ready-to-Use Cathodes in High Amperage Technologies
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Scale Formation in Primary Aluminium Production
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