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Meeting 2022 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Primary Aluminum Industry - Energy and Emission Reductions: An LMD Symposium in Honor of Halvor Kvande
Presentation Title Sampling and Analysis Methodology Review to Report Total PFC Emissions
Author(s) Luis H. Espinoza-Nava, Julie Young
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Luis H. Espinoza-Nava
Abstract Scope Latest International Aluminum Institute (IAI) guideline includes various methodologies to measure total perfluorocarbon (PFC) emissions. Alcoa has continued to review those methodologies in selecting and implementing procedures that give reliable sampling and analytical techniques to measure high voltage, low voltage and pot starts PFC emissions from aluminum cell operation. Canister sampling offers the simplest, cost effective method to estimate total PFC emissions. However, it is important to investigate the sampling duration and frequency that can produce reproducible PFC emissions. Alcoa has tested the canister sampling procedures and compare GC-MS, FTIR and QCL-CF4 analytical techniques at two smelters to standardize the methodology with the goal to share the results and learnings within the aluminum industry.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: Light Metals
Keywords Other,


A Historical Review of Aluminum Reduction Cell Start-up and Early Operation
Direct and Indirect CO2 Equivalent Emissions from Primary Aluminium Production
Gas Recycling and Energy Recovery. Future Handling of Flue Gas from Aluminium Electrolysis Cells
Halvor Kvande: An Academic Ambassador in Aluminum Between China and Norway
Ready-to-Use Cathodes in High Amperage Technologies
Reflections on the Low Voltage Anode Effect in Aluminium Electrolysis Cells
Sampling and Analysis Methodology Review to Report Total PFC Emissions
Scale Formation in Primary Aluminium Production
The TMS Industrial Aluminum Electrolysis Course – History, Development of Contents, and Future
Vaporization of Fluorides from Aluminium Cells. Part II: Treatment of Spent Potlining in a Laboratory Furnace
Vaporization of Fluorides from Aluminium Cells. Part I: Theoretical Study on Replacement of Aluminium Fluoride and Soda

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