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Meeting 2023 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Frontiers of Materials Award Symposium: Ultra-Wide Bandgap Materials and Heterostructures for Next Generation Power, RF and Quantum Applications
Presentation Title Gallium Oxide Semiconductors: Recent Progress and Future Prospective
Author(s) Huili Grace Xing
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Huili Grace Xing
Abstract Scope It’s of little surprise that there has been a consistent drive toward the use of wider bandgap materials for power electronics. After all, the wider the bandgap, the greater the breakdown field, opening the door to making devices with a higher breakdown voltage for the same material thickness. However, nature is not always that generous. Typically, a move to a wider bandgap is accompanied by more challenging doping, along with difficulty in making high-quality native substrates. Judged in these terms, Ga2O3 appears to offer a sweet spot beyond SiC and GaN. One of the most promising forms of Ga2O3 is its b-phase, which has a bandgap of 4.5-4.7 eV. In this talk, I will reflect on our efforts in researching on Ga2O3 based power devices. Acknowledgement: AFOSR FA9550-17-1-0048, NSF DMREF 1534303, and AFOSR FA9550-18-1-0529; performed in part at Cornell NanoScale Facility, an NNCI member supported by NSF Grant NNCI-2025233.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: None Selected


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