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About this Symposium
Meeting 2023 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Cast Shop Technology
Sponsorship TMS Light Metals Division
TMS: Aluminum Committee
Organizer(s) Halldor Gudmundsson, Century - Nordural
Stephan Broek, Kensington Technology Inc.
Scope The Cast Shop Technology symposium is part of the Light Metals program. The meeting is an excellent opportunity to interact with experts from the Light Metals industry and academia from all over the world and hear the latest updates on key issues in the industry.

You are also invited to submit papers of fundamental and applied research in the following subject areas:

- Inclusion Detection and Removal
- Dissolved Impurity Removal, e.g. Na
- Filtration and Degassing
- Impact of Impurities
- Grain Refinement
- Direct Chill Casting
- Open Mold Ingot Casting
- Strip Casting
- Melting and casting of highly reactive alloys, e.g. Al-Li
- Cast Structures and Defects
- Automation, Process Modeling and Control
- New Innovations in Process and Product Measurements and Control
- Industry 4.0 in Aluminum cast shops
- Environmental Issues and Safety

Note regarding publication: Authors seeking an oral presentation opportunity must submit a manuscript for the Light Metals proceedings or be accepted for publication in a TMS journal.

Abstracts Due 07/17/2022
Proceedings Plan Planned: Light Metals

A Cellular Automaton Model for Qualifying Current Grain Refiners and Prescribing Next-generation Grain Refiners For Aluminium Alloys
A Novel Green Melt Technology for Aluminum Alloys
Assessment of Separation and Agglomeration Tendency of Non-metallic Inclusions in an Electromagnetically Stirred Aluminum Melt
Automated Image Analysis of Metallurgical Grade Samples Reinforced with Machine Learning
Automated Metal Cleanliness Analyzer (AMCA): Digital Image Analysis Phase Differentiation and Benchmarking Against PoDFA-derived Cleanliness Data
CFD Modeling of Thin Sheet Product Using The Horizontal Single Belt Casting Method
Characterization of 8006 Aluminium Alloy Casted by TRC Technology with Steel-steel and Copper-copper Roll Pairs
Characterization of Low- and High Mg-containing Aluminum White Dross Using Deterministic Image Analysis of EPMA Scans
Counter Gravity Casting of Al Alloys: Microstructure and Properties
Defect Minimisation in Vacuum Assisted Plaster Mould Investment Casting through Simulation of High Value Aluminium Alloy Components
Designing a Safe Casthouse
Electromagnetic Priming of Filtration Systems: Pyrotek EM-DF
Hydrogen Absorption of Aluminum-magnesium Melts from Humid Atmospheres
Influence of Cryolite Content on the Thermal Properties and Coalescence Efficiency of NaCl-KCl Salt Flux
Microalloying of Liquid Al-Mg Alloy Studied In-situ by Laser-induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
Modelling Contactless Ultrasound Treatment in a DC Casting Launder
Novel Methods for Roll Texturing: EDT and Sandblast Applications for Aluminum Twin Roll Cast and Cold Rolling
Numerical Analysis of Channel-type Segregations in DC Casting Aluminum Slab
Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Twin-roll Casting of Aluminum-lithium Strips
Operations Assisting and Predictive Maintenance Tools in Casthouses – Examples from AMAG Casting
Oxidation Study of Al-Mg Alloys in Furnace Atmospheres using Hydrogen and Methane as Fuel
Recent Studies Using HR-TEM on the Fundamental Mechanism of Nucleation of α Aluminium on TiB2 in High Efficiency Grain Refiners
Recycling of Aluminium from Aluminium Food Tubes
Segregation Mechanisms and Their Effects on the Aluminium Flat Rolled Products (Sheet/Foil) Produced by Twin Roll Casting Tech
Stability of SiC and Al2O3 Reinforcement Particles inThermomechanical Processed Direct Chill Cast 6xxx Al MMnCs
Tailoring the As-cast Microstructure of Twin-roll Cast AA3105 Alloy Produced by St/Cu Shell Pair
Towards the Efficient Recycling of Used Beverage Cans: Numerical Study and Experimental Validation
TRC Combi Box - A Compact Inline Melt Treatment Unit for Continuous Casting

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