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About this Symposium
Meeting 2023 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Advances in Surface Engineering V
Sponsorship TMS Materials Processing and Manufacturing Division
TMS: Surface Engineering Committee
Organizer(s) Bharat K. Jasthi, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
Arif Mubarok, PPG Industries
Tushar M. Borkar, Cleveland State University
Rajeev K. Gupta, North Carolina State University
Scope This symposium aims to capture recent advances in processing, characterization, simulation/modeling, and applications related to surface engineering of materials. The symposium topics include but not limited to:

- Coatings (metallic, ceramic, organic, and composite coatings)
- Surface protection from wear and corrosion
- 2D Materials and Thin films
- Surface characterization techniques
- Surface alloying
- Nanostructured surfaces
- Biomaterials
- High temperature coatings
- Additively manufactured surface

Abstracts Due 07/17/2022
Proceedings Plan Planned:

A Study of Microstructural Evolution in Peened AISI 304L Stainless Steel
AlCrFe Complex Metallic Alloys as Novel and Versatile Coatings
Bio-inspired Materials as Protective Coatings for Corrosion Prevention
Characterizing Residual Stress Profiles of Nitrogen and Helium Carrier Gas 6061 Aluminum and 6061 Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite Cold Spray Depositions Using X-Ray Diffraction.
Cold Spray Deposition of Niobium onto CFRP with Engineered Bond Layer
Dry Electrolyte Polishing of As-printed Additively Manufactured Stainless Steel
Effect of Direct and Pulsed Current on Electrodeposited Zn-Fe Alloy Coatings
Effect of Intercritical Annealing Temperature and Sb Micro-addition on the Selective Oxidation of a Fe-6wt.%Mn Alloy
Effect of Ultrasonic Impact Peening on Austenitic Stainless Steel Welds for Nuclear Canister Applications
Effective Utilization of Metallurgical Characterization Methods for Oxidation Resistance Spray Coatings
Effects of Aging and Surface Mechanical Attrition Treatment on Corrosion Behavior of Aluminum 7075 Alloys
Electrochemical Properties of Electrodeposited Porous AuCu Dendrite for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Alkaline Solutions
Evaluation of LME Susceptibility of Al-Zn-Si Coated TRIP Steel
Fatigue Behavior of Laser Polished Laser Powder Bed Fused IN718: Identify a Suitable Heat Treatments and Laser Polishing Combination
Graphene Nanoplatelets Reinforced Al2O3- 40 wt% TiO2 Plasma-Sprayed Coating with Improved Mechanical and Marine Water Tribological Performance
Heterostructured Nano-layered Coatings for Microbiological Corrosion Prevention
Hot Stamping of Aluminum 6061 Alloys with Volatile Media Injected through Additive Manufactured Die
Investigation of Surface Properties of Cemented Steel E16NCD13 after Vibratory Peening
Laser Induced Micro/Nano Structured Stainless Steel Surfaces for Biological and Food Storage Applications
Mechanical Behavior of AISI 8620 Steel`s Surface Modified through TIG Arcing
Microstructural Analysis of High Entropy Alloy Coating
Microstructural Changes of Electron Beam Treated AISI 316L with the Combination of Computation of Thermal and Mechanical Fields
Microstructural Evolution and Performance of Si-based Coatings Formed on Refractory Multi-principal Element Alloys
Nitriding-Assisted Surface Enhancement of Multi-Principal Element Alloys Containing Refractory Metals
Novel Fretting-Corrosion Mechanisms of Friction Stir Processed Steel Manufactured by High Deposition Rate Additive Manufacturing Process
On Characterization of Microstructure and Surface Attributes in Drilling Processes at High Spatial Resolution
Open-air Plasma Surface Processing of Al Alloy 7075 Surface to Form Oxide-based Corrosion Barrier Layer
Oxidation of Ferrous Alloys and Coatings Under Isothermal, Impulse Heating, and Diesel Engine Operation
Peridynamic Simulation of Particles Impact and Bonding in Cold Spray with Tunable Adhesion
Production of Gold Nano Films by Pulse Electrodeposition
Single Step Sputtered Chromium Nitride Nano-clusters Coating for Enhanced Mechanical, Wetting and Corrosion Protection Properties
Synthesis of Corrosion Resistant Hexagonal Boron Nitride Coatings on Iron Substrates by Pulsed Laser Deposition
Understanding the Tribo-Corrosion Mechanisms of Laser Processed Steel Deposited by High Deposition Rate Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing Process
Use of Novel Degradable Surface Coatings for Enhanced Biofilm Growth
Wear Behaviour of Plasma Deposited Cr2O3 Coating

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