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Meeting 2021 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Continuous Phase Transformations
Presentation Title Structural Transformations Driven by Irradiation in the High Defect Density Limit
Author(s) Sergei L. Dudarev, Daniel Mason, Peter Derlet
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Sergei L. Dudarev
Abstract Scope Transferable interpretation of structural data is a major challenge in nuclear materials science. Quantitative models are restricted to exposure not exceeding a tiny fraction of dpa, whereas in the high dose limit, consistent analysis is difficult and interpretation relies on temperature scaling, rate theory or cluster dynamics. These models, valid in the low defect density approximation, do not treat the microscopic stresses driving structural transformations. Although intuitively it appears likely that a material might eventually reach an equilibrium state, statistically invariant with respect to the generation of new defects, the structure of such a state is not known. We find that the dynamic equilibrium state is characterised by strong fluctuations of stress and strain while largely retaining crystalline order. The defect content saturates at a fraction of a percent, and microstructure exhibits anisotropic response to external applied stress. Simulations predict unusual structural signatures of irradiation-induced transformations, well correlated with observations.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned:
Keywords Nuclear Materials, Phase Transformations, Computational Materials Science & Engineering


Cluster Variation Model of Phase Behavior in Heusler-forming Alloy Systems
Competitive Partitioning and Decomposition Evolution in Nanocrystalline Alloys
Cross-Slip and Work-Hardening in Short-Range Ordered FCC Alloys
Effect of Bulk and Local Phase Transformation on Deformation Mechanisms
Interfacial Spinodals
Intrinsic Phase Stability and Continuous Phase Transformations in TiAlZrN Ultra-hard Nitride Coatings
Magnetically Driven Short-range Order in the CrCoNi System
Microstructural Engineering of Ni-based Superalloys Processed by Conventional and Additive Manufacturing
Phase-field Modelling of Transformation Pathways and Microstructural Evolution in MPEAs (Multi Principle Element Alloys)
Phase Competition in the Two Steps Continuous Phase Transformation during Solidification of Terbium
Short-range Clustering and Ordering Evolution of Ni-22Cr-13Mo Alloy
Structural Transformations Driven by Irradiation in the High Defect Density Limit
Study of Precipitation Behavior of High-Cr Ni-based Filler Metals Using In-situ S/TEM
Thermodynamics of the Invar Transition: Phonons vs. Magnetism

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