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Meeting 2021 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Continuous Phase Transformations
Presentation Title Cluster Variation Model of Phase Behavior in Heusler-forming Alloy Systems
Author(s) Michael Widom
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Michael Widom
Abstract Scope Energetics of chemical order in many alloys may be approximated by simple model Hamiltonians containing “clusters” of atoms. Each cluster contributes a certain energy that that can be fit to first principles calculations. The Cluster Variation Method represents the entropy in terms these clusters, and then varies cluster frequencies to minimize the free energy. This type of generalized mean field theory is convenient for exploring complex alloy phase diagrams. We apply the method to analyze phase transformation pathways in the family of Heusler compounds. The Heusler structure arises from a sequence of symmetry-breaking chemical ordering transitions on a body-centered cubic lattice, eventually leading to a set of four interpenetrating simple cubic sublattices; a total of eight distinct structures interpolate between the fully disordered BCC phase and the fully ordered quaternary Heusler. We discuss specific cluster-based models to represent specific phases and their transformations in several Heusler-forming compounds.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned:


Cluster Variation Model of Phase Behavior in Heusler-forming Alloy Systems
Competitive Partitioning and Decomposition Evolution in Nanocrystalline Alloys
Cross-Slip and Work-Hardening in Short-Range Ordered FCC Alloys
Effect of Bulk and Local Phase Transformation on Deformation Mechanisms
Interfacial Spinodals
Intrinsic Phase Stability and Continuous Phase Transformations in TiAlZrN Ultra-hard Nitride Coatings
Magnetically Driven Short-range Order in the CrCoNi System
Microstructural Engineering of Ni-based Superalloys Processed by Conventional and Additive Manufacturing
Phase-field Modelling of Transformation Pathways and Microstructural Evolution in MPEAs (Multi Principle Element Alloys)
Phase Competition in the Two Steps Continuous Phase Transformation during Solidification of Terbium
Short-range Clustering and Ordering Evolution of Ni-22Cr-13Mo Alloy
Structural Transformations Driven by Irradiation in the High Defect Density Limit
Study of Precipitation Behavior of High-Cr Ni-based Filler Metals Using In-situ S/TEM
Thermodynamics of the Invar Transition: Phonons vs. Magnetism

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