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Meeting 2021 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Continuous Phase Transformations
Presentation Title Magnetically Driven Short-range Order in the CrCoNi System
Author(s) Flynn Walsh, Robert O Ritchie, Mark Asta
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Flynn Walsh
Abstract Scope The presence, nature, and impact of chemical short-range order in CrCoNi are all topics of current interest and debate, particularly in the context of the system’s role as a model for related high-entropy alloys. First-principles calculations reveal that its origins are fundamentally magnetic, with repulsion between like-spin Co-Cr and Cr-Cr pairs that is complemented by the formation of a magnetically aligned sublattice of second-nearest neighbor Cr atoms. Serving primarily to relieve magnetic frustration, this behavior does not precede any known long-range ordered state and may in fact contribute to the metastability of the solid solution. Ordering models following these principles are used to explain anomalous experimental measurements concerning both net magnetization and atomic volumes across a range of compositions, demonstrating the effects of both short-range order and magnetic interactions.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned:


Cluster Variation Model of Phase Behavior in Heusler-forming Alloy Systems
Competitive Partitioning and Decomposition Evolution in Nanocrystalline Alloys
Cross-Slip and Work-Hardening in Short-Range Ordered FCC Alloys
Effect of Bulk and Local Phase Transformation on Deformation Mechanisms
Interfacial Spinodals
Intrinsic Phase Stability and Continuous Phase Transformations in TiAlZrN Ultra-hard Nitride Coatings
Magnetically Driven Short-range Order in the CrCoNi System
Microstructural Engineering of Ni-based Superalloys Processed by Conventional and Additive Manufacturing
Phase-field Modelling of Transformation Pathways and Microstructural Evolution in MPEAs (Multi Principle Element Alloys)
Phase Competition in the Two Steps Continuous Phase Transformation during Solidification of Terbium
Short-range Clustering and Ordering Evolution of Ni-22Cr-13Mo Alloy
Structural Transformations Driven by Irradiation in the High Defect Density Limit
Study of Precipitation Behavior of High-Cr Ni-based Filler Metals Using In-situ S/TEM
Thermodynamics of the Invar Transition: Phonons vs. Magnetism

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