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Meeting 2021 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Practical Tools for Integration and Analysis in Materials Engineering
Presentation Title A method to reconstruct prior beta grain orientations from measured alpha-phase electron backscatter diffraction data
Author(s) Adam L. Pilchak
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Adam L. Pilchak
Abstract Scope Titanium alloys undergo an allotropic phase transformation during cooling from above the beta transus. Each beta grain decomposes into one or more alpha-phase orientations that share a special crystallographic orientation relationship (OR) with the beta-phase that was first reported by Burgers, viz (0001)alpha || {110}beta and <11-20>alpha || <111>beta. This OR can be exploited to reconstruct the high temperature parent beta-phase from alpha-phase orientations measured at room temperature. The author wrote a code to do this over 10 years ago while a PhD student at Ohio State. After performing countless reconstructions for colleagues and collaborators, the time has come to release the code into the wild! The purpose of this presentation is to describe the approach, the code and its pitfalls, and to provide a link to a persistent repository so that future graduate students and researchers need not spend their valuable time and financial resources developing this same capability.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned:
Keywords Titanium, Characterization, Phase Transformations


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