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Meeting 2021 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Practical Tools for Integration and Analysis in Materials Engineering
Presentation Title Foundations and Applications of DAMASK
Author(s) Philip Eisenlohr, Martin Diehl, Pratheek Shanthraj, Franz Roters, Dierk Raabe
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Philip Eisenlohr
Abstract Scope The Düsseldorf Advanced Material Simulation Kit (DAMASK) at its core provides a modular framework to simulate and analyze anisotropic elastoplasticity of (crystalline) materials at finite strains. The modular design enables the use of DAMASK within various boundary value solvers as well as allows to seamlessly integrate and extend the set of different descriptions of the material constitutive behavior. Recent enhancements facilitate the use of DAMASK in coupled multi-field simulations such as chemo-thermo-mechanics. This talk outlines the theoretical underpinnings of the framework design starting from the purely mechanical case and following the development towards coupled problems of crystal plasticity. The demonstrations of exemplary use cases include texture development of face- and body-centered cubic materials, thermo-mechanics during heating and cooling, and the influence of a nearby surface on crystal plasticity.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned:


A Fast Fourier Transform Based Crystal Plasticity Constitutive Model for Predicting Creep and Rupture Lifetime in Metallic Systems
A framework for closed-loop materials design using density functional theory
A method to reconstruct prior beta grain orientations from measured alpha-phase electron backscatter diffraction data
A Private Ledger Architecture Tailored for Secure Workflow Management in Additive Manufacturing Facilities
Accelerated tools for disordered-materials discovery
Application of Prolate Spheroid Stereology to Microtexture Regions in Ti-6Al-4V
Batch Reification Fusion Optimization (BAREFOOT) Framework
Calculation of first principles based thermodynamic and kinetic materials properties using CASM
Data Science and Informatics Tools for Accelerated Materials Innovation
Foundations and Applications of DAMASK
LAMMPS as a tool in materials modeling workflows
PRISMS-PF – A High Performance Phase-Field Modeling Framework to Simulate Microstructure Evolution
Prisms-plasticity: An Open-Source Crystal Plasticity Finite Element Software
The Materials Commons 2.0: A Collaboration Platform and Information Repository for the Global Materials Community
Tools for microstructural analysis using computer vision and machine learning

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