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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2020
Symposium Grain Boundaries, Interfaces, and Surfaces in Functional Materials: Fundamental Structure-Property-Performance Relationships
Presentation Title Electromigration-induced Defects' Evolution in Polycrystalline Interconnects: Insights from Phase-field Simulations
Author(s) William Farmer, Sree Shivani Vemulapalli, Kumar Ankit
On-Site Speaker (Planned) William Farmer
Abstract Scope Miniaturization of microdevices comes at the cost of increased circuit complexity and operating current densities. At large current densities electromigration leads to degradation of interconnects and solder, ultimately resulting in circuit failure. Although electromigration-induced defects in electronic materials can manifest in several forms, the formation of voids and channel-like slits can be commonly observed. This research aims at understanding the morphological evolution of voids and slits under electromigration by formulating a phase-field model that accounts for anisotropic mobility in the metallic interconnect. On the basis of an extensive parametric study, we report the conditions under which 'pancaking' of voids or the novel void 'swimming' regimes are observed. The simulated morphological evolution of slits propagating along grain boundaries is found to be strongly dependent on the grain size, atomic mobility and operating current density. Finally, inferences are drawn to formulate strategies using which the reliability of interconnects can be improved.
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