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Meeting 13th International Conference on the Technology of Plasticity (ICTP 2021)
Symposium 13th International Conference on the Technology of Plasticity (ICTP 2021)
Presentation Title Crystal Plasticity Analysis of the Effect of Bi-modal Microstructure's Features of Titanium Alloy on Strain Localization
Author(s) Jian Zhang, Hongwei Li, Xinxin Sun
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Jian Zhang
Abstract Scope The features of bi-modal microstructure of titanium alloy lie in the primary equiaxial alpha and the secondary lamellar alpha. Moreover, the content, morphological distribution and interaction of them play an important role in the initiation and evolution of strain localization. To address the effect, a microstructure-based crystal plasticity finite element model was established with the bi-modal microstructure. the mechanism of dislocation strengthening was considered with the primary equiaxial alpha, and the flow softening caused by the loss of Hall-Petch strengthening was taken into account with the secondary lamellar alpha. The model was able to capture the deformation inhomogeneity and evolution of strain localization in bi-modal titanium alloy during thermomechanical working processes. With this model, the geometrically necessary dislocations at the phase interface and the global and local Schmid factor were calculated to characterize the effect of bi-modal microstructure’s features of titanium alloy on strain inhomogeneity.
Proceedings Inclusion? Definite: At-meeting proceedings


45 Year’s Research and Development on Metal Forming and Joining
A Brief Review on Theoretical Aspects of Bar Straightening with Recent Developments in its Modelling, Simulation, Control System and Stabilisation.
A Computational Study on the Producible Rolling Thickness in Ultra-thin Strip Rolling
A Contact and Friction Model for Forming of Galvanized Steel Sheet Based on Fractal Theory
A Critical Review on the CPFEM Models Accounting for Gain Boundary Hardening Effect and Some Developments toward Simplification of the Wagoner Super-Dislocations (SD) Model
A Fast Computational Model for the Local Stress Distribution and Mechanical and Thermal Work Roll Deformations with Effects on Strip Profile and Flatness during Hot Rolling of Strip in Four-high Mills
A FE Billet Model and A Spring-mass-damper Press Model for the Simulation of Dynamic Forging Process: Application to a Screw Press
A Hot Forming Method for Die Temperature Higher than Billet Temperature
A Micro-macro Approach to Model the Residual Stresses in Metastable Austenitic Stainless Steel (MASS) Disc Springs Manufactured by Incremental Sheet Forming (ISF)
A New Approach for Measuring the Plastic Flow Behaviour in the Cutting Zone during Shearing in a Punching Machine
A New Approach for the Production of Burr-free Sheet Metal Components Having Significantly Increased Residual Formability
A New Criterion for Triclinic-asymmetric Yielding: Implicitly Describing Anisotropy and Distortional Asymmetry
A New Non-destructive Testing Method Applied to Clinching
A New Numerical Technique for Correction of the Stress-strain Curve and the Stress–strain Distribution on Neck Section in Tensile Specimen
A New Pure Bending Device for Material Properties Test of Sheet Metal
A New Test Method for Sheet Metal Deformation Subjected to Tension under Cyclic Bending and Compression (TCBC)
A Novel Approach to Predicting Surface Properties Generated during Metal Forming Processes
A Novel Continuum Damage Constitutive Model for Predicting the Forming Limit of AA7075 Alloy at Elevated Temperatures
A Novel Flexible Skew Rolling Process for Step Shafts: Feasibility Study
A Novel High Efficiency Method of Forming Polymers: An Insight into Their Forming Mechanism and Thermal Properties
A Novel Method to Fabricate 3D Structure Material with Mixtures of Coarse and Nano Grains by 3D Incremental Rolling
A Numerical and Experimental Investigation on the Full Path Crack Propagation for Duo-scale Microstructure WC-Co Cemented Carbide
A Plasticity Framework for Forming Applications
A Porosity Closure Model for the Integrated Casting and Forging Process of Aluminum Alloy and Its Application
A Predictive Strain-gradient Treatment with No Undetermined Constants or Length Scales
A Proposed Common Single-die Exchange Technique for Minimizing the Number of Installations in a Cold Forging Process of Pulleys
A Split-ring Test for Springback Measurement of QP Steel Sheets
A Study of Anisotropic Yield Function Based on J2 and J3 Invariants
A Study of the Forming Quality of Magnesium Alloy Cylindrical Parts with Inner Ribs by Induction-heating Assisted Spinning
A Study on Developing Advanced Design Formula for Heat Form Quench (HFQ®) of Complex-shaped Aluminium Panels
A Study on Tube Bending Die Design in the Tube-hydroforming Process
A Study on Unified Modelling of Hot Stamping Boron Steel Components with Controlled Microstructural Distribution for Optimised Crashworthiness
A Vision of Numerically Controlled, Autonomous Manufacturing and Metal Forming
AA5754 Damage and Fracture Behavior Sensitivity to the Strain Rate Effect
Abnormal Plastic Flow and Fracture Behavior of Dual-phase Steels Induced by Dynamic Strain Aging
Accurate Mapping of Thermal Camera Measurements on Planar Deformations
Accurate Modelling of Flow Stress of AISI1025 at Room Temperature and Its Application to Precision Forging Simulation
Achieving an Interference Fit between Two Rings during Composite Ring Rolling
Achieving Dual-property from a Single Superalloy by Tailoring Its Second-phase Particles during Multi-step Plastic Forming with External Magnetic Field
Adaptive Manufacturing in Toolmaking through Cross-technology Process Chains
Adding Value by Advancing Metal Forming
Adjusting Product Properties by Deliberate Induction of Residual Stresses in Single Point Incremental Forming
Advanced Application of Al-Steel Hybrid Sheets for EV Battery Casing
Advanced Design of Work Roll Contours for Different Roll Mill Types
Advancements in the Simulation of Magnetic Pulse Forming Processes with FORGE(R)
Advances and Challenges in Computational Modeling of Impact Welding Process
Advancing the Accuracy of Computational Models for Double-sided Incremental Forming
Aging Hardening Response and Fracture Behavior of an Ultra-high Manganese Low-density Austenitic Cast Steel
An Application of Homogeneous Anisotropic Hardening Model to the Prestrained Hole-expansion Experiment
An Asymmetric Plasticity Constitutive Model Fully Coupled with Isotropic Ductile Damage for Failure Frediction of Mg Alloy AZ31B
An Enhanced Johnson–Cook Model for Describing Hot Deformation Behaviors of a Typical Al-Si-Mg Alloy
An Extended Ductile Fracture Prediction Model Considering Hydrostatic Stress and Maximum Shear Stress
An Extended GTN Ductile Fracture Model for a Broad Range of Stress States
An Improved Hot Stamping Process for Titanium Alloys by Fast Heating
An Investigation into the Influence of Interrupted Loading in Improving the Stretch-flangeability of Dual-phase (DP600) Steels
An investigation on formability of Ti6Al4V alloy in the three-layer sheet hot stamping process
An Upper Bound Analysis of Friction Stir Spot Welding Processes
Analysis of Anisotropy Behavior of Aluminium Alloys by Barlat´S YLD 2000-2D Yield Stress Function
Analysis of Creep Behavior of Magnesium Alloy Sheet (AZ31B) in Warm Forming
Analysis of Cross-hardening by High Resolution Orientation Imaging
Analysis of Cylindrically and Spherically Embossed Flux Barriers in Non-oriented Electrical Steel
Analysis of Influencing Factors on the Achievability of Bistable Fully Closed Shells by Semi-analytical Modelling
Analysis of Material Work Hardening and Fracture Strains for Sheet Metal Stamping Processes
Analysis of Microstructure Based Variational and Progressive Strain Hardening Behavior for Copper Single Crystal
Analysis of Orientation Behavior of Plate-like Particles in Differential Speed Powder Rolling
Analysis of the Influence of Joining Partners on the Residual Stress Distribution in Assembled Shafts
Analysis of the Microstructural Forming Behavior of 316L Metal Foils with Different Initial Grain Sizes for the Production of Metallic Bipolar Plates
Analysis of the Thermomechanical Flow Behavior of Carburized Sheet Metal in Hot Stamping
Analysis of Tube Spinning
Analysis of Work Hardening and Tribological Changes after a Gap Controlled Drawbead Passage
Analytical Model for Non-axisymmetric Deformation in Ring Rolling
Anisotropic Ductile Fracture Estimation of Diagonal Cracks in Flange-shaped Parts
Anisotropic Plasticity and Ductile Fracture of Titanium Alloy Sheet at Elevated Temperature: Characterization and Modeling
Anisotropic Plasticity and Fracture Behavior of AZ31B Magnesium Alloy Sheet
Apparent Anisotropy of Cubic Materials as a Function of Material and Boundary Value Problem Length-scales
Applicability of ALE Based FEM Methods in the Numerical Modeling of 3D Fine Blanking Processes
Application of Barlat´S YLD 2000-2D Yield Criterion to Predict the Anisotropic Response of Stainless Steel
Application of Servo Motion Curve to Square Cup Deep Drawing Process
Application of the Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) Method to Evaluate the Sheared Edge Quality and Edge Cracking
Assessing the Accuracy of the Methods Used for Computing the Balanced Biaxial Yield Stress
Assessment of Influence of Damage on Component Properties by Model Predictions
Augmentation of Plasma-based Impulse Generation with Rapid Chemical Reactions
Basic Study for the Controlled Adjustment of the Residual Stress State in Wire Drawing for Further Processing to Torsion Bar Springs
Basic Study for the Controlled Adjustment of the Residual Stress State in Wire Drawing Products for Further Processing to Torsion Bar Springs
Biaxial Tensile Test on Aluminum Alloy Sheet at Warm Temperature
Buckling in Highly Shaped Rolled Rings
Bulk Microforming From Sheet Metal - A Promising Approach for the Mass Production of Cold Formed Metallic Micro Parts
Calibration and Verification of Stress-strain Curve in High Strain Region of Mild Steel Sheet
Characterisation of Anisotropic Material Behaviour
Characterization of Mechanical Properties, Fracture, Microstructure for Aluminum Alloy under High-rate Electromagnetic Tensile Loadings
Closed-die Forging of Titanium and Nickel-based Superalloys
Co-extrusion of Compound-cast AA7075/6060 Bilayer Billets at Various Temperatures
Combined Computed Tomography and Numerical Modeling for the Analysis of Bending of Additively Manufactured Cellular Sheets
Comparative Study about Progressive Bending Characteristics of AHSS Dual Phase and UHSS Martensitic Steels
Comparative Study of Electrically-assisted Pressure Joining: Aluminum 6061-T6 Alloys and Copper C11000 Alloys
Comparison of Linear Regression and Neural Networks as Surrogates for Sensor Modeling on a Deep Drawn Part
Comparison of Plasticity and Fracture Behaviors of Conventional and 3rd Gen. AHSS
Comparison of Rolling Forces and Enlargement of Hot-rolled Strip Obtained from Experimental, Analytical and Simulation Models
Comparison on the Processing of Height Deviations of Discs from FEM and Real Rollings in Radial-Axial Ring Rolling
Compatible Deformation and Ductility of Magnesium
Complementary Methods for Assessment of Residual Stress Fields Induced by Rotary Swaging of Steel Bars
Compression of C/Thermoplastic Printed Composite; Shaping Parameters and Material Health
Computational Modeling of Magnetic Pulse Dissimilar Alloys Welding: Aluminum Alloy 6082-T6 and HC420LA Steel
Computer Aided Modeling of the Hot Forming Staking Process Based on Experimental Data
Constitutive Hardening Model Development for Materials with Evolving Microstructural Phase Constituents
Constitutive Law Parameter Identification for Hot Forging Using Compression Experiments on Forging Presses
Constitutive Model and Plate Forging Ability of 5052 Aluminum Alloy under Different Temperatures
Constitutive Modeling and Processing Map of Ti-5Al-5Mo-5V-3Cr-1Zr Alloy during Hot Deformation
Construction of Material Constitutive Model under Ultrasonic Vibration
Control Theory for High End Press Brake
Crystal Plasticity Analysis of the Effect of Bi-modal Microstructure's Features of Titanium Alloy on Strain Localization
Cutting Blades for Food Processing Applications Manufactured Using Innovative Spin Forming
Decoupling of Adverse Effect of Inter-roll Thrust Force on Steering Control during Strip Rolling
Deformation Analysis in Ultrasonic-assisted Multi-stage Incremental Sheet Forming
Deformation Mechanism of the Tooth Material Filling for Precision Forging of Spur Gears
Deformation Mechanism Selection during Superplasticity Testing of Submicron AA 5083
Deformation Mechanisms in Tool-workpiece Asperity Contact in Metal Forming
Deformation Uniformity Control in Precision Forming of Thin-walled Parts under the Subregion Control of Flexible-die Property
Deforming Behavior in Magnetic Pressure Parallel Seam Welding
Deforming Nanometric Volumes at Large Shear Strains by AFM Scratching
Demonstration of the Potential of Multi-material Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) for Regenerative Surfacing of Hot Forging Dies
Dependence of Mesoscale Structure of Drawn High Carbon Steel Wire on Wire Diameter
Descriptions of Several Cyclic Plasticity Phenomena Based on Y-U Model: Elastic-plastic Transition, Closure of Stress-strain Loop and Ratcheting
Design and fabrication of a high-performance magnetic actuator for magnetic pulse welding of metal tubes with large diameters
Design of a New Cruciform-like Specimen for Combined Tension and Shear of Metal Sheets
Development and Implementation of Static Recrystallization Model of 6XXX Aluminum Alloy Using Industrial Experiments
Development of a Multi-cycle Hot Stamping Simulator to Study the Effect of Tool Temperature on the IHTC for Aluminium Alloys
Development of a New One-side Riveting Process for Dissimilar Metallic and Non-metallic Materials
Development of a New Printing Method Using Soft Material Tools
Development of a Special Cold Roll Bonding Technique for Fabrication of Al-Steel Layered Composites with a Wavy Interface
Development of Adhesion Preventing Method during Deep-drawing of Titanium Alloy Sheets
Development of Antiloosening Bolts Based on Innovative Double Thread Mechanism
Development of Automatic Design System for Closed Die Forging Process of Disk-shaped Products
Development of Compact Testing Apparatus for In-situ Micro-observation of Surface Roughness in Micro-forming process.
Development of Criteria for Strain Induced Oxide Layer Fracture during Cold Rolling of Aluminum
Development of Mechanical Cards for Finite Element Analysis of Mild Steels by Parameter Optimization
Development of Numerical Model Based Deep Learning for the Roll Force Prediction at the Sendzimir Mill
Development of Oil-type Lubricants for Cold Forging Using Phase Transition Behavior Under High-pressure Conditions
Development of Theory and Technologies for Hybrid Metal Forming Processes
Development of Warm Press Forming Process Method of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy Sheet
Direct Measurement of Stiction/Friction Forces during Microscale Metal Forming Processes: Effects of Size and Surface Coatings
Directional Distortional Hardening of Mg Alloys under Bi-axial Tensile Test
Ductile Fracture Behavior at Micro/Meso-scale in Ultrafine-grained Materials
Ductile Fracture in Flow Spinning of Aluminum Alloy Thin-walled Tubular Parts with Longitudinal and Transverse Inner Ribs
Ductile Fracture Prediction of Hot Stamped Boron Steel 22MnB5 with Modified Mohr-Coulomb and Hosford-Coulomb Models
Dynamic Recrystallization Behaviors of 5083 Aluminum Alloys with Different Initial Microstructures under Hot Compression
Dynamic Recrystallization Characteristics of GH4169 Superalloy with Different Initial δ Phase during Hot Deformation Accompanied by Changed Strain Rate
Effect of a Rapid Aging Treatment at High Temperatures (TERAT) on the Mechanical and Structural Properties of Alloy 6201
Effect of Anisotropy Evolution on Several Sheet Metal Forming Processes
Effect of Bending Intensity on Straightness in Spinner Straightener
Effect of Blanking on Magnetic and Mechanical Properties of Non-oriented Electrical Steel
Effect of Cold-rolling Deformation on Microstructural Evolution, Mechanical Properties and Deformation Behavior of Ultra-low Carbon Medium Mn Steel
Effect of Continuous Extrusion Forming on Microstructure of Copper Bar
Effect of CZM Parameters on Delamination Behavior of Laminated Metal Sheet with Thin Adhesive Layer in V-die Bending Test
Effect of Deformation Parameters on Microstructure of 6082 Aluminum Alloy Undergoing Deformation-solution-aging Process
Effect of Delivery Angle on Longitudinal Buckling in Temper Rolling of Thin Steel Strips
Effect of Expansion Ratio on Formability in Tube Drawing with Diameter Expansion
Effect of Feed Rate on Texture Evolution of 42CrMo Casting Blank during Hot Ring Rolling
Effect of Ferrite Rolling Temperature on the Microstructure and Properties of an Ultra-low Carbon Steel Produced by CSP Process
Effect of Friction Extrusion Parameters on Microstructure, Texture and Properties of Two Precipitation Hardened Al Alloys
Effect of Machining Induced Microstructure Changes on the Edge Formability of Titanium Alloys at Room Temperature
Effect of Microscopic Sine Profile of the Work Roll Surface on the Material Behavior during Cold Rolling of Al Sheets
Effect of Production Rate on Lubrication Performance in Combined Forward-Can and Backward-Can Cold Extrusion Test
Effect of Pulse Current on Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Ultrahigh Strength Steel
Effect of Short Pulsed-current on Stress Relaxation in Uniaxial Tensile Test
Effect of Slide Motions on Drawing Depth and Thickness Variation of Pure Titanium in Servo Press Microforming
Effect of Superimposed Pressure on the Plasticity, Localization and Fracture of Aluminum Alloys
Effect of the Slider Motion of Servo-press on the Spring Back of Bending with High Strength Aluminum Sheets
Effect of Width-to-thickness Ratio of Product on the Quality of Welding Properties of AA6063 during Continuous Extrusion with Double Billets
Effects of Combined Extrusion and Forging Process on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Al/Mg/Al Sheet
Effects of Heat Treatment Temperature and Holding Time on Microstructure Evolution and Microhardness of SAF2205 Duplex Stainless Steel After Cyclic Torsion Deformation
Effects of Microstructure on Mechanical Properties of MAX Phase Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composites by Micro-indentation
Effects of Press Ram Vibrations on the Production Quality
Effects of Process Parameters on the Peeling Strength of Warm Roll-bonded AL1100/Polyurethane/AL1100 Sandwich Composite under Static/Cyclic Loading
Effects of Process Parameters on the Peeling Strength of Warm Roll-bonded AL1100/Polyurethane/AL1100 Sandwich Composite under Static/Cyclic Loading
Effects of Processing Parameters on Microstructure Evolution of 300M Ultrahigh Strength Steel during the Combined Additive Manufacturing and Forging Process
Effects of Residual Strain on Grain Growth of Extruded Aluminum Micro-channel Tubes during Heat Treatment
Effects of Servo Press Forming on Various Strain Path Failures
Efficient Evaluation of Springback in Spatial Bending of Superalloy Helical Tubes
Elastoplastic Finite Element Analysis of Multi-body Processes for Joining Mechanical Parts
Electric Pulse Sprigback Reduction on AA5754 Forming
Electrically Assisted Pressure Joining of Cylindrical Steel Bolt and Steel Plate
Electrically Assisted Solid-state Joining with Plastic Deformation: Dissimilar Stainless Steel Joints
Elimination of Deformation Localization in the Forming of Fuselage Profiles with Variable Bending Curvatures and Sections Employing the Novel Friction Assist Stretch Bending Method
Energy-dependent Surface Integrity of Stainless Steel AISI 304 after Robot-based Machine Hammer Peening
Enhancing Tool Life by Manipulating the Punch & Die Elastic Strain Field during Forging
Estimation and Prevention of Strain Localization in Shear Tests
Evaluating 980 GEN-3 Steel with Tested and Numerical Forming Limit Curve
Evaluating an Automated Avoidance of Ring Climbing in Radial-axial Ring Rolling
Evaluating the Reliability of a Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) Tool to Measure the Incoming Sheet Mechanical Properties
Evaluation of isotropic and anisotropic constitutive models on plasticity prediction of AA7075 extruded tube under Tension-Tension and Tension-Compression
Evaluation of Lubricant Performance for Thick Sheet Ironing Process by Ball Ironing Test
Evaluationg of Press Forming Technique for Bent Automotive Body Parts Using In-plane Shear Deformation
Experimental Analysis on Granular Media Based Tube Forming with Active Axial Feed
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Thermal Self-piercing Riveting Joint Performance of AA7075-T6 Aluminum Alloy
Experimental and Numerical Investigations into the Influence of the Process Parameters during the Deep Drawing of Fiber Metal Laminates
Experimental and Numerical Investigations on the Development and Stability of Residual Stresses Arising from Hot Forming Processes
Experimental and Numerical Studies on Plastic Deformation and Failure Behavior of Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Al Composite Sheet under Uniaxial Loading Condition
Experimental Assessment and Numerical Analysis of the Pillow Effect in Double-sided and Two-point Incremental Sheet Forming Processes
Experimental Characterization of Plasticity Increment Induced by TRIP and Its Dependence on the Annealing Temperature in Lean Duplex Stainless Steel
Experimental Implementation of SS 316L Cruciform Testing to Achieve Various Deformation Paths
Experimental Investigation and Constitutive Modeling of Dynamic Behavior and the Anisotropic Response of High-strength Lightweight AL-Li Alloys Sheets
Experimental Investigation of Component Contour and Cutting Offset on the Edge Fracture Behavior Using a Two-stage Shear Cutting Process
Experimental Investigation of Different WAAM (Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing) Processes and Their Influence on the Component Properties and Formability
Experimental Investigation on the Forming Limit of AZ31 Alloy by Temperature-controlled Incremental Forming
Experimental Investigations for Stretch Bending of Extruded 7075 Aluminum Alloy Profile with Y-section
Experimental Research on Mechanics Response of Q235 Steel under Stress Cyclic Loading
Experimental Study and Analysis on the Effects of Cyclic Bending on the Stress-strain Curves of Aluminum Plate
Experimental study and modelling of stress relaxation ageing behaviour and post-form mechanical properties in creep age forming of Al-Zn-Mg alloy
Experimental Study of Asymmetric Rolling of Aluminum Alloys
Experimental Study on Texture Evolution of Mg-Y Magnesium Alloy in Extrusion
Experimental Study on the In-plane Torsion Test for Sheet Metal
Experimental Study on Uniaxial Strain Cyclic Behavior of GS-20Mn5
Exploring the Fragmentation of Surface Films during Solid State Welding
Extrusion Technology of High-performance Aluminum Alloy Profiles with Large Complex Section
Fabrication of NiAl/TiAl-based Gradient Alloys by Additive Sintering
Failure Behavior of Cladded Steels during Bending – Experiment and Simulation
Fast Development of New Alloys for Metal Forming Using Additive Manufacturing
Fast Development of New Alloys for Metal Forming Using Additive Manufacturing
Fatigue Characteristics and Failure Mechanism of Self-piercing Riveting DP590 and AA6061 Plates
FE-based Investigation on the Influence of Inhomogeneously Heated Billets on Subsequent Forging Processes
FE Simulations of Piercing and Trimming of Al Alloys and AHSS
FEM Analysis on Multi-pass Wiredrawing Process of Ultra-fine Steel Wire: Investigation on Stress, Strain and Hardness
Fine-piercing of Electrical Steel Sheets by Edge-sharpened Diamond-punch
Finite Element Analysis and Comparison of Sheet Flatness during Symmetric and Asymmetric Cold Rolling
Finite Element Analysis of Die Quenching 22MnB5 Steel Sheets
Finite Element Method Based on Space Mesh
Finite Element Modeling and Control of the Forming Temperature in Electrically-assisted Double Sided Incremental Forming
Finite Element Simulation and Punch Design for Tube Hydro-piercing
Finite Element Simulation of Edge Fracture by Mapping the Shear-induced Ductile Damage into Hole-expansion Simulation
Flexible Manufacturing of Concave-convex Parts by Incremental Sheet Forming with Active Medium
Flow Behavior and Processing Map of a Nickel-based Superalloy during Hot Plastic Deformation Process
Fluidity of the Wood Composite Combined with Natural Binder on Injection Molding
Folding-shearing to Produce an Isolated Shrink Corner
Force-controlled Toolpaths in Metal Spinning
Formability Analysis of a Local Heat-treated Aluminium Alloy Thin-walled Tube
Formability and Damage-resistance of Laminated Steel Sheets with Non-ideal Interface Bonding
Formability Improvements at Room Temperature of AA5754-H32 via Continuous Bending under Tension (CBT) and Pre-forming Heat Treatment
Formability of Functional Corrugated Cup
Formation of Residual Stresses in Austenitic Stainless Steels by Infeed and Recess Rotary Swaging
Forming-induced Distortion of Dissimilar Ti-Al Laminated Composite Plate after Non-equal Channel Lateral Co-extrusion
Forming-induced Residual Stress Influence on Material Properties of Roll-Formed High Strength Martensite Steels
Forming Limit Results Comparing the Bragard Technique with a Statistical, Deformation-history Analysis
Forming of Metallic Membrane by Layered Deep Drawing
Forming of Parts with Locally Defined Mechanical and Ferromagnetic Properties by Flow-forming
Forming of PMMA Sheets by Lap Incremental Forming with Local Friction Heating
Forming of Spur Gear by Combination of Divided Flow Forging and Slide Motion by Using Liquid Lubricant
Forming Surface Texture on Copper Sheets by Electrically-assisted Micro-rolling
Forming the Future – Metal Forming, Innovation for Sustainability
Fretting Damage and Fatigue Property Analysis of Self-piercing Riveted Joints of AA5052 Aluminium Alloy
Friction and Thermal Insulation: Influence of Oxide Scale on Hot Forging Sequences
Friction Based Solid State Recycling: An Industry-ready Technology?
Friction Law in Cold Metal Forming
Friction Stir Welding Applied in Joining of Wrought Homogenized Armor Steel
Friction Welding with a Metal Powder Interlayer
From Bridge to Bumper – Utilization of Pre-stressing during Manufacturing of Hybrid Sheet Metal Structures
Full-field strain measurement in multi-stage shear cutting: High-speed camera setup and variational motion estimation
Fundamentals of Continuous Helicoid Auger Flighting Rolling - Deformation Mechanics, Kinematics and Applications
Galling-free Micro-forging of Titanium Wire with High Reduction in Thickness by Beta-SiC Dies
General Step Reduction and Enlargement Method for Knowledge-based Process Planning of Totally Non-axisymmetric Forged Products with Blanking and Punching
Generation of Locally Adjusted Tailored Properties in High-strength Steels Using Contact Heating during a Press Hardening Process
Geometry Representation Techniques for Machine Learning Application in Incremental Sheet Forming
Grain size effect on formability in electromagnetically-assisted micro-bulging of pure titanium sheet
Grain Size Effect on the Ductile Fracture of Steel in Hot Deformation
Hardening/Softening Characteristics of a TRIP-assisted Duplex Stainless Steel under Cyclic Deformation
Heterogeneous Deformation in (α+β) Titanium Alloys: Iin-situ Explorations of Strain Localization and Its Governing Deformation Micro-events
High-speed Material Characterization Using an Instrumented Forging Hammer
High-temperature Properties of Hot-work Tool Steel (AISI H13) Deposited via Direct Energy Deposition
Hole Expansion Simulation of Steel Sheet Considering Differential Hardening
Hot Cutting of Press-hardened Parts in Different Heat Treatment Regimes
Hot Deformation Behavior and Constitutive Modeling of a Novel Ni-based Superalloy
Hot Deformation Behavior of Aluminum-matrix Composites Reinforced with MAX Phase in Situ by Synthesis and Sintering
Hot Ring Rolling and Cold Expanding Strengthening of Mn18Cr18N Thick-wall Hollow Ingots
Hydro-mechanical Deep Drawing of Locally Solution Treated Aluminum Alloy Sheets
Identification of the Anisotropic Plastic Constitutive Parameters Using the Virtual Fields Method for AZ31B Magnesium Alloy
Image Feature Analysis for Magnetic Particle Inspection of Forging Defects
Impact of the Temperature Field of a C38 Steel Slug on its Thixoforging: Experiments and Simulations
Improvement of Formability of Advanced High-strength Steels: Effect of Local Stress Partitioning and Plastic Anisotropy on Residual Stress Concentration
Improvement on Buckling Limit of Thick Tube in Axial Compression
Impulse-based Residual Stress Relief
In-plane Stretch-bending Test for Determination of Large-strain Workhardening and Fracture of Sheet Metals
In Search of the Perfect Sheet Metal Forming Tribometer
Increased Resistance to Mixed-mode Cracking in Sharp Edges through Severe Plastic Deformation
Incremental Collar Forming Process for the Manufacturing of Branched Tubes and Pipes
Incremental Grooving of Thin-walled Tubes Filled with Discrete Media
Industrial Conform Experimental Methods for the Determination of Forming and Fracture Limits in Complex Bulk Forming Processes
Influence of Axial Feed-rate on Shape and Thickness Changes during Multi-pass Tube Spinning: Experiments and Modelling
Influence of Deformation on Texture Development during Cold Drawing of Tubes
Influence of Forming Conditions on Metal Flow and Lubrication in Cold Backward-cup Extrusion
Influence of Loading Path Change on Fracture of an Aluminum Alloy
Influence of Material Delivery Condition on Residual Stresses and Part Properties during Forward Rod Extrusion
Influence of Quenching Temperature on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties in Cu-containing Quenching and Partitioning (Q&P) Steels
Influence of Sample Shape on Distributon Uniformity of Shear Stress in Pure Shear Test of Tubes
Influence of Shear Cutting Process Parameters on the Residual Stress State and the Fatigue Strength of Gears
Influence of Specimen Preparation Methods on the Mechanical Properties and Superplastic Behavior of AA5083 Sheets
Influence of Strain on the Site Occupancy of Hydrogen in Alpha- zirconium from the First-principle Calculations
Influence of the Process Parameters on Orange Peel Effect in AZ31 Warm Incremental Forming
Influence of the Quenching Rate and Natural Ageing Duration on the Formability and Mechanical Properties of EN AW-7075
Influence of Ultrasonic-assistance on the Forming Limits of Steel
Influences of Key Forging Parameters on Cold Orbital Forging of Thin Parts with High Circular Ribs
Inline Combination of Flow Forming and Radial Profiling for the Production of High Accuracy Profiled Hollow Parts
Innovative Simulation Strategy for the Mastering of Tribological Surface Transformations
Instability Analysis in Incremental Rotary Forming of Tube Flanges
Intelligent Materials Testing for Hot Forming of Aluminium Sheet Metal
Introduction of a New Method for Continuous Aluminum Hot Extrusion
Investigating Plastic Anisotropy of Al7079 Using Crystal Plasticity Simulations
Investigation into Microstructure Evolution during Hot Compressions of Mg-Al-Zn-RE Alloy
Investigation of a Novel Constructive Hot Ring Rolling Process for Double Metal Composite Ring
Investigation of an Integrated Process for Bending and Cross Section Forming of Tubular Lightweight Parts Based on a Working Media Made of Materials with High Plasticity
Investigation of Directional Effects of Deep Rolling Process on Plastic Deformation and Residual Stresses Using Finite Element Analysis
Investigation of Effects of Part Features in Single Point Incremental Forming of Narrow Channels
Investigation of Failure Mechanisms of Cemented Carbide Fine Blanking Punches by Means of Process Forces and Acoustic Emission
Investigation of Forward–Backward-Radial Extrusion Process of Aluminum Alloy Wheel Hub
Investigation of Machine Learning Models for a Time Series Classification Task in Radial-axial Ring Rolling
Investigation of Multi-layered Sheets Formability Manufactured by Accumulative Roll Bonding
Investigation on Austenite Transformation Kinetic Mechanism of Ultra-high Strength Steel by Rapid Heating
Investigation on Dynamic Recrystallization Behavior of a Typical Ultrahigh Strength Steel by Cellular Automaton Simulation
Investigation on Springback Behavior of Multi-intersecting High Stiffened Structure in Die Forming
Investigation on Stress-relaxation Ageing Behavior and Mechanical Properties of AA2219 Alloy Under Different Pre-deformations
Investigation on the Evolution of Damage and Microstructure in Hot Flat and Caliber Rolling of Steels
Investigation on the In-plane Anisotropy and Tension-compression Asymmetry of Twin Roll Cast and Hot Rolled AZ31 Magnesium Alloy Thin Sheet with Modified Sample Geometry
Investigation on the Whole Forming Process of Super-large Flat Ring
Investigations and Applications of Multi-stage Semisolid Forming on Manufacturing of Ferrous and Non-ferrous Alloys Components
Investigations and Improvements in 3D-DIC Optical Residual Stress Analysis – A New Temperature Compensation Method
Investigations on Dynamic Characteristics of a Mechanical Press Considering Both Translational Clearance Joint and Lubrication Effect
Large Strain Flow Curve Determination for Sheet Metal
Limit Rolling Forming of Pulsed Electric Current Excitation Stainless Steel Foil Strip
Liquation Cracking Susceptibility of FeMnAl Alloys for Armor Applications
Local Creation of Uniform Residual Stresses into Sheet Metal Components by Means of Multiple One-sided Embossing
Local Microscopic and Integral Macroscopic Analysis of Magnetic Pulse Welds and Deformations for Dissimilar Metal Joints
Localized Adjustment of the Tribological System via Porous Tool Inserts Generated by Laser Beam Melting (LBM)
Localized Contact Pressure of Blankholder for Stamping Irregular Sheet Parts by Configuring the Height of the Supporting Elements
Low Temperature Forging of High Strength CP Ti
Machine Learning Based Prediction and Compensation of Springback for Tube Bending
Macro- and Micromechanical Investigations on Residual Stresses in Extruded Components
Macro Deformation Characteristics of Medium Mn TRIP Steel Affected by Loading Stress States and Phase Transformation
Manufacturing of Circle Knife Blades with Modified Spin Forming Process
Manufacturing of Shape Memory Alloy Pipe Coupler: Modeling and Application
Manufacturing of Tailored Blanks with Pre-shaped Involute Gearings by Using a Flexible Rolling Process and Its Application in a Sheet-bulk Metal Forming Process
Manufacturing Processes of Non-metallic Materials
Material Characterization and Numerical Modeling of Incremental Forming Processes
Mathematical Model and Quantitative Analysis of Residual Stress Hole during Laser Shock Peening
Measurement of the Residual Stress in Tube Spinning Process by Using Slitting Method
Mechanical Behavior of Third Generation Advanced High Strength Steel under Simple Shear and Reverse Loading: Experimental and Theoretical Approach
Mechanical Properties of Aluminum-stainless Steel Bimetal Composite Fabricated by Extrusion Process
Metal Foils for Bipolar Plates – Correlation of Initial Grain Size and Forming Behavior of 316L
Methods and Mechanisms to Uniformly Refine Deformed Mixed and Coarse Grains Inside a Solution-treated Ni-based Superalloy by Heat Treatment
Methods for Increasing the Durability of Forging Tools - Comprehension Review and Outlook
Microscale Pattern Replication in Aluminum: Mechanical Response and Incomplete Die Filling in a Double-punch Molding Configuration
Microstructural Evolution of Ti-55511 Titanium Alloy during Quasi-beta Forging
Microstructural Influences on Grain Boundary Sliding in High Purity Aluminum
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties Evolution of Pure Ti microtube in Cyclic Rotating Bending Process
Microstructure and Thermomechanical Properties of AA7075 Sheet Metal Processed by ECAP
Microstructure Evolution during Isothermal Forging of 7A85 Aluminum Aviation Component
Microstructure Evolution of 300M Steel in Dynamic Recrystallization Investigated by In-situ and Ex-situ Experiments
Microstructure Evolution of AA-7075 Sheets Subjected to Repetitive Bending under Tension
Microstructure Informed Deformation and Fracture Model for High-strength Steels
Modeling and Experimentation of Microcontact Tool/Chip during the Micromachining Process
Modified Slip-line Model for Serrated Chip Formation in Machining of Ti6Al4V Alloy
Multi-field Simulation of the Autoclave Age Forming Process of 2524 Al Alloy Component
Multi-objective Optimization of Elbow-bar Transmission Mechanism Based on Virtual Prototyping
Multi-scale Modeling of Zirconium Alloys Recrystallization, Application to Thermo-mechanical Processes Optimization
Multi-scale Plasticity Modeling for Sheet Metal Forming Considering Texture Gradient and Microstructural Statistics
Multi-step Single Point Incremental Forming Strategies for Non-axisymmetric Components
Multiscale Modeling of Self-piercing Riveting Process
Neural Network Surrogates Model for Metals Undergoing Yield Point Phenomena within Finite Element Analysis
New Generation Press Hardening Steels with Tensile Strength of 1.7-2.0GPa and Enhanced Bendability
New Methods for Fracture Detection of Automotive Alloys in the VDA238-100 V-Bend Bend Test
New Methods for Fracture Detection of Automotive Steels
Non-isothermal modeling of static recrystallization in hydroformed steel tube using a coupled Cellular Automata and Finite Element model
Nonlinearity of the Crystal Yield Function in the Rate-independent Crystal Plasticity and Its Effect on the Evolution of Anisotropy
Novel Concepts to Optimize Pass Schedules for Rolling in the Context of Ongoing Digitalization
Novel Roll Bonded Stainless Steel / Boron-steel Multilayer under Hot Stamping Conditions
Numerical and Experimental Investigations on Riveting Assembly Processing Parameters of Hub Bearing Unit
Numerical and Experimental Study of Abrasive Belt Grinding for Single Crystal Aero-engine Blades
Numerical Modeling of Ductile Damage during Metal Forming: State of the Art and Future Challenges
Numerical Modelling and Deformation Mechanics of the English Wheel Process
Numerical Modelling and Experimental Investigations of Steel and FRT Considering a Combined Forming Process
Numerical Modelling of the Flow Forming Process: Computation Time Optimization and Accuracy Analysis
Numerical Simulation of Pipe Bending Supported by Hydraulic Pressure for Manufacturing Butt-welding Fittings
On Deformation of Metals under Complex Loading
On Edge Crack Initiation of an Aluminum Sheet Metal
On Sampling Discrete Orientations for Texture Representation in Aggregates with Varying Grain Size
On the Characterization of Fracture Loci in Thin-walled Tube Forming
On the Convexity Bound of the Generalized Drucker's Yield Function CB2001 for Orthotropic Sheets
On the Determination of the Forming Limits by Necking and Fracture of Polycarbonate Sheet
On the Formation of Shear Bands and Fracture in Cutting of Metals
On the Geometrical Accuracy in Incremental Sheet Forming
On the Newly Proposed Shear Constraint for Orthotropic Plasticity Modeling of Sheet Metals
On the Potential of Machine Learning Algorithms to Predict the Plasticity of Sheet Metal
On the Simulation of Quenching Processes Using a Full Eulerian FE Framework
Open-die Forging of Copper Cone
Optimization in Mechanical Properties of Multilayered 1100/7075 Aluminum Alloy Laminated Metal Composite Fabricated by ARB
Optimization of Lattice Structures for Additively Manufactured Interpenetrating Composites
Optimization of Open-die Forging Using Fast Models for Strain, Temperature and Grain Size in the Context of an Assistance System
Oscillation-free Determination of Material Properties at High Strain Rate
Partial Dislocation Slip-induced Mechanical Twin Evolution of Single Crystal Using Discrete Dislocation Plasticity Model
Penetrating Tool Friction Stir Incremental Forming Using Alternating Tool Path Direction
Phase-field Modelling of Ductile Fracture to Describe Edge Conditions in Local Formability Studies
PID Controller Integrated with FEM Model to Generate Boundary Conditions for Free Tube Bulging for Tubular Material Characterization
Plane Strain Analysis of Sheet Metals for Constitutive, Formability, and Fracture Characterization
Plastic and Fracture Characteristics of WE43 Mg Alloy Under Complex Stress States
Plastic Behavior Characterization of Magnesium Alloy Sheets Based on Mesoscale and Macroscale Models
Plasticity and Ductile Fracture of Ultra-high Strength Steel Sheets under Complex Stress State: Experiments and Modeling
Plasticity Improvement of CNTs/Mg Nanocomposite Materials Processed by Combining Friction Stir Processing and Ultrasonic Assisted Extrusion
Possibility of Shear Forging as the Third Basic Process of Cold Forging
Pre-forging Shape Design Using Conformal Mapping Method
Precipitation and Orientation Evolution Mechanisms of α Phase in Ti-55511 Titanium Alloy
Predicting Fracture of Severe Pre-strained EN-AW 5182 during Hot-stamping Operations: A Thermal Extension of GISSMO and the Hosford-Coulomb Fracture Model
Prediction Limits of Air Bending
Prediction of Forming-induced Damage in Deep Drawing of Dual Phase Steel via Coupled Plasticity-continuum Damage Mechanics
Prediction on Microstructure of Large Scale Hot Forged Ni-based Super Alloy
Predictive Model for the Strength of Self-piercing Riveted Joints
Preform Shape and Die Wear Optimization of Near Net Shape Forging of Gear Part
Prevention of Delayed Cracking of Punched Ultra-high Strength Steel Sheets by Ironing with Scrap
Process Development for Mechanical Joining of Aluminum Alloys and Thermoplastics Using High-frequency Preheating
Process Optimisation Using a Data Guided Online Platform
Processing Path Design in Multiphase Structures
Professor Ruan and the International Cold Forging Group (ICFG)
Professor Z.R. Wang's Contributions to Metal Forming Theory, Technology and Education
Prof. Yasuhisa Tozawa's Achievements in the Field of Metal Forming
Pushing Forward the Limit of Transformation-induced Plasticity (TRIP) Effect: Nnew Strategies in Mechanically Metastable Alloy Design
Rate Dependent Hardening Behavior of Autobody Sheet Metals in Tension and Compression
Recent Advances in Sheet and Tube Hydroforming
Recent Advances on Modeling Plastic Deformation of Textured Metals with Applications to Metal Forming
Recent Developments of Vaporizing Foil Actuator Technique for Manufacturing Applications
Recent Investigations on Incremental Sheet Forming: From Fundamentals to Industrial Application Technologies
Reducing aluminum extrusion transverse weld process scrap
Relating Microstructure to Deformation in Al Alloys via Multiscale Electron Microscopy
Relaxation Characteristics of Creasing Process of Scored Paperboard for Liquid Container
Research of Press Forming of CFRTP under the Control of a Distribution of Temperature and Blank Holder Force
Research on Crack Evolution Behavior in Ti/Al Laminated Composite
Research on Microstructure Revolution and Critical Strain of Dynamic Recrystallization of 6082 Aluminum Alloy in Thermal Deformation
Research on New Hot Stamping Tool with Low Cost and High Efficiency Cooling
Research on Rolling Process and Superplasticity for 5A90 Al-Li Alloy
Research on the Dynamic Recrystallization Model and Microstructure Simulation of Cr8 Alloy Steel
Research on the Forming Mechanism of the Haynes 230 Alloy Conical-cylindrical Parts Manufactured by Composite Spinning
Research on the Mechanism of Pulse Current Assisted Titanium/Stainless Steel Rolling
Research on the Thermoplastic Formability of Lightweight Ti-based Bulk Metallic Glasses
Research Progress on Advanced Forming and Performance Strengthening of Complex Thin-walled Aluminum Alloy Components
Residual Stresses in Hot Bulk Formed Parts – A Phenomenological Approach for the Austenite-to-Martensite Phase Transformation
Rim Thickening of Disk-like Parts Using Spinning
Robotic roller forming process and strategies to eliminate geometrical defect of edge waves
Role of Misorientation on Grain Boundary Sliding through High-Resolution Digital Image Correlation
Roll Forming of Cup with Curved Rotary Profile
Roll Pass Optimization of Round Bar Continuous Rolling
Rolling Machine Modification for Large Gear Applications
Self-optimized, Intelligent Open Loop Controlled Steel Strip Straightening Machine for Advanced Formability
Self-piercing Riveting Using Rivets Made of Stainless Steel with High Strain Hardening
Shaping of Sharp-edged Design Elements by Electromagnetic Forming
Shear Punch Test to Assess the Shear Formability of 304 Stainless Steel
Simulated Microstructure Effects on Macroscopic Mechanical Properties Based on Multiscale Crystal Plasticity
Simulation and Experimental Analysis of Magnetic Pulse Spot Welding of Sheet Metal with a Field Shaper
Simulation of Cold Forging Processes Using a Mixed Isotropic-Kinematik Hardening Model
Simulation of Plastic Deformation Induced Texture Evolution Using the Crystallographic Homogenization Finite Element Method
Simulation on Dynamic Recrystallization of Magnesium Alloy by Cellular Automaton Method Coupled with Adaptive Activation Energy and Matrix Deformation Topology
Simulation Study on Hot Rolling of Bimetallic Casting Ring Blank
Simulations of Grain Growth with Arbitrary Grain Boundary Energy
Size Effect on Cyclic Deformation Behavior and Springback Prediction of Ultrathin Superalloy Sheet
Spot Butt Friction Stir Welding of Thin Stainless Steel Sheets
Spring-back Prediction of U-section Curve Beam in the Stamping process
Springback Prediction in Microbending Process of Pure Copper Foils Using Modified Material Intrinsic Length in Material Model
State of the Art in Finite Element Modeling of Ring Rolling Processes
Statistical Analysis of Microscopic Strain Localization and Its Strain Level Dependence
Strain-rate-sensitivity Calibration of Aluminum Alloy Sheet by Electromagnetic Flanging of Circular Hole
Strain Hardening of AA5182-O Considering Strain Rate and Temperature Effect
Strain Rate Dependent Damage and Failure Modeling of a Quenched-and-partitioned Steel
Strength Prediction Model for Line Pipe Steels Subject to Multiple Deformation Paths
Stress-based Ductile Fracture Criterion for Nonlinear Strain Paths with Model Calibration
Stress-relaxation Age Forming of A Component with Complex and Large Curvatures: Simulation and Manufacturing
Study of Central Bursting Defects in the Process of Cross Wedge Rolling for TC4 Alloy Part
Study of Hydrogen Embrittlement Behavior of Hot-stamped Ultra-high Strength Steel
Study of the Influence of the Mixed-grain Structure on the Microscopic Deformation Behavior of 316LN Steel
Study on Back-propagation Artificial Neural Network Model of TC4 Titanium Alloy
Study on Burring Operation During the Quenching Process of Press-hardened Steel For Mechanical Fastening
Study on Complex Extrusion of Multi Billets: Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Butt-joined Products and Analysis of Joining State
Study on Microstructure Profile of the Formed Magnesium Alloy
Study on Precision Forging Methods of Difficult-to-knockout Components with Non-parallel Internal Grooves
Study on the Effect of Embossing on the Bending Properties of High Strength Sheet Metals
Study on the Transferability of Rolling with Ordered Texturing Roll
Superplastic Forming Application in CubeSats Structures
Surface Quality of Extruded Sidewall in Cold Backward Cup Extrusion with Low-frequency Torsional Oscillation
Surrogate Modelling of Search Range in Polyhedron Flow Stress Model Identification with Inverse Analysis and Cylindrical Compression Test
T8 Heat Treatment Effect on Wear Behavior and Microstructure of Cryo and RT Ecaped Al 6063
Tailoring Material Flow in Bobbin Tool versus Standard in Friction Welding: Avoiding Premature Failure and Improving Mechanical Properties in FSW AA6082-T6
Temperature and Deformation Modeling for the Friction Stir Welding Process in AZ31 Magnesium Alloy
Temperature Dependent Fracture Loci Of AZ31 Magnesium Alloy Sheets
Tensile Mechanical Properties of Steel-Al Explosion-bonded Clad Plate
Testing Method of Anti-galling Ability of Lubrication Coatings in Multi-stage Cold Forging
Texture Evolution in the Micro-scaled Deformation of Pure Titanium
The Deformation and Microstructure Analysis of Medium Carbon Steel during Die Forging Process and the Effect of Microalloying Elements
The Dieless Drawing Process for the Elongation of Ultrafine Copper and Brass Wire
The Effect of Crystallographic Texture Gradients on the Mechanical Response of Aluminum Automotive Extrusions
The Effect of Electroplasticity on the Flow Behavior of AA7075 in T6 Temper
The Effect of Interface Cohesion on Layer Stability during Accumulative Roll Bonding of Cu/Ta Multilayers
The Effect of Temperature on Strain-induced Austenite to Martensite Phase Transformation in SS 316L during Uniaxial Tension
The Effect of Trace Nitrogen on Microstructure and Property of Cr-Mo-V hot-working Die Steel
The Effect of Ultrasonic Vibration on Material Movement in Incremental Sheet Forming
The Effects of the Shearing Speed on the Sheared Edge Quality and Edge Cracking
The Evolution of Deformation Microstructures and Strain Hardening during Constrained Sliding with Implications for Metal Forming and Cutting Processes
The High-Speed Deformation Behavior of High-Strength Lightweight AL-Li Alloy Sheets
The Influence of Size Effect on Shear Damage of Metallic Materials in Micro/Meso Scale and Low Triaxiality Plastic Deformation
The Influence of Temperature and Strain Rate on the Superplastic Deformation Behavior and Microstructure Evolution of TNW700 Alloy
The Local Strain Evolution for Structured Sheet Metals during Uniaxial Deformation
The Mechanism Investigation of Deformation-induced Martensite Transformation in a Novel Low-Ni High-Mn Austenitic Stainless Steel
The Modification of Hill’s 48 Yield Criterion for the Strongly Anisotropic Al-Mg-Li Sheet and Its Application in Predicting the Forming Limits
The Process Design to Control the Yield Ratio of Yield-Ratio-Control-Steel on Both Wire Production and Forging Process
The Study of Energy Absorption of Dual-material Tailored Plane Strain Sheet
The Study of Microstructure ASTM 1045 after Surface Plastic Deformation Multiradius Roller (MR-roller)
Theoretical and Experimental Determination of the Peak Pressure of the Impact Hydroforming Technology
Thermal-mechanical Property and Microstructure Evolution of Additive Manufactured Maraging Steel
Thermal Relaxation of Cold-rolled Copper Based on Modified Power Law Creep Model
Thermomechanical Analysis and Experimental Validation of ECAP for Aluminum Sheet Metal
Three-dimensional Analysis of Strip Rolling by Coupling Elastic Deformation of Rolls and Rolling Mills
Titanium Alloys Lined and Clad Construction, Process Challenging and Improvement
Toolpath Development for Industrial Mandrel-free Spinning
Topological Deformation and Nucleation in Dynamic Recrystallization Numerical Simulation Based on Multi-space Cellular Automata Method
Towards an Efficient Industrial Implementation of W-temper Forming for 7xxx Series Al Alloys
Towards Room-temperature Forming of Magnesium Sheet Alloys
Transcription of Mirror-finished Surface onto A5083 Aluminum Alloy Plate by Friction Stir Forming
Transformation of α→β during Hot Deformation in the Two-phase Region of Ti-6Al-2Zr-1Mo-1V Alloy
Tribological Conditions in Hot Bending of 22MnB5 Tubes
Tube Forming and Fabricating Technologies for Contributing Society by Tackling Problems of Environment and Aging Population
Tube Roll Forming Flower Design and Flexible Roll Adjustment with CAE Simulation
Ultrasonic Forming - Alternative to Orbital Riveting for Small Bimetallic Components
Ultrastrong Stable Extremely Fined Nanocrystalline Steel
Understanding the Microscale Plastic Behavior and Deformation Mechanism of Magnesium Alloy via Ex-situ Experiments and Full-field Crystal Plasticity Modeling
Using Local Heat Treatment for Producing Uniform Profile Hollow Components by Radial Rotation Profile-forming
Using Plasticity for Making High-performance Nanostructured Composites
Vacuum Hot-roll Bonding of Titanium and Carbon Steel Using Pure Iron Interlayer
Validation of Automatically Generated Forging Sequences Using FE Simulations
Validation of Material Models for Thick Sheet Metals
Wave Formation and Temperature Distribution of Joint Interface in Al/Steel Impact Spot Welding
Welding of Aluminum in Chip Extrusion
Work Hardening and Fracture Strain Measurement of Hardened SKD11 Steel Using Shear Punching Test
Wrinkling Limit Diagram (WLD) Establishment and Influencing Factors Investigation for Sheet Metal Plastic Wrinkling under Nonuniform Tension
"Learning by Seeing": Estimating Metal Plasticity Parameters Using In Situ Observations of Cutting and Indentation
(Mon. or Tues. ONLY) Data Preparation in the Digital Material Representation Based 3D Cellular Automata Model of Static Recrystallization
(SEE NOTE) Modeling of Forming Induced Residual Stress Effects on Fatigue Life of Full-forward Extruded Rods

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