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Meeting 2023 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Functional Nanomaterials 2023
Presentation Title van der Waals semiconductors and their heterostructures for nanoelectronics
Author(s) Joonki Suh
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Joonki Suh
Abstract Scope Layered van der Waals semiconductors show a wealth of exotic physical phenomena when confined into the 2D lattice, thus providing new opportunities for electronics, optoelectronics, and energy harvesting devices. This talk will present highlights how such emerging materials can further benefit from electronic materials processing and new device configurations. I will first introduce a new device configuration of nonvolatile memory realized by layer-by-layer heterogeneous assembly, and its application for high-accuracy neuro-inspired computing. Next, I will talk about gas-phase synthetic strategy for scalable, layer/phase-controlled, and low-temperature deposition techniques to bring such new functionalities into real-world applications.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned:


3D-Printed of Functional Devices for Biomedical and Engineering Applications
3D Printed Nanomaterials-based Functional Architecture with Metamaterials-inspired Electromagnetic Structures
3D Printing Active Electronic Devices
Application of 2D materials as additives in hybrid perovskite solar cells for improved performance and stability
Bottom up, scalable synthesis of anatase-based carbo-oxide nanofilaments and two-dimensional sheets, their properties, and potential applications
Controlled epitaxial growth and fabrication of nanostructured hybrid halide perovskites
Corona Discharge Enabled Electrostatic Printing (CEP) for Ultra-fast Printing and 3D Structure Construction
Coupling of Electric Field Driven Ion Transport with Convective Flow in Graphene Nanochannels
Covellite enveloped spherical carbon nanoparticles decorated polyurethane foam as solar evaporator for efficient interfacial water evaporation
Design and Characterization of Novel Lignin based Nanoparticles
Energetics of nanoscale films consisting of vertically-aligned oxide-metal pillars in nitride matrix
Epitaxial Growth of Single Crystal Nanostructure Arrays through Thermomechanical Nanomolding
Exploring Lubrication Mechanisms One Layer of Atoms at a Time
Extreme Environment Nanocrystalline Soft Magnetic Materials
Fabrication Of Hexagonal Diamond By Aqueous Solution-Based Electrochemistry
Facile Synthesis of novel Quaternary Zn-Cu-In-S/ZnS QDs- mTHPP Porphyrin Conjugate and its Photodynamic Therapy of Cancer and Antibacterial activities
Functional Mixed-dimensional van der Waals Heterostructures
Heteroatom-Doped Laser-Induced Graphene for Flexible Biosensors of Neurotransmitters with Nanomolar Sensitivity
Matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporation of functional biomaterials
Mechanical Insights into 2D Metal Halide Perovskite Structures: From Bulk Crystals to Molecular Sheets
Mechanical Reliability of 2D Materials
Morphological Stability of Micro- and Nano-structures
Multi-Principal Element Nanostructures via Nanosecond Laser-Induced Dewetting
Multiscale and In Situ X-ray Interrogation of Functional Carbon Nanotube Materials and Devices
Nanoscale phenomena in advanced batteries - from thin film battery platform to practical batteries
Non-classical crystallization. The role of intermediate phases in CeO2 mesocrystal formation
One-dimensional Nano-Carbon Additives for Flexible Lithium Rechargeable Battery
Printed Sensors for Monitoring Soil and Plant Conditions
Second NIR-Absorbing Gelatin Stabilized Gold Nanorods with High Media and Photothermal Stability for Photothermal Cancer Therapy
Semiconductor Nanomaterials and 3D Systems
Skin-Interfaced Wearable Bioelectronics
Study on Aluminum Oxide Thin Film as Etch Stop Layer
Synthesis and Ion Transport Study for the Development of Graphene Aerogel Electrodes: Multiscale Computations
Synthesis, characterization and molecular simulation of polymers enhanced with halloysite nanotubes.
van der Waals semiconductors and their heterostructures for nanoelectronics

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