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Meeting MS&T23: Materials Science & Technology
Symposium Nanotechnology for Energy, Environment, Electronics, Healthcare and Industry
Presentation Title Materials and Devices for Room-temperature Quantum Memories and Sensors
Author(s) Lee Bassett
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Lee Bassett
Abstract Scope Quantum science and technology rests on our understanding and control of matter and information at the smallest scales. Devices based on individual atoms or complexes of a few atoms represent the ultimate limit in a process of miniaturization that has been happening since the beginning of the semiconductor era. Indeed, certain arrangements of atomic impurities in semiconductors – known as quantum point defects (QPDs) – exhibit quantum-mechanical features like isolated atoms or molecules, but in room-temperature devices amenable to integration and miniaturization. In this talk I will discuss recent advances in our ability to identify, isolate, and control quantum states in semiconductor devices, including multi-qubit quantum memory nodes and nanoscale quantum sensors based on well-known nitrogen-vacancy-center QPDs in diamond. I will also highlight efforts to identify and engineer QPDs in new materials – especially two-dimensional hexagonal boron nitride – that will expand the potential for exploring fundamental physical phenomena and realizing novel quantum technologies.


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