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Meeting MS&T23: Materials Science & Technology
Symposium Nanotechnology for Energy, Environment, Electronics, Healthcare and Industry
Presentation Title Cool Coat: A Wearable Solution for Advanced Thermal Management
Author(s) Qichen Fang, Ayush Raut, Kyle Brittingham, Vamsi Krishna Reddy Kondapalli, Myoungok Kim, Ashley Kubley, Vesselin Shanov
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Qichen Fang
Abstract Scope This study investigated the use of carbon veil fabric for thermal management in a wearable coat designed to improve personal comfort by regulating temperature. Carbon veil is a lightweight, flexible, and inexpensive nonwoven commercial product, known for its high thermal conductivity. This material has been incorporated as a single layer in a coat to facilitate the distribution of cooling. To achieve optimal thermal performance, the coat was equipped with four thermoelectric devices as cooling sources controlled by a cell phone app, and four fans to generate internal airflow. An infrared camera was employed for monitoring the temperature distribution on the coat. Additionally, a control coat fabricated without carbon veils layer was used for comparative study. The preliminary results demonstrated the effectiveness of carbon veil in distributing the cool thermoelectric sources generated. This innovative approach for personal thermal management paves the way for the development of efficient, wearable temperature-regulated garments.


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