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Meeting MS&T23: Materials Science & Technology
Symposium Additive Manufacturing: Equipment, Instrumentation and In-Situ Process Monitoring
Presentation Title Quantification of Build Interruptions through In-Process Monitoring and Mechanical Test
Author(s) Cameron Gygi
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Cameron Gygi
Abstract Scope The use of AM technology in industry has been increasing every year due to its ability to print complex geometries, reduce development time, and address supply chain gaps. However, a common paint point for all AM users is build interruptions. They happen for a variety of reasons such as power failure, poor design, or machine issues. With the significant cost of metal AM, there is a strong incentive to understand the effects of build interruptions on material properties. Researchers at OSU's Center for Design and Manufacturing excellence did analysis on printed AlSi10Mg, and IN-718. Each material had a interrupted and non-interrupted build consisting of tensile and fatigue specimens. Each build also utilized re-coat and tomography cameras to monitor the build. Results did not show a significant effect on Ultimate tensile strength, but the aluminum samples showed some reduction in elongation. There was also no significant impact observed on fatigue strength.


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