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Meeting MS&T23: Materials Science & Technology
Symposium Additive Manufacturing: Equipment, Instrumentation and In-Situ Process Monitoring
Presentation Title In-situ Pyrometric Sensing for Real-time AM Process Monitoring and Control
Author(s) Steven Storck, Vincent Pagán, Brendan Croom, MAry Daffron, Ari Lax, Robert Mueller, Mark Foster, Colin Goodman, Morgan Trexler
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Steven Storck
Abstract Scope Computational fluid dynamics shows the dynamics of keyhole defect generation in laser powder bed fusion (L-PBF) processing is on the order of 1 to 10 microseconds; thus, sample-rates well exceeding 100 kHz are necessary to detect the formation of defects. High-speed, in-situ pyrometric sensing shows promise for developing real-time melt-pool monitoring and process control for L-PBF defect mitigation. In this talk, we will highlight our results on developing a custom near real-time, melt-pool monitoring system for a commercial L-PBF tool that is on-axis with the processing laser. Considerations such as spectral calibration and spatial alignment as well as data acquisition will be discussed. Furthermore, ex-situ measurements including confocal microscopy, computed tomography, energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy will be shown and compared to the in-situ pyrometric sensor data that validate the sensor’s operation. We will conclude by outlining our lessons learned in the development of this sensor and next steps towards real-time control.


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