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Meeting 2023 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium 2023 Technical Division Student Poster Contest
Presentation Title SPU-5: A High-speed Radiography Study for Validating the Effect of Dwell Time on Melt-pool Dynamics during Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Author(s) Raymond Wysmierski, Rakesh Kamath, Gerry Knapp, John Coleman, Stuart Slattery, Sam Reeve, Hahn Choo
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Raymond Wysmierski
Abstract Scope Understanding the relationship between processing parameters and microstructure is key to advancing metal additive manufacturing processes. High speed synchrotron x-ray radiography was conducted at the Advanced Photon Source (Argonne National Laboratory) in tandem with the laser spot melting of Ti-6Al-4V to gain a basic understanding of the melt pool dynamics during a laser powder bed fusion process. The dwell time of the laser spot melt was varied from 2 ms to 8 ms, maintaining a constant laser power of 82 W, to observe its effect on the evolution of melt pool dimensions and the solid-liquid interface velocity. Melt pool boundaries were tracked using the resulting x-ray radiography images. Moreover, the in-situ radiography data was used to validate and improve a physics-based melt pool model based on the OpenFOAM framework. This effort will help further understanding of microstructure evolution and benefit industry by optimizing laser AM processes of the Ti-6Al-4V alloy.
Proceedings Inclusion? Undecided
Keywords Additive Manufacturing, Modeling and Simulation, Titanium


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SPG-16: A Computer Vision Method of Grain Segmentation for Additive-manufactured Haynes 282 Alloys Under Various Heat Treatments
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SPG-19: Comparison of Experimental and Analytical Melt Pool Geometries for High Thermal Conductivity Refractory Metals Using ANSYS
SPG-1: Determination of Mechanical, Thermal and Barocaloric Properties of Elastomers by Rheological Techniques for Hydrostatic Pressure based Solid State Refrigeration
SPG-20: Correlating Laser Process Conditions to Balling Severity with Time-Resolved Synchrotron X-ray Visualization
SPG-21: Development of a Generalized Fatigue Assessment Approach for Steel Castings
SPG-22: Effect of Chemical Pretreatment on Properties of Natural Fiber Reinforced Composites for 3D Printing
SPG-23: Effect of Laser Surface Remelting on the Microstructure, Mechanical, Tribological and Corrosion Properties of Bio-applicable Ti40Nb25Zr25Ta10 Medium Entropy Alloy (MEA) with 0.5 at. % O
SPG-24: Effect of Process Parameters on Texture and Anisotropy of Ti-6Al-4V Wall Components Made by Wire-feed DED Process
SPG-25: Effects of the Reduction Temperature and Amount of Diluent on the Properties of High-purity Tantalum Powder Prepared via the Hunter Process
SPG-26: Effects of Varying Heat Accumulation in Laser Powder Bed Fusion on Microstructure Outcomes in Ti-6Al-4V
SPG-27: Evaluating the Effect of Tool Offset on Repaired AA7050 by Additive Friction Stir Deposition
SPG-28: Evaluation of As-deposited Tensile Behavior and Microstructure of Additive Friction Stir Deposition 304L Stainless Steel
SPG-29: In Operando Synchrotron X-ray Tomography Study of Fine Eutectic Polyphase Solidification Patterns
SPG-2: Extraction of Niobium and Tantalum Oxides from Columbite Concentrate
SPG-30: Induction-Coupled Thermomagnetic Processing of Fe-C Alloys
SPG-31 Laser-Powder Bed Fusion of Ti-6Al-2Sn-4Zr-2Mo-0.08Si (Ti-6242): As-built Properties, Kinetics of α to β Phase Transformation, and Design of Heat Treatment
SPG-32: Melt-pool Dynamics during Multiple-laser-beamed Powder Bed Fusion of Stainless Steel
SPG-33: Modeling for Time Dependent Grain Boundary Evolution
SPG-34: Multi-scale In Situ Studies of Deformation Mechanism of L-PBF 316L Stainless Steels
SPG-36: On the Influence of Gaussian and Ring-shaped Beam Profiles on Quality and Energy Consumption in L-PBF of Inconel 718
SPG-37: Oxide Morphology and Growth Kinetics for Additively Manufactured 316L Austenitic Stainless Steel High Temperature Steam Exposures
SPG-38: Printability and Defects in W & W -alloys by Directed Energy Deposition
SPG-39: Recycled Battlefield Titanium Scrap for Cold Spray Applications
SPG-3: Flexural Properties of Low Density Polyethylene Hybrid Nanocomposite Reinforced with Linen and Aramid Fabric
SPG-40: Removal of Rare Metal Impurities by Electron-beam Melting Refining Process
SPG-41: Strain Evolution and Damage Development during Tight-radius Bending of Advanced High Strength Steels
SPG-44: Advanced Characterization of the Local Atomic Orders and Their Effects on the Mechanical Properties in Metallic Glasses
SPG-45: Atomistic Modeling of Energy Barriers to Dislocation Processes in Metals
SPG-46: Automating Selective Area Electron Diffraction Pattern Phase Identification Using Image Analysis and Machine Learning
SPG-47: Bulk Material Libraries through Laser-Remelting: Combinatorial Analysis of the CrCoNi System
SPG-48: Corrosion Control of Structural Materials for 4th Gen Nuclear Reactors
SPG-49: Deformation Mechanism Characterization for Bi-modally Distributed γ' Precipitates in Allvac 718plus Superalloy
SPG-4: Phytomining of Rare Earth Elements
SPG-50: Effect of Ag on the Microstructures in Al-Cu-Ni-Mn High Entropy Alloy
SPG-51: Experimental Observation of Heteroepitaxial Recrystallization (HeRX) outside of Low Lattice Misfit Ni-based Superalloys
SPG-52: Investigation of Corrosion Mechanisms and Fatigue Property of Friction-stir Welded Joints between 6022 Al and ZEK100 Mg Alloy
SPG-54: Microstructural Characterization and Oxidation of Non-BCC High Entropy Alloys
SPG-55: Modeling of Non-equilibrium Phenomena in Laser Additive Manufacturing Using Molecular Dynamics
SPG-56: Nanoscale Differences in Tooth Enamel with Aging by Atom Probe Tomography
SPG-57: Sintering and Densification Mechanism of HfB2 Based Ultra High Temperature Ceramics for Hypersonic Space Vehicles
SPG-58: Thermal Stability of Novel Multicomponent Al-based High-performance Alloys and Its Direct Implication on Their Mechanical Properties
SPG-59: Understanding Nanostructures in the Binary Ti-Fe Alloy Using Advanced Electron Microscopy
SPG-5: Selective Recovery of Copper from Metal Concentrate of Waste Printed Circuit Boards by Ammoniacal Solvo-leaching
SPG-60: Understanding the Microstructural Evolution in the Modeled Ti-18Mo-5Al Alloy Using Scanning Electron Microscopy
SPG-6: Electronic Transport Properties of Mn2Sb
SPG-7: First-Principles Study of Vacancy Formation Energy in High-Entropy Alloys
SPG-8: Investigation of Functional Coatings for Improving Performance of Carbon Nanotube-based Supercapacitors
SPG-9: Material-based Characterization of Carbon Nanotube Field Emission Cathodes
SPU-10: Mechanochemistry for Creation of Functional Surface Treatments
SPU-11: Study of the Pyrometallurgical Recycling Process to the Recovery of Zinc and Manganese Oxide from Spent Alkaline and Zn-C Batteries
SPU-12: Viscosity Characterization of an Energetic Initiator Ink for 3D Printing
SPU-13: An In-situ Radiography Study on Meltpool Dynamics and Fluid Flow as a Function of Laser Power in Ti-6Al-4V Raster Melts
SPU-14: Understanding the Microstructure-Property Relationship in the Additive Manufactured Titanium Alloy for Aerospace Applications
SPU-15: Using Microstructural Modifications to Influence Intense Strain Localization in Inconel 718Plus
SPU-1: Cultural Heritage Science: Authentication of Native American Artwork via Materials Characterization and Forensic Analysis
SPU-2: Investigation of High Entropy Precursor Powder Synthesis for Transparent Ceramic Synthesis
SPU-3: Correlating Local and Global Tensile Deformation Behavior of AlSi10Mg Specimens Fabricated Via Laser Powder Bed Fusion
SPU-4: Developing a Metallography Procedure to Investigate Compositional Effects on the Microstructure of Lightweight Metal Matrix Composites
SPU-5: A High-speed Radiography Study for Validating the Effect of Dwell Time on Melt-pool Dynamics during Laser Powder Bed Fusion
SPU-6: Assessing Laser Powder Bed Additive Manufacturing Part Quality via In-Situ Monitoring & Machine Learning
SPU-7: Burn Rate Analysis of an Energetic Initiator Ink for 3D Printing
SPU-8: Development of a Pyrotechnic Initiator Ink for Additive Manufacturing Methodology
SPU-9: Effects of LPBF Parameters on Fatigue Life of AlSi10Mg Alloys

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