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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2020
Symposium Processing and Performance of Materials Using Microwaves, Electric and Magnetic Fields, Ultrasound, Lasers, and Mechanical Work – Rustum Roy Symposium
Presentation Title The Use of Alternate Electromagnetic Fields to Control Biofilm
Author(s) Hideyuki Kanematsu, Hidekazu Miura, Ryota Tachi, Runa Okada, Dana M. Barry, Stefan Zimmerman, Nobumitsu Hirai, Akiko Ogawa, Takeshi Kogo, Noriyuki Wada, Paul McGrath
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Hideyuki Kanematsu
Abstract Scope A biofilm is produced by bacterial activity and causes many problems such as scale buildup in pipes, corrosion of structures, the spread of diseases, etc. Therefore, biofilms should be controlled properly. In our laboratory, we showed that biofilm formation can be suppressed for certain bacteria at a given magnetic flux density and frequency. For this study, a new desk-top type static biofilm reactor was made and used. Electromagnetic fields could be applied with various densities of magnetic fluxes by using this setup. The reactor contained wells filled with LB culture and E. coli. Glass specimens (1cmx1cm) were immersed into them and various alternating electromagnetic fields (0.1mT – 1mT) were applied. The correlation of biofilm formation behavior with the strength of electromagnetic fields was investigated. In this case we found that biofilms could be controlled by electromagnetic fields. However, the effects also depended on the strength of the magnetic field.


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