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Meeting MS&T23: Materials Science & Technology
Symposium Hybrid Organic-inorganic Materials for Alternative Energy
Presentation Title Tuned Wettability of Sol-gel Hybrid Coatings for Humid Air and Saturated Vapor Condensation
Author(s) Alessandro Martucci
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Alessandro Martucci
Abstract Scope Saturated vapor and humid air condensation dynamics have a major influence on the efficiency of several industrial applications, ranging from heat exchangers to desalination plants to water harvesting devices. The condensation can be tuned by controlling how the vapor condenses on the surface, avoiding the formation of a liquid insulating film (FWC). The condensation of vapor in a dropwise (DWC) mode can promote an increase in the heat transfer coefficients of an order of magnitude respect to FWC. For these purposes, several hybrid sol-gel coatings were deposited on aluminum substrates and their efficiency were studied in custom-made heat exchange apparatus. The surface wettability of the coatings was tuned by introducing different organic groups in the silica network. The presence of organic groups led to the decrease of the surface wettability and favored the formation of water droplets during the vapor condensation.


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