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Meeting MS&T23: Materials Science & Technology
Symposium Hybrid Organic-inorganic Materials for Alternative Energy
Presentation Title A Universal Synthesis Strategy for Tuneable Metal-organic Framework Nanohybrid
Author(s) Nicola Pinna, Wei Zhang
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Nicola Pinna
Abstract Scope Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) with encapsulated pre-formed nanoparticles (NPs) enjoy a vastly expanded application potential in catalysis, filtration, and sensing. In the process of integrating pre-formed NPs, the selection of suitable core-NPs, such as capping agent or self-sacrificing template modified NPs, have yielded partial successes in overcoming the lattice mismatch. However, restrictions on the choice of NPs not only limit the diversity, but also affect the properties of nanohybrids. To this date, no universally applicable synthesis for MOF-nanohybrids emerged that covers the full diversity of all possible core-shell combinations. Here, we show a versatile synthesis strategy using a representative set of seven MOF-shells and six NP-cores that are fine-tuned to incorporate from single to hundreds of cores. The key strategy is to regulate the rate of diffusion of alkaline vapours that deprotonate the organic building blocks and trigger the controlled MOF-growth and encapsulation of NP-cores.


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