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Meeting MS&T21: Materials Science & Technology
Symposium Light Metal Technology
Presentation Title Surface Modification of Steel Shells to Reduce the Use of Release Agents in Twin Roll Casting of Aluminum Alloys
Author(s) Martin Lauth, Alexander Nienhaus, Hanno Paschke, Mirko Schaper, Olexandr Grydin
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Martin Lauth
Abstract Scope Twin-roll casting of aluminum alloys always relies on the use of release agents, usually based on water-based graphite emulsions. Various surface modifications were carried out to reduce or even eliminate the use of release agents as well as to increase the service life of the steel shells. This was performed on samples with Boron diffusion treatment and also on ternary, quaternary and quinary systems like TiBN, TiBCN, TiSiBCN. PVD and PECVD processes were chosen to achieve thin and hard coating layers that prevent aluminum residues from adhering to the shells. Furthermore, hot roll bonding and aluminum droplet application)2 were used to evaluate the efficiency of the surface treatment. In this way, the most efficient surface modifications were identified that resulted in better product surface quality and lower shell resurfacing costs due to a longer life to reconditioning.


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