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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2020
Symposium ACerS-ECerS Joint Symposium - Emerging Ceramic Technologies; Challenges and Future Prospects
Presentation Title Dense Powder Beds for AM of Ceramics
Author(s) Jens GŁnster
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Jens GŁnster
Abstract Scope Many of the most successful and precise additive manufacturing (AM) technologies are based on the deposition layer-by-layer of a flowable powder. Still very important issues remain nowadays, hampering a completely autonomous production of parts and even restricting the freedom of design by means of these technologies. One of the major issues is the low density and stability of the parts during the building process, which implies the need of support structures: The powder bed surrounding the part has an essential role, since it should support the structure during building, until it’s ready for removal. Moreover, the microstructure of the powder bed is a template for the microstructure of the part produced. In this context, the use of submicron ceramic powders is still a challenge. Different approaches for the stabilization and densification of powder beds will be presented.


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