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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2020
Symposium 12th International Symposium on Green and Sustainable Technologies for Materials Manufacturing and Processing
Presentation Title Amino Acid-based Single Source Precursors for Bimetallic Molybdates
Author(s) Allen Apblett, Fahad Alqahtani
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Allen Apblett
Abstract Scope Bimetallic molybdenum-containing oxides have a wide range of applications including numerous catalytic reactions. Previous work has shown that the preparation method has a marked influence on the physical and chemical properties of these kinds of metal oxides. Accordingly, a facile, low-temperature synthetic approach for the preparation of molybdenum-containing nanocrystalline bimetallic oxide catalysts as powders or on supports via the pyrolysis of water-based bimetallic single-source precursors will be reported. The precursors result from the reaction of aqueous solutions of first row transition metal salts of amino acids. They crystalize with the exact ratio of divalent metal to molybdenum for formation of MMoO4. TGA and XRD analysis has shown that the thermal decomposition of these single source bimetallic precursors produces the target materials. Several potential green catalytic reactions will be discussed including oxidative dehydrogenation reactions, photocatalytic destruction of dyes, and production of petrochemicals via pyrolysis of biomass


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