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About this Symposium
Meeting 2022 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Advances in Powder and Ceramic Materials Science
Sponsorship TMS Extraction and Processing Division
TMS Materials Processing and Manufacturing Division
TMS: Materials Characterization Committee
TMS: Powder Materials Committee
Organizer(s) Bowen Li, Michigan Technological University
Shefford P. Baker, Cornell University
Kathy Lu, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Faqin Dong, Southwest University of Science and Technology
Jinhong Li, China University of Geosciences
Eugene A. Olevsky, San Diego State University
Ruigang Wang, The University of Alabama
Dipankar Ghosh, Old Dominion University
Scope This symposium emphasizes the advances of powder and ceramic/glass materials in the fundamental research, technology development, and industrial applications.

Ceramic materials science covers the science and technology of creating objects from inorganic, non-metallic materials, and includes design, synthesis, and fabrication of ceramics, glasses, advanced concretes, and ceramic-metal composites. Recent years, the hybrids of ceramic and metallic materials have received plenty of interdisciplinary inspirations and achievements in material processes and functional applications including ionic conductors, catalysis, energy conversion and storage, superconductors, semiconductor, filtrations, etc.
Topics of this symposium will cover, but not limited to:
• Silicates, oxides, and non-oxide ceramics and glasses
• Synthesis, characterization, modeling, and simulation of ceramic materials
• Design and control of ceramic microstructure and properties
• Ceramic powders and processing
• Catalyst and catalyst support materials
• Fundamental understanding of ceramic materials and processes.
• Novel methods, techniques, and instruments used to characterize ceramics and glasses.
• Bioceramics, electronic, magnetic ceramics, and applications
• Surface treatment and ceramic thin films, membranes, and coatings
• Porous ceramic materials
• Hybrid systems of ceramic, metal, and/or polymer composites
• Ceramics used for extreme environments
• Metallurgical byproducts for ceramic manufacturing

Abstracts Due 07/19/2021
Proceedings Plan Planned:

A novel design approach to achieving high strength and ductility in traditionally brittle nanoporous silicon nitride membranes
Atomistic Modeling of Hot-Press Sintering of AlN Nanoceramics
Atomistic Modeling of the effect of external electric field on diffusivity and flash sintering of 8YSZ
Atomistic simulations of tension and compression of hybrid core-shell ceramic nanoparticles
Catalytic pyrolysis of polyethylene and polypropylene over Y zeolite
Cold sintering of iron powdered metal compacts and their performance
Consolidation of Cemented Tungsten Carbide with FeNiZr Binder via Tandem Field Assisted Sintering and Hot Isostatic Pressing
Containerless Processing and Characterization of Potential Host Crystals for Photorefractive Devices
Crystal structure of alkaline-doped calcium and strontium hexaborides
Deformation and energy absorbing mechanism of expanded vermiculite particles
Design of new high entropy ceramics in the pseudo-binary system RGaO3-R2Ti2O7
Determination of Structural Parameters of Solid Solutions Type Ba1-3XGd2XTi1-3XEu4XO3. (x = at 0.1, 0.15, 0.3 and 0.6% by weight)
Determining the processing conditions for Fe metal exsolution and phase-decomposition of doped CaTiO3 for catalysis applications
Differential Volume Changes During Binder Removal from Ceramics
Effect of boron nitride on the thermal properties of expanded vermiculite-based composite phase change material
Effect of copper doping on the thermal stability of mayenite electride
Evaluation of Euplectella Aspergillum (EA) marine sponge architecture and its mechanical properties
Evaluation the mechanical and biological properties of akermanite-forsterite composite for using in tissue engineering applications
Fabrication of Hierarchically-Porous, Gyroid-Structured Hydroxyapatite Scaffolds by a Dual-Templating Method
Fabrication of Uranium Doped Yttrium Aluminium Garnets
High Flowability Ultra-high Temperature Ceramic Nanocomposites Feedstock Powder Synthesis via Gel-Casting
Immobilization of laccase on CuO nanoparticles: Stability, catalytic activity, and Cu ion exchange
Incorporation of ornamental stone waste into red ceramics
Influence of microstructure on mechanical properties in high entropy oxides
Kinetic investigations of phase formation processes in the Ba(Ca,Sr)O-Al2O3-ZrO2 system
Low-temperature Pathways to Porous SiC Solids
Microstructure and mechanical properties of mechanically alloyed and spark plasma sintered NbC-Ni cermets
Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of -SiC Ceramics after High-temperature Laser Shock Peening
Multiscale phase homogeneity in bulk (CoCuMgNiZn)O high entropy oxides
Numerical Characteristics of Plasma Arc welding in SiC-ZrB2 Composite Ceramics
On the manufacturing of ceramics powders by sustainable manufacturing matrix
Participation of Nitrosamide in the Selective Catalytic Reduction of Nitrogen Oxides over Cu/SSZ-13
Phase Field Modeling of Silicon Carbide Microstructure Evolution
Preparation of V2AlC Phase Material by Aluminum, Graphite and V2O5 Precursor
Processing & Mechanical Properties of Additively Manufactured Ceramic Matrix Composites using Preceramic Polymers
Purity improvement according to batch and continuous hot chlorination processes of natural quartz powder
Rapid synthesis of zirconia-ceria mixed oxides by flash sintering
Role of binder phase on the microstructure and mechanical properties of a mechanically alloyed and spark plasma sintered WC-FCC HEA composites
Role of electric field in the manipulation of ceramic particles in aqueous media and fabrication of ice-templated ceramics
Spark Plasma Sintering and Characterization of B4C- ZrB2 Composites
Surface-engineered CeO2 Nanocrystals as Cathode Host for High-performance Li-S Battery
Synthesis and optimization of BiFeO3 and La doped BiFeO3 prepared by solid state reaction method
Tailored and Bioinspired Porous Ceramics from Extrinsically-Controlled Freeze Casting
Technological behavior of ceramics incorporating powdered waste from ornamental stone
TEM investigation of the strengthening effects from grain boundary segregation and precipitation in W- and W-Mo-containing high-entropy borides
The Effect of Particle Size on the Morphology of Polyester and Epoxy Based Auto–Hybrid Composites
The emergence of ZIA phases
The influence of composition, processing, and microstructure on the electrical behavior of high entropy oxides
Thermodynamic analysis of CaO in the preparation of Fe/FeAl2O4 by Fe2O3-Al2O3 electrolysis
Three-dimensional interconnected Porous titanium dioxide ceramic for high-temperature thermal storage
Transformative ceramic science and engineering design to address societal needs
Understanding the role of intrinsic parameters on microstructure and mechanical properties of ice-templated porous sintered electrodes for lithium-ion batteries

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