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About this Symposium
Meeting Materials in Nuclear Energy Systems (MiNES) 2021
Symposium Materials in Nuclear Energy Systems (MiNES) 2021
Organizer(s) Todd R. Allen, University of Michigan
Clarissa A. Yablinsky, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Anne A. Campbell, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Scope MiNES first met in 2019 to serve the fission reactor materials community that grew out of biannual symposia held at the TMS annual meeting (Microstructure Processes in Irradiated Materials – MPIM) and the American Nuclear Society (ANS) annual meeting (Nuclear Fuel and Structural Materials – NFSM). Discussions previously explored at MPIM and NFSM are now part of the MiNES forum and include the following topics:

- Fundamental Irradiation Damage
- Evolution of Material Propertie
- Integrated Phenomena in Reactor Materials
- Advanced/Novel Materials
- Fuels and Actinide Materials
- Nuclear Fuel Cycles

The second installment of MiNES will be held September 19-23, 2021 in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. ANS and TMS alternate sponsorship of the conference and assist an organizing committee headed by three conference chairs in planning the content and venue for each meeting. While held in the U.S., the organizers of MiNES strongly encourage international participation.
Abstracts Due 04/18/2021
Proceedings Plan Undecided

3D-reconstruction via genetic algorithms: Application to metallic fuel
Advanced manufacturing enabling novel material design and development
Atomic scale investigation of thermodynamic and defect properties of (U,Pu)O2 mixed oxide
Cold Spray for Repair of Nuclear Power Plant Components
Development and application of an interatomic potential for the investigation of mixed oxide compounds containing Americium
Exploration of the relationships between processing, structure, and properties of HTGR fuel matrix material
How Does PUREX Actually Work and What Do Chemists Do?
IASCC Initiation Testing of ex-PWR Baffle-former Bolts
Irradiation Creep and Fatigue Observed via In-situ Electron Microscopy
Kinetics of SiC Reaction with Water and Oxygen Under Light Water Reaction Conditions
MAX Phases for Nuclear Applications
Mesoscale simulations of interactions between dislocation loop and point defects in bcc iron
New microscopic insights into the fuel cladding interaction layer of high burnup fuel
Novel Nickel-Based Alloys for Molten Salt Fast Reactor Structural Applications
Opportunities for Advanced Concepts in Nuclear Fuel Development
Overview of Fuel System Options for Nuclear Thermal Propulsion
Radiation-Decelerated Corrosion of Nuclear Structural Materials in Gen IV Reactor Environments
Recent Advances in Pyroprocessing of Light Water Reactor Fuel
The challenges of α-uranium: fundamental understanding of a past and future nuclear fuel material
Thermal Analysis of Advanced Nuclear Fuels during Simulated Off-Normal Events

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