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Meeting 2023 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Frontiers of Materials Award Symposium: Ultra-Wide Bandgap Materials and Heterostructures for Next Generation Power, RF and Quantum Applications
Presentation Title AlN-based Microelectronics for Extreme High Temperature Environments
Author(s) Savannah R. Eisner
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Savannah R. Eisner
Abstract Scope Due to excellent electrical and thermal properties, aluminum nitride (AlN)-based microelectronics have gained interest for extreme environment sensing and RF applications in the space, energy, defense, and automotive industries. Extreme space applications for AlN technology include uncooled telecommunications for robotic exploration of hot planetary bodies like Venus, which would significantly increase mission length and scientific agenda. Yet despite successful demonstration of AlN semiconductor technology at 1000C in vacuum, lingering challenges remain to achieve reliable device operation at ultra-high temperatures. In this talk, advances in techniques to mitigate high temperature performance instability, such as the development of novel contact metallization schemes, will be discussed. Recent promising developments in high-temperature capable solid-state two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) devices and piezoelectric MEMS resonators for temperatures up to 600C will be presented. Finally, the future landscape of AlN and other UWBG microelectronics for extreme high temperature space and terrestrial applications will be discussed.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: None Selected


AlN-based Microelectronics for Extreme High Temperature Environments
Epitaxial Growth of c-BN on Diamond and Strategies for Electronic Applications
Gallium Oxide Semiconductors: Recent Progress and Future Prospective
Nanoscale Engineering of III-Nitride Heterostructures for High Efficiency UV Optoelectronics and Quantum Photonics
Quantum Technologies with Diamond
Ultrawide Bandgap Materials: Properties, Synthesis and Devices

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