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Meeting 2023 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Electrical Steels
Presentation Title Effect of Rare Earth Yttrium on inclusion and texture of oriented silicon steel
Author(s) Zhihong Guo, Xiangyang Li, Yaxu Zheng, Liguang Zhu, Yuanxiang Zhang, Huilan Sun, Ruifang Cao
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Xiangyang Li
Abstract Scope Scanning electron microscope (SEM) and electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) were used to study the precipitation behavior, microstructure and texture evolution of the second phase in Y-oriented silicon steel. The results show that after the addition of rare earth Y, the inclusions are mainly spherical or ellipsoidal Y2O2S, which can effectively inhibit the precipitation of elongated MnS inclusions in the hot-rolled sheet. Rare earth treatment reduced the total number of inclusions by 14%, of which small inclusions decreased by 18% and large inclusions increased by 3.5%, but the average size of total inclusions increased by only 0.24 μm. The addition of rare earth Y reduces the unfavorable brass texture in the hot-rolled sheet, increases the number of shear bands in the cold-rolled sheet, and improves the strength of the {111}<112> texture in the decarburized sheet. After high temperature annealing, perfect secondary recrystallization occurred, and excellent magnetic properties were obtained.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned:


A new approach to optimise the microstructure of non-oriented Electrical Steel sheets
Constitutive Modelling of High-temperature Flow Behavior of a Non-oriented Electrical Steel with 3.2 wt% Si
Effect of cold rolling reduction rate and rare earth yttrium on microstructure and texture of oriented silicon steel
Effect of melt superheat on microstructure and texture of non-oriented electrical steel sheet produced by the ultra-thin strip casting
Effect of Natural Deposited Films on Interfacial Heat Transfer during Sub-rapid Solidification of Non-oriented Electrical Steel
Effect of Rare Earth Yttrium on inclusion and texture of oriented silicon steel
Effects of normalization process on microstructure and texture of non-oriented electrical steel produced by ultra-thin strip casting
Microstructure and texture evolution of high grade non-oriented electrical steel for new energy vehicles during hot rolling
Report on some recent progress on the understanding of the Goss texture in Fe-3 % Si grain oriented electrical steels
Simulation of Solidification Structure of 3 % Oriented Silicon Steel by Twin Roll Strip Casting
The processing and application of Fe-6.5%Si ribbons and flakes
The Role of Temper Rolling and Annealing on the Magnetic Property Improvement of a Low Si Non-oriented Electrical Steel

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