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Meeting 2023 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Electrical Steels
Presentation Title The processing and application of Fe-6.5%Si ribbons and flakes
Author(s) Gaoyuan Ouyang, Iver Anderson, Matthew Kramer, Jun Cui
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Gaoyuan Ouyang
Abstract Scope The performance of electrical steel depends on its silicon content. Fe-6.5%Si has higher resistivity and lower iron losses than the widely used Fe-3.2%Si. However, Fe-6.5%Si is difficult to fabricate using the traditional cold-roll process since the ordered phases formed during the process embrittle the alloy. Rapid solidification is a viable route to fabricate Fe-6.5%Si thin sheet since it suppresses the embrittling ordered phases. We have established the relationship among cooling rate, chemical ordering, mechanical, and magnetic properties of Fe-6.5%Si during the melt spinning process, which lays the foundation for preparation Fe-6.5%Si ribbon with a tunable ductility. We constructed standard stack laminates for motor stators using Fe-6.5%Si, and developed a novel ribbon bundle stator concept that uses Fe-6.5%Si narrow ribbons. We also developed novel melt spinning techniques that directly yield ductile Fe-6.5%Si flakes, which can be coated and consolidated into near net shape motor stators or inductors.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned:
Keywords Magnetic Materials, Solidification, Iron and Steel


A new approach to optimise the microstructure of non-oriented Electrical Steel sheets
Constitutive Modelling of High-temperature Flow Behavior of a Non-oriented Electrical Steel with 3.2 wt% Si
Effect of cold rolling reduction rate and rare earth yttrium on microstructure and texture of oriented silicon steel
Effect of melt superheat on microstructure and texture of non-oriented electrical steel sheet produced by the ultra-thin strip casting
Effect of Natural Deposited Films on Interfacial Heat Transfer during Sub-rapid Solidification of Non-oriented Electrical Steel
Effect of Rare Earth Yttrium on inclusion and texture of oriented silicon steel
Effects of normalization process on microstructure and texture of non-oriented electrical steel produced by ultra-thin strip casting
Microstructure and texture evolution of high grade non-oriented electrical steel for new energy vehicles during hot rolling
Report on some recent progress on the understanding of the Goss texture in Fe-3 % Si grain oriented electrical steels
Simulation of Solidification Structure of 3 % Oriented Silicon Steel by Twin Roll Strip Casting
The processing and application of Fe-6.5%Si ribbons and flakes
The Role of Temper Rolling and Annealing on the Magnetic Property Improvement of a Low Si Non-oriented Electrical Steel

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