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Meeting 2022 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Moving Forward from a Pandemic: How the Field of Materials Science Has Adapted (2022 Student-led Symposium)
Presentation Title When the World Went Remote: Adapting to Crisis and Creating Positive Change during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Author(s) Paul Mason
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Paul Mason
Abstract Scope Thermo-Calc Software is a small business developing software and databases for materials design and process optimization, with customers in almost seventy countries. This presentation highlights various ways in which the company responded and adapted to both our staff and our end-users working remotely during the pandemic. Examples will include: How we shifted to a work from home environment, spanning staff in Europe and North America, while maintaining a collaborative workforce, delivering on three major software releases, hiring new staff and supporting each other through the uncertainty. How we responded quickly to our customer needs, providing licenses so they could work at home to keep their programs going, providing live virtual training as well as developing a self-paced learning hub and also creating virtual networking opportunities through student-led webinars and supporting other on-line events. The lessons we have learned and the changes we anticipate in a post-pandemic world.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned:
Keywords Computational Materials Science & Engineering, ICME, Modeling and Simulation


Challenges and Solutions Associated with Publishing during a Global Pandemic
Conducting Materials Research during and after a Global Pandemic
Copper Ion Release in Copper-based Alloys: Implications on the Transmission of Coronaviruses Originating from Human Contact with Fomite Surfaces
Engineering Education during and post Pandemic
How CHESS Responded to the Corona Virus Pandemic
Improvements to the Nanoindentation Technique and Its Use to Measure the Properties of Microfibers
Learning from the Pandemic
Lessons Learned during the COVID-19 Pandemic Regarding Antimicrobial Copper-based or Copper-containing Materials/Surfaces
Maintaining a Productive Electron Microscopy Facility in the Face of COVID-19
Materials Science at the Molecular Foundry - Adaptation and Innovation during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Materials Science during a Pandemic: A National Lab Perspective
Navigating and Adapting User Facilities through Challenging Times
NOW ON DEMAND ONLY: COVID-19 Impacts on Policy and Funding in Materials Engineering - A Perspective from the National Science Foundation
Supporting Educators through Software during Remote Teaching
Supporting Students in a Turbulent Time: Lessons Learned
Survey Results from the TMS Education Committee: Changes in Education due to Covid-19
The Interrupted University: Lessons from Engineering Design in Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic
When the World Went Remote: Adapting to Crisis and Creating Positive Change during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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