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Meeting MS&T21: Materials Science & Technology
Symposium Powder Metallurgical Components in High Performance Applications
Presentation Title Development of Resistance Based Sintering for Metal Powders
Author(s) Jerry E. Gould, James Cruz
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Jerry E. Gould
Abstract Scope Resistance based sintering employs axial pressure and in-situ heating to accomplish consolidation. Conventional methods of resistance based sintering (SPS\FAST) have been based paralleling hot isostatic processing (HIPing), using diffusion to accomplish consolidation. The result has resulted in significantly higher productivity compared to HIPing, but still requires processing times on the order of an hour and active gas shielding. In this work, the process has been re-imagined as a complex series of projection welds between contacting particles. The re-imagined technology results in the use of higher currents, dramatically shorter cycle times, and is done without shielding. Initial work has been done with titanium powders. Processing has been developed resulting in full densification in roughly 3 seconds, with contact stresses on the order of 35-MPa. During processing, peak temperatures less than 1000-deg C were experienced. This resulted in a fully β-transformed microstructure with a subsequent Widmenstätten α+β morphology.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: At-meeting proceedings


Cemented Carbides with Complex Binder Alloys
Development of Eco-friendly POM Binder System for High Strength Ti-MIM
Development of Resistance Based Sintering for Metal Powders
Dispersing Tailored Nanoparticles through Powder Metallurgy Consolidation
Effect of Manufacturing Parameters on Inoculated PM Tool Steel Properties
Fabrication of Titanium and Titanium Alloy Components by Thermomechanical Powder Consolidation
High-strength Titanium Matrix Composites Reinforced with In Situ Polycarbosilane-derived TiC Particle
Microstructural Uniformity duringSsintering, Thermal-plastic Processing and Recrystallization of Tungsten
Selective Laser Melting of Metallic Glass Powder to Improve Chemical and Mechanical Performance of Magnesium
Synthesis of Low-oxygen Titanium towards Achieving Strength-ductility Synergy
Synthesis, Sintering and Mechanical Behavior of Ultra-fine Low-oxygen Titanium Powder
Thermodynamic Model for Predicting the Embodied Energy of Titanium Alloys Produced by Powder Metallurgy

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