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Meeting MS&T22: Materials Science & Technology
Symposium Nanotechnology for Energy, Environment, Electronics, Healthcare and Industry
Presentation Title Silicon Nanocrystals - A Potential Candidate for Flexible Solar Cells
Author(s) Muhammad Atif Makhdoom
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Muhammad Atif Makhdoom
Abstract Scope Silicon is dominating the world in photovoltaic technology. The widely used mono crystalline and polycrystalline wafer technologies are expensive to process. As an alternative, technology of silicon nanocrystals (Si-NCs) is a necessity for economical processing of PV modules. In this work, commercially prepared Si-NCs with a mean diameter of 60nm is utilized with a pre-treatment process followed by functionalization. Conjugate moieties are grafted on hydrogen-terminated Si-NCs via hydrosilylation. Thick-films of these functionalized Si-NCs with different thicknesses are prepared and analyzed in a purposed device architecture at room temperature which reveals a p-type character of functionalized Si-NCs films.Detail analysis of current density–voltage characteristics of styryl functionalized Si-NCs films shows that the drifting of charge carriers follows a power law relationship in the presence of exponentially distributed trap states. Moreover, a unique voltage dependence of the J–V curves also reveals a transition between direct and Fowler–Nordheim tunneling mechanisms.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: At-meeting proceedings


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