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Meeting 2021 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Additive Manufacturing of Functional, Energy, and Magnetic Materials
Presentation Title Development of High-temperature Permanent Magnet Alloys for Additive Manufacturing
Author(s) Ryan T. Ott, Emrah Simsek, Rakesh Chaudhary, Scott McCall, Alex Baker
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Ryan T. Ott
Abstract Scope Advanced magnet materials are increasingly being incorporated into applications that require smaller dimensions, and often, complex geometries. Machining these magnets from sintered blocks can lead to large manufacturing waste, which negatively affects critical material usage. Bonded magnets offer greater processing flexibility, but the energy product is limited by the binder phase. To address this challenge, we have used combinatorial synthesis and high-throughput characterization to identify permanent magnet compositions compatible with additive manufacturing (AM) synthesis. Here we discuss developing SmCo-based alloys that can be synthesized via directed energy deposition that show enhanced thermal stability. The effects of alloying additions and post synthesis heat treatments on the alloy coercivity are discussed.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned:
Keywords Additive Manufacturing, Magnetic Materials, Sustainability


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