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Meeting 2020 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Frontiers of Materials Award Symposium: Leveraging Materials in Topology Optimization
Presentation Title Nonlinear Composite Materials Design through Multi-material Topology Optimization Frameworks
Author(s) X. Shelly Zhang
On-Site Speaker (Planned) X. Shelly Zhang
Abstract Scope Topology optimization is a technique for generating optimal shapes of structures. Research in the Zhang Group focuses on exploring topology optimization and additive manufacturing to develop resilient, smart, sustainable, and innovative engineering infrastructure and materials for applications at different scales, from as large as high-rise buildings to as small as material microstructures. Multi-material topology optimization is a practical tool that allows for improved structural designs. Most work in this field has been restricted to linear material behavior with limited constraint settings. To address these issues, a general multi-material topology optimization formulation considering material and geometric nonlinearities is proposed. The formulation handles an arbitrary number of candidate materials with flexible material properties and features a generalized setting of local and global volume constraints.
Proceedings Inclusion? Undecided


Large Scale Level Set Topology Optimization
Level Set Topology Optimization with the Reproducing Kernel Particle Method
Leveraging Materials in Topology Optimization
Materials, Design and Emerging Objects
Multiscale Design Optimization for Integrated Structural-material Systems
Multiscale/Level Design of Materials and Structures
Nonlinear Composite Materials Design through Multi-material Topology Optimization Frameworks
Part-Scale Support Structure Optimization for Minimizing Residual Stress for Laser Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing
Sustainable Fashion Design, 3D and 4D Printing, and The New Age Lab
Topology Optimization Design of Negative Stiffness and Stretchable Metamaterial via Bezier-based Explicit Density Representation Algorithm
Topology Optimization for Additive Manufacturing
Topology Optimization for Architected Materials
Topology Optimization of Load Carrying Heat Exchangers and Battery Packs
Topology Optimization of the Fast Heat Responsive Structures via a Level-set Method

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